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As soon as An Xiaoning reached the entrance of the living room, she bumped into Jin Qingyan.

He broke the silence before she did. “Xiaoning, I didn’t know that you were still alive. If I knew, I couldn’t have waited ’til now to see you. I’m giving you three options now. One, you leave with me. Two, the child leaves with me. Three, both of the above. If you don’t decide, I’ll decide for you.”

“I don’t want you to decide for me, neither do I wish to pick any of the options you’ve listed.”

“Then I’ll have to take the child away first before you can decide properly.”

“Jin Qingyan, do not touch my son!”

A smile formed on his face as he stepped forward slowly. With one hand against the door, he gazed at An Xiaoning, who was just inches away from him. He moved his lips closer to her ear and whispered, “Not only am I going to touch your son, I’m going to touch you as well, Baby. Start thinking about how you’re going to satisfy me tonight. I’ve waited too long for this.”

He then turned to the army behind him and ordered, “Bring Young Madam and Little Sir home!”

The bunch of bodyguards then surged forward like a wave and took An Xiaoning and An Youqing away effortlessly.

The Gu family held their horses, in fear that things would turn ugly for they were at a disadvantage since Jin Qingyan had surrounded their territory.

Mrs. Gu held Gu Beicheng back by his arm and said softly, “Hold it right there.”


After watching them leave, Mrs. Gu turned around and said to Gu Beicheng, “Have you ever wondered why Xiaoning has never developed feelings for you despite it having been five years? If she truly didn’t love Jin Qingyan, she would’ve gotten together with you long ago. Had she married you and built a family with you earlier, Jin Qingyan wouldn’t have had the chance to do what he did today. The woman belongs to him, so does the child. Beicheng, can’t you see that clearly even until now?”

Gu Beicheng stood rooted and stared at the ground. His mother’s words had struck a sour note within him.

In fact, he had long understood that fact.

Thus, he had never gotten his hopes up, for higher expectations often led to greater disappointment.

An Xiaoning did not argue with Jin Qingyan in the car.

Instead, she sat next to An Youqing with Jin Qingyan beside her.

A deafening silence filled the air in the car.

Somewhere along the journey, Jin Qingyan broke the silence. “An Xiaoning, why are you so cruel? Our son is already this old, yet you didn’t even let me know of his existence. Neither did I get to witness the process of him growing up. By keeping him away from me, you’re only going to mislead him into thinking that I’m an irresponsible father.”

An Xiaoning remained silent.

“Are you mute?”

An Xiaoning looked up at him and asked, “Jin Qingyan, am I someone who can easily be replaced by another woman who looks identical to me?”

“No, no one can replace you.”

“But don’t your actions prove that you’re allowing her to replace me?”

Realizing where the problem lay, Jin Qingyan mellowed his tone and said gently, “Although she looks exactly like you, deep down I’m more than aware that she’s not you. Throughout the five years that she’s been living at Wei Ni Estate, I’ve never allowed her to stay in our bedroom. Neither have I ever gotten intimate with her. If she could replace you, I would’ve had a child with her long ago. Do you understand me?”

“How are you going to prove that you’ve never gotten intimate with her?”

“Surveillance cameras.”

An Xiaoning was actually already convinced deep down, upon noticing how calm and firm he was in answering, with no signs of fear or guilt at all.

“Mommy, did you decide to give up everything all because there’s a woman who looks exactly like you by his side?” An Youqing asked.


Staring at his mother, An Youqing said, “Mommy, you’re so silly. Although the fact that this uncle has gotten together with that woman may prove that he’s a jerk, doesn’t it also show that you don’t have a strong willpower?”

Uncle… jerk…

“Son, I’m your father, not an uncle or a jerk,” Jin Qingyan corrected.

“Sorry, I haven’t gotten used to the fact that you’re my father. Jerk is merely an example, please don’t take it personally.”

Jin Qingyan was speechless.

Was this little imp who’s full of logic really his son!?!

“Little imp, let me tell you, regardless of whether you’ve gotten used to it or not, I’m your biological father nonetheless. Look how much you resemble me. You have to get used to it no matter what.”

“Are we automatically biologically related just because we look alike? Just because we look like each other, we’re father and son? Many cats resemble each other too. Does that mean they’re all related by blood?”

Jin Qingyan was at a loss for words. Is this really a five-year-old child? he thought to himself.

Didn’t seem like it at all.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is An Youqing.”

“Who gave you that name?” Jin Qingyan asked in a delighted surprise.

“Me! What’s wrong with it?” An Xiaoning interjected.

“Nothing, I just think it’s a great name. But, we ought to change his last name. He should be named ‘Jin Youqing’ instead.”

“Sorry, but it’s already registered on the Gu family household register. His last name shall be An. I’m not changing it.”

Jin Qingyan had no choice but to say, “Fine, fine, we won’t change it. You call the shots, as long as you’re happy. Never mind me.”

They soon arrived in Wei Ni Estate. Fan Shixin’s car led the way in while Jin Qingyan followed closely behind.

They parked the car in the courtyard.

Upon alighting from the car, An Youqing exclaimed, “Wow, the courtyard is huge!”

“Son, this is our house,” Jin Qingyan said proudly.

“Wrong, this is your house, Uncle, not mine.”

“…!!!” Jin Qingyan corrected him once again, “I’m your father, stop calling me Uncle.”

“Uncle Uncle Uncle.”

“Little brat…” Jin Qingyan grabbed An Xiaoning’s hand and said, “I need to have a talk with you.”

“I have nothing to say to you.”

“We have to talk nonetheless.” He then instructed Fan Shixin, “Bring Little Sir to play.”

“Got it.”

An Youqing did not make a sound at the sight of his mother being dragged away. Instead, he looked up at Fan Shixin and asked, “Is he usually such a tyrant?”

Fan Shixin squatted down to look at An Youqing’s delicate face and could not help but burst into laughter.

“What are you laughing at? You haven’t answered my question.”

“Little Sir, you look so much like your father. If you don’t believe me, why don’t I bring you to see some photos of him when he was a child?”

“His childhood photos?”

“Yes, come with me,” said Fan Shixin as he held An Youqing’s hand and proceeded forward.

Fan Shixin told him to sit on the couch and wait. He then returned with a photo album and handed it to An Youqing. “All of his childhood photos are in here. Have a look.”

An Youqing placed the photo album on his lap and opened it. His eyes lit up at the sight of the photos. If he was not told that those were Jin Qingyan’s childhood photos, he would have really thought that they were photos of himself.

An Youqing continued to flip through the album, page by page. He gradually began to realize how much he resembled Jin Qingyan, whose genetic traits he had greatly inherited.


The young An Youqing was overwhelmed with an inexplicable feeling.