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An Xiaoning was dragged into the bedroom by him.

It was the bedroom he slept in every night, and the place where they once promised to sleep in the future.

Everywhere in the room was filled with his unique scent.

He locked the room door from the inside, and An Xiaoning was pulled by him to the bedside to sit.

“Why aren’t you resisting?”

“Because I know resisting doesn’t work at all.”

Jin Qingyan shrugged and grabbed her hand tightly, his face lighting up with happiness.

“Xiaoning, let’s get married again, shall we?”

An Xiaoning did not answer his question, but asked instead, “I want to see the surveillance cameras.”

“Sure, I’ll bring you there right now.”

Jin Qingyan really brought her to the surveillance room. The surveillance cameras there were in perfect working condition, so they started watching the tapes from five years ago.

“Before we finish watching the surveillance footage, you are not to touch me.”

“Okay.” He felt pleased inside as he thought to himself, So after watching the surveillance footage, I could touch her?

An Xiaoning sat there watching the footage at an accelerated speed. Only when it reached the portions of him at home did she look at it more slowly and carefully.

In the end, she realized from the surveillance footage that he treated Gu Xiaoning exceptionally well.

After watching for a very long time, they only finished going through two years’ worth of footage. Throughout this time period, other than holding Gu Xiaoning’s hand, he indeed did not do anything beyond that.

They did not even pause to fill up their stomachs and sat there watching from noon to night.

And finally, they finished watching all five years’ worth of surveillance footage.

She was deeply touched from watching it. For a man to stick by the boundaries for so long, it was indeed not easy.

She knew that the reason for Gu Xiaoning’s existence was indeed because of herself.

Originally, she had thought that her position in his heart could easily be replaced. But now, it turned out that it wasn’t the case.

Arriving at this conclusion, An Xiaoning felt that although she had wasted five years that could have been spent with him, it also helped to confirm the fact that he did indeed love her.

This time wasted was not in vain, it seemed. After all, wasn’t the proof of time a more precious thing?

Having finished watching the surveillance footage, her sleepiness had reached its peak and her stomach was rumbling in hunger since she had not eaten any of the food he brought throughout.

“I’m hungry.”

Jin Qingyan held her hand. “Come, let’s go and eat.”

She then followed him downstairs.

While she had not said anything to Auntie Chen when she saw her yesterday, An Xiaoning stood at the entrance of the kitchen and looked at Auntie Chen, who was busy in the kitchen. She greeted her, “Auntie Chen.”

“Hey…” Auntie Chen turned to her and replied with a grin, “Food will be ready soon, you should sit and wait first.”


Sitting before the dining table, Jin Qingyan asked, “So, you’ve seen the surveillance footage. It proves my innocence, right?”

“There’s no traces of it in the surveillance footage indeed. But who could know if you did anything on the car, or somewhere outside?”

“…” Jin Qingyan was dumbfounded. “Then I have no way of proving my innocence anymore. However, the one in my heart, I’m sure you know very well. Xiaoning, you’re usually very smart, why is it when it comes to important things, you become muddle-headed?”

“This just proves that, in relationships, women are always the party that can’t withstand hurt.”

“I’m the one who can’t withstand the hurt, okay? All these things that happened are like a dream to me. This sort of dream is one that I’ve had so many times. But when I wake up, what I always faced was the crude reality.”

An Xiaoning then reached out to touch his hand. This move made Jin Qingyan’s heart flutter. He gazed at her longingly.

“From now on, it won’t be a dream anymore.”

Jin Qingyan got up and pulled her forward by her hand, forcing a kiss onto her lips across the table. Even when he kissed her, his body was shaking slightly.

An Xiaoning did not move and allowed him to act as he wished.

It was just a kiss, but An Xiaoning flashed her first smile to him since they reunited.

Auntie Chen stood by the kitchen door, genuinely happy for them.

On the dining table was all the favorite dishes she used to love.

They still tasted like the same old flavors that she enjoyed.

After they finished eating, An Youqing woke up.

“Mommy, good morning.”

“Umm, good morning. Come and eat.” She waved at him, beckoning him to come.

An Youqing sat beside her and gazed at Jin Qingyan, who was full of smiles, then turned to his own mother. He was in utter confusion. “Mommy, what’s with him?”

An Xiaoning replied slowly, “He’s your biological father, so you should call him Daddy from now on.”

An Youqing felt like he had received a direct blow. They were still at odds yesterday, why was it that today…

What was the reason that made his own mother compromise…

“Mommy, I need an explanation.”

“The explanation is that Mommy has watched all the surveillance footage and realized that your father has always loved me. My position in his heart was not replaced, so…”

“What if he cut away some parts of the surveillance footage?” An Youqing asked innocently.

Jin Qingyan felt that his son was simply out to destroy him. He immediately explained, “How is that possible? It’s simply impossible if you think about it.”

“Quick, call him Daddy.” An Xiaoning cut to the chase directly as she looked at his son.

Seeing how his mother was behaving, An Youqing changed his attitude and chuckled. “Hello, Daddy! Actually, I’ve long been thinking of how to call you, but I couldn’t help it because of Mommy’s attitude…”


This moment was undoubtedly the happiest moment of Jin Qingyan’s life. He thought he had lost what was most important to him, but unexpectedly, not only did he not lose it, he even gained something that added to his happiness.

It must have been the heavens helping him.

“Hello, my son.”

Jin Qingyan’s eyes were slightly watery as he gazed at him, feeling rather emotional.

Having not slept for a whole night, the two went to catch up on sleep after their meal.

“It’s easy to gain weight from sleeping right after you eat.”

“You’re already very thin, you do need to gain some weight indeed,” he replied lazily as he held her in his arms.

“Right, where’s Maomao? Why didn’t I see him?”

“Maomao passed away last year. He caught a serious disease, and after getting treated for some time, he still passed away. I buried him on the hill.”

“I can’t believe that I won’t see him anymore. Thinking about it makes me feel slightly upset.”

“If you like, we can have another one.”

An Xiaoning’s eyelids were drooping as she struggled to keep her eyes open. “No, it’s fine. I’m going to sleep, I can’t bear it anymore.”

“Alright, you sleep.” He supported his arm and gazed at her.

He was obviously tired himself, yet he did not feel like sleeping.

He just wanted to keep watching her like that as she slept deeply beside him.

He wanted to spend every conscious moment by her side.

And never part with her forever.

He wrapped his hand around her waist and continued to plant kisses on her.

It went on until he himself fell asleep as well.

Outside their bedroom window, it was bright and clear, but in the room, it was completely silent.

The both of them had switched their phones to vibration mode.

When they woke up, it was already three in the afternoon.

An Xiaoning’s eyes were still sleepy, and she looked at the list of missed calls she had, returning Gu Beicheng’s call first.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes. We got back together.”

“…” Gu Beicheng acknowledged her, but his disappointment could not be hidden. “That’s very good.”

“We’ll go back for dinner. Let’s talk when we meet.”


After ending the call, An Xiaoning’s heart felt somewhat heavy.

An arm wrapped around her waist tightly, and she turned to look as an awake Jin Qingyan lay beside her.

“What time is it?”

“It’s 3 o’clock.”

“That was a really good sleep.” Jin Qingyan sat upright, his arms supporting him from behind, and looked at her while grinning with happiness.

“Umm. It was a great nap, now I don’t feel like waking up anymore.”

“Then don’t. It’s better to be more willful sometimes.” He went right on top of her and muttered, “I’ve held it in for five years, can you give me a sweet treat first?”

An Xiaoning knew what he was up to. “How about tonight instead?”

“No, I want it right now.”