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Jing Tian continued to probe, “Okay, then in the later part of my life, how many huge accidents will I get into?”

“This is what I wanted to say — you’ll fall and injure yourself when you’re 36, don’t go out unnecessarily in winter that year. Don’t drive for the whole year when you’re 47, it’s fine if you sit in someone else’s car, just don’t drive yourself. There are other small accidents, but not too serious, just be extra cautious. Do you want to know how long you’ll live?”

Jing Tian shook his head. “What’s the point of knowing it now? Since you said I shouldn’t drive when I’m 47, then it means I’ll have no problem living until then. It’s best not to know how long I’ll live. Let nature take its course. I wouldn’t have fears about the unknown, but if I know what are to happen, it’ll be a burden for me.”

“Makes sense.” An Xiaoning stood up. “Other things should be pretty fine for you. It’s late, I should go back.”

“Right, An Ning, have you gotten your pay?”

“Yes, thank you for everything all this while.”

“You’re welcome, let’s keep in contact often. Why don’t I send you home?”

An Xiaoning waved. “No need to trouble you, there are still buses now. I’ll reach home very quickly.”

“Be careful on the road.”

An Xiaoning left his room and headed towards the public toilet. She wanted to use the bathroom before going back.

Unexpectedly, she’d just sat down on the toilet bowl when the lights went off. Following that, she heard the sound of the bathroom door being closed and of footsteps near the door.

An Xiaoning’s heart suddenly jerked. She immediately realized that this was not a supernatural incident: someone was out to prank her.

She instantly regretted coming to the bathroom.

After she was done, she used the light from her phone to find the toilet lights and switched them back on. She then attempted to pull open the bathroom door, but to no avail.

She immediately called Jing Tian — who would have been the nearest to her — but his phone was switched off.

Feeling rather impatient, she dialed Jin Qingyan’s number. After countless attempts, however, no one picked up.

Finally, she made a call to Mei Yangyang.

It went through and she picked up eventually. Hearing that she was trapped in the bathroom on-set, Mei Yangyang rushed over without delay.

An Xiaoning could finally calm down. She sat at the washbasin, waiting for Mei Yangyang to come.

Throughout this whole time, Jin Qingyan did not return her call.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, there came the sound of anxious footsteps arriving, and Mei Yangyang’s voice came from outside. “Sis?”

“I’m here.”

A minute later, the bathroom door opened. Mei Yangyang was drenched in sweat. “Who used a rope to tie this door handle to the door handle of the men’s toilet? Damn it, who could be so wicked!”

An Xiaoning remarked, “Most probably Sun Weiwei and her assistant. Forget it. I feel bad I had to make you come back again. Sorry to trouble you.”

“Sis, don’t be so polite with me. The last time I had to look for Shuangshuang, didn’t you go with me too?”

An Xiaoning took her arm. “Let’s go back.”

On the bus, she said, “Yangyang, I’m not coming back tomorrow. I’ve gotten my pay already, work hard here.”

Mei Yangyang replied, “Sis, do you have any plans?”

“I want to rest for a few days, then get a shop front. I haven’t decided what to do in detail, but if I start a business, would you be willing to join me?”

Mei Yangyang replied to her invitation with, “Of course I’m willing. Sis, why don’t I just resign tomorrow, since I’ve already worked for a month with you too.”

An Xiaoning saw that she was quite determined and nodded immediately. “Sure, since you’re so sure about this. Let’s start a business together, and we won’t need to suffer under other people anymore. Isn’t that great?”

Mei Yangyang was elated. “Of course it’s great, getting scolded on-set everyday was like living as someone else’s slave. If I work with you, I know you won’t scold me.”

An Xiaoning said frankly, “As long as you work hard, I’ll give you what you deserve and treat you well. But if you don’t work hard…”

Without waiting for her to finish, Mei Yangyang patted her own chest and declared, “Sis, don’t you worry. I’ll definitely make you proud.”

An Xiaoning couldn’t help but laugh and gave her a high five. “That’s settled then.”

She had originally wanted to rest for a few days, but this was good as well. Idling at home wasn’t something she felt accustomed to. Opening a shop would give her something to occupy herself with, and it could make her life more enriching.

He had not returned home yet.

After An Xiaoning ate, she was not in the mood to sleep yet. Dialling his number again, he finally picked up the call.

“Where are you?”

“Working overtime in the office.”

An Xiaoning immediately felt relieved. She queried, “Have you eaten?”

“Not yet, I’ll eat when I get back.”

“Okay.” An Xiaoning hung up. She had not expected that he’d still be working at his office at this time and had not even eaten yet. She instructed Auntie Chen, “Auntie Chen, Qingyan is still working overtime at his office and hasn’t eaten. Can you heat up some dumplings? I’ll bring it over to him.”

Auntie Chen showed a smile and replied, “Young Mistress is still the most considerate. I’ll go and heat up the dumplings right now.”

She smiled and nodded, then headed upstairs to remove her makeup and change her clothes.

When she came downstairs, Auntie Chen had already finished packing the dumplings.

She carried the food container and headed out, asked Fan Shixin for the car keys, and drove to Jin Corporation herself.

The upper floors of the building were indeed still illuminated. It was clear that there were still people working overtime.

She put on a face mask and carried the food container as she got off, heading towards the building entrance.

However, she was stopped by the security officer on duty. “What are you here for?”

“I’m here to deliver some food to President Jin.”

“Oh, who are you?” The security officer sized her up.

Oddly enough, she didn’t want to remove her face mask and the entrance was quite dark, so the security officer did not recognize who she was.

“I’m their housemaid.”

The security officer sniggered. “Don’t talk nonsense. Be careful, I might just send you to the police station. Our President has knocked off long ago, who are you delivering food to? Who are you trying to pass off as?”

An Xiaoning’s heart skipped a beat. Could it be that Jin Qingyan was lying to her?

Her heart became thoroughly cold.

She turned around without saying a word and headed towards the car.

Behind her, she could hear the security officer’s intentionally raised voice, “Swindlers these days are resorting to such cheap methods.”

An Xiaoning got into the car directly and placed the food container beside the driver’s seat.

At this moment, her heart was racing like the scene of a battlefield.

She sat in the car for half an hour, right until the building of Jin Corporation had completely closed and she had verified that the security officer was saying the truth. He had not been working overtime indeed.

Go to hell, that jerk!

He had the guts to lie to her!

Did he think she — An Xiaoning — was a weakling?

She drove straight to Wei Ni Estate and had just parked the car at the roadside when the main gate opened. His white Bentley slowly appeared. Staring at this car before her, An Xiaoning suddenly clenched her fist.

She thought to herself, You could just tell me if you came to meet her. Why did you have to lie?

An Xiaoning threw her face mask aside and got off the car without anyone noticing.

Her rapid footsteps brought her to the main gate. When the person who opened the door recognized her, he clearly looked ill at ease.

“Young Mistress.”

“I happened to pass by here, so I came over to take a look.” Her tone was unconsciously cold and she strolled slowly to the living room.

She had not reached the entrance yet, but she could already hear the sound of music. The slow melodious singing felt extremely pleasant to her ears.

Chi Rui’er sat before the dining table, sipping the last bit of red wine in her glass. An Xiaoning did not even bother changing her shoes. It was her own house and she could do as she pleased.