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Dear Daddy, please don’t be too shocked to see me, An Youqing thought in his head.

An Youqing closed his eyes and began drifting off to dreamland.

Mei Yangyang and An Xiaoning were the first to wake up at past five o’clock in the morning. They instructed the servants to look after the children before hailing a taxi to Mei Yangyang’s maiden home.

Mei Yangyang’s family was still residing in that same house of theirs from five years ago. Mei Yangyang initially wanted to buy them a new home, but her parents opposed strongly to the idea because they enjoyed living in that house.

Thus, Mei Yangyang decided to renovate the house for them instead and added a ton of furniture. In addition, she had also bought her father a car.

As for Mei Shuangshuang, who was still sponging off of her parents, she had had a few relationships, all of which did not work out in the end. She was currently idling her time away at home and refused to go out to get a job.

They ought to adhere to the traditional customs of marrying their daughter off from their own home.

Shortly after arriving at the Mei family home, the makeup artists and the assistants from the bridal store quickly helped Mei Yangyang do her makeup, style her hair, and change into her wedding gown.

On the other hand, Long Tianze had also changed into his wedding suit and groomed himself, making him look even more attractive than he already was.

The children had also changed into their respective outfits and waited to fetch the bride. Since An Youqing was not the flower boy, he followed the Long family servants back to the Long family mansion.

They decided to hold the wedding at the Long family mansion instead of at an exotic location or a prestigious hotel.

The Long family had prepared a lavish and extravagant wedding for their only son.

“Although I’m not supposed to steal the limelight as your best man, I’m sorry to say, I think I’m more dashing than you,” teased Ling Ciye, who was dressed in a black suit.

Shrugging his shoulders, Long Tianze retorted, “Please stand 500 kilometres away from me right now.”

“How petty. Where’s Qingyan?”

“He’s not here yet. Oh, by the way, go to Qingyan’s place opposite and tell him not to bring that Gu Xiaoning.”


Long Tianze quickly whispered something into Ling Ciye’s ear, causing the latter to be greatly taken aback. “What!?!” Ling Ciye gasped in shock.

“Whatever I said is the truth. Don’t tell him yet though, just instruct him not to bring her.”

“I can’t stop him without a reason. It’s like you don’t know how much he dotes on Gu Xiaoning.”

“Ugh, I’m dying of frustration. I also just found out about it last night when we went to pick her up at the airport. What do you think we should do now?”

“Let nature take its course. It’s not something you should be concerned about anyway.” Ling Ciye raised his wrist to take a look at the time on his watch before saying, “It’s already past nine. What time are we going to go fetch the bride?”

“Ten o’clock.”

“That’s almost soon. Netizens are going to criticize you for holding a shotgun wedding.”

“Whatever it is, at least I didn’t shirk the responsibility. By the way, why are you here alone? Where’s Song Yan?” said an unbothered Long Tianze.

“We broke up,” Ling Ciye said nonchalantly.

“Again! Isn’t this like the umpteenth time you’ve broken up ever since you got back together again?” Long Tianze scoffed, giving him a facepalm.

“She’s always so unreasonable and throws silly tantrums all the time. I’m starting to find her rather unbearable because it’s been like this for almost six years.”

“You have to tolerate her attitude if you love her. Isn’t that your logic?”

“But there’s still a limit to my tolerance. I’m seriously at the end of my patience. I always agree to get back together because of how soft-hearted I am, but now that I think of it, I really can’t stand that temper of hers anymore. This time, I didn’t contact her first after the breakup, and neither did she. I just feel exceptionally at ease. Tianze, why do I feel this way?” said Ling Ciye, who appeared rather relieved.

“Seems like it’s really going to be over for you two. Yangyang and I have never had so many petty quarrels like you guys. You’re always breaking up and getting back together again. Do you really think your relationship can stand the test of time? You two aren’t getting any younger, yet why are you still so childish? So shameful,” Long Tianze remarked.

“Love is always so pure and wonderful when you’re younger. I’ve been regretting my decision to break up with her in high school back then. In hindsight, it was that very regret that made me feel like I couldn’t get over her. Everything seems to be so different and pragmatic once I ditched my rose-tinted glasses.”

“I’m glad you realize it clearly now. That’s right, once you leave her, there are still plenty of fishes in the sea waiting for you. If you don’t see a future with her, you’re better off letting go. At least you’ll free each other of torment,” said Long Tianze, giving him a pat on his back.

Ling Ciye looked up and said, “Oh, Qingyan is here.”

Long Tianze turned to look at Jin Qingyan, who was dressed to the nines. So was Gu Xiaoning, who let her long locks drape across her shoulder and had on a warm and innocent smile on her face.

She began walking towards them while holding onto Jin Qingyan’s arm.

“I think there’s an urgent need for you to tell Qingyan immediately. Otherwise, the consequences will be dire,” Ling Ciye muttered softly.

“We shall wait and see.” Long Tianze stepped forward and said to Jin Qingyan, “Qingyan, I have something important to tell you privately. Come here, quick.”

“What is it? Say it here.”

“It’s something very important.” Long Tianze pulled him away all the way upstairs.

“What’s the matter?”

Long Tianze let go of him and said, “You can’t bring Gu Xiaoning to attend my wedding.”


Unsure of how he should explain it, Long Tianze said, “Just listen to me and don’t bring her along. Get her to stay at home instead.”

“What is the reason?”

“Never mind that. You’ll know the reason when you attend the wedding later.”

Noticing how mysterious Long Tianze was being, Jin Qingyan prompted, “If you don’t tell me the reason, I’m going to take her with me.”

Long Tianze had no choice but to give him a big hint. “Qingyan, it’s because you’re going to see someone extremely important to you at my wedding today.”

“Who is it?”

Long Tianze sighed before answering, “She said she’d be seeing you today and didn’t allow me to tell you.”

“Tell me or I’ll strangle you!” Jin Qingyan exclaimed, eager to know the truth as Long Tianze’s words had managed to pique his interest.

“I won’t say it even if you strangle me. You’ll be seeing her later anyway. Well, this person matters a lot to you. In fact, she’s the most important person to you. That’s all I can say.”

Isn’t Xiaoning the most important person to him?

But she passed away a long time ago.

Jin Qingyan did not try and guess amongst the people who were still alive, though he could not help but wonder who Long Tianze was referring to.

“What if I insist on bringing her to attend your wedding?”

“Qingyan, please believe your buddy’s words. Don’t bring her along. Just trust me this once, alright?”

“Fine. You’re really something, aren’t you?” Pointing his index finger at Long Tianze, Jin Qingyan warned, “If I find out that the person I’ll be meeting at your wedding isn’t someone important to me, I’ll yank your head off.”

“Yes! Prepare yourself for it,” said Long Tianze, staring at him solemnly.

Jin Qingyan turned around to leave upon seeing how Long Tianze was so insistent on keeping him in suspense.

Long Tianze felt a strong urge to spill the truth but nonetheless decided to let Jin Qingyan find out by himself.

On the way to fetch the bride, Long Tianze was energetic and full of vigor while blushing slightly at the same time.

He drove his own car while a fleet of other luxury bridal cars escorted him.

Along the way, Long Tianze could not help but look around in overwhelming excitement.

Although traffic was rather heavy, it fortunately did not cause too much of a delay.

He managed to arrive at Mei Yangyang’s home in time.