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Jin Qingyan was sprawled across the ground with his head throbbing from the impact. He looked up at her and began laughing hysterically like a maniac.

Noticing how elated he seemed even though he had just been attacked, An Xiaoning could not help but wonder if he had gone berserk over the years and had just been released from an asylum.

Just as she was about to turn around and leave, she realized that his initial laughter had turned into tears, causing her to be slightly panic-stricken.

Jin Qingyan slowly got up from the ground and onto his feet. “You’re the only one who dares to treat me that way too,” he said, staring at her.

An Xiaoning smiled at the sight of a figure dressed in red approaching her slowly from behind Jin Qingyan. She then began walking towards the figure.

Thinking that An Xiaoning was walking towards him, Jin Qingyan stood rooted to the ground. To his surprise, An Xiaoning walked past him and continued moving forward instead.

Jin Qingyan turned around to see that it was Gu Beicheng.

Clad in a red suit, Gu Beicheng was immaculately dressed for the occasion.

Jin Qingyan hurriedly followed behind.

“Why are you here?”

“You didn’t even inform me that you were back. I wouldn’t have known that you returned if I didn’t see the photos of you on the news,” Gu Beicheng said to An Xiaoning.

“Didn’t I tell you over the phone that I’d be coming back to attend Yangyang’s wedding? My luggage is at her place now. After the banquet, I’ll be collecting my belongings and make my way home.”

“Have you lost weight again?” Gu Beicheng asked, reaching out to tuck her hair behind her ear right in front of Jin Qingyan.

“No I didn’t. Why don’t I go with you to collect your luggage after the banquet lunch?”

“Sure. I’ve given the betrothal money 1 on your behalf.”

“You’ve given the betrothal money? How does this concern you in any way?” Jin Qingyan hissed.

Gu Beicheng chuckled and said, “I can’t possibly ask for a free lunch. I didn’t notice you were here.”

How dare he say he didn’t notice my presence when I was standing right in front of him? Jin Qingyan thought.

Clenching his fists tightly, Jin Qingyan questioned sternly, “Gu Beicheng, did you fabricate Xiaoning’s death?”

“Are you nuts? Why would I do that for no rhyme or reason? You were the one who pulled her out of the soil in the secret passageway. Shouldn’t you be clear as to whether she was still breathing or not at the time? If you could create a clone who’s identical to Xiaoning, why can’t I? This one’s a clone too,” Gu Beicheng retorted.

“She’s not,” Jin Qingyan said firmly.

“Oh? Have you developed bionic vision?” Gu Beicheng sneered with raised brows.

“It’s none of your business. Get your claws off her hands,” Jin Qingyan snapped in sudden exasperation.

Unfortunately, An Xiaoning was not on his side.


Upon hearing the sudden piping voice of a child, Jin Qingyan turned around to see a little boy walking towards them. The boy seemed to be referring to someone amongst the three of them. Staring at An Youqing’s face, Jin Qingyan was struck with a sudden illusion of seeing himself as a child as he began to find an uncanny resemblance between An Youqing and his younger self.

Could it be…

He quickly turned to stare at An Xiaoning and said, “This child is yours…”

“Yes, he’s my child,” An Xiaoning admitted.

Everything was all too sudden for Jin Qingyan to process. It had never occurred to him that he would actually have a son whose existence he was not aware of!

He was extremely confident that the child was his. After all, An Youqing’s inherited traits and features, which were strikingly similar to Jin Qingyan’s, had given it all away.

Jin Qingyan even heard An Youqing call him “Daddy”… or so he thought.

Tears welled up in Jin Qingyan’s eyes. Just as he was about to turn around and receive An Youqing, the latter ran towards Gu Beicheng.


“Daddy, when did you arrive?” An Youqing surged into Gu Beicheng’s embrace and draped his arms around Gu Beicheng’s neck.

“Just now. Where did you go?” Gu Beicheng asked smilingly.

“I went to play. Daddy, Godpa’s house is so much fun, there’s a huge fountain too.”

“We have one at home too, you don’t have to be too envious of others. If you like fountains, Daddy shall build one just for you. Sounds good?”

An Xiaoning took a glance at Jin Qingyan, who had completely frozen in shock. He stood rooted to the ground, still like a statue.

Once he regained his senses, he looked at An Youqing and asked, “You clearly look just like me. You’re obviously my son. Why did you call him Daddy instead?”

An Youqing put on a courteous smile and answered, “Uncle, have you got bad eyesight? In what way do I resemble you? He’s my Daddy, of course I’d address him that way.”

Jin Qingyan was at a loss for words. Glaring at An Xiaoning, he chided, “Not only did you hide the fact that you’re still alive, you’ve also given birth to our child secretly behind my back. What’s worse is that you even let him call someone else his father. An Xiaoning, are you asking for an early death?”

An Xiaoning held onto Gu Beicheng’s arm and said, “Let’s ignore him and go enjoy the feast at the banquet.”

Thus, Jin Qingyan watched as the three of them left. Anger was rushing through his veins, and he felt as if he was about to explode in pique.

He decided not to chase after them and instead gave Fan Shixin a call to hand him his instructions, then proceeded to the banquet.

Due to the fact that they were sharing the same table, Jin Qingyan was filled with jealousy as he stared begrudgingly at the sight before him — An Xiaoning was seated in between Gu Beicheng and An Youqing, and the three of them seemed just like a family.

Jin Qingyan felt like he was getting slapped in the face every single time An Youqing calls Gu Beicheng “Daddy.”

That was his woman and his son!

The child resembled him so much that there was practically no need for a DNA test!

It was clear as day!

An Xiaoning completely ignored his presence throughout the meal and continued to eat and drink to her heart’s content. In high spirits since it was Mei Yangyang’s big day, she decided to have a few drinks to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Jin Qingyan did not have much of an appetite and was instead focusing his gaze on An Xiaoning and An Youqing.

Unable to hold his urge in, Jin Qingyan asked, “Little imp, what’s your name?”

“I’m not an imp,” An Youqing retorted while staring at him.

“Tell me then, what is your name?”

“I can’t tell you that.”


“Son, that’s exactly how you should answer strangers. Otherwise, you’re going to be abducted by crooks,” Gu Beicheng praised, extremely pleased with An Youqing’s answer.

“Gu Beicheng! Don’t mislead my son!”

“You made a mistake, he’s my son,” Gu Beicheng corrected.

Jin Qingyan sneered and placed his wine glass onto the table before getting up to leave the table.

He left the wedding altogether.

Puzzled, Ling Ciye got up to chase after him and said softly, “You’re just leaving like that?”

“I’m going home.”

“Are you out of your mind? Wouldn’t you lose out if you just leave right now?”

“I’m going home to make the preparations.”

“What preparations?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know?”

Jin Qingyan loosened his tie and looked towards the front. “Today is indeed a day of joy and merriment. I was still apprehensive at first.”

He hopped into his car and drove back to Wei Ni Estate. Upon arriving at the entrance, Fan Shixin scurried towards him and reported, “Young Sir, there’s indeed no corpse in the grave.”

“Wow, I’ve really witnessed all sorts of strange and incredible phenomenons throughout all these years I’ve lived,” Ling Ciye remarked in awe.

“Fan Shixin, bring some bodyguards with you to hide in Tianze’s villa and wait for my instructions,” Jin Qingyan said with a smirk.

“Yes, Sir. I read the news report just now. Ms. Gu is undoubtedly at home, so who was that person who looks exactly like her in the news…” Fan Shixin said with much uncertainty.

“The original.”


Ch 347 Footnote 1

It is a Chinese tradition to gift the newlyweds with money on their wedding.