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He just finished speaking when there came the sound of knocking on the bedroom door. “Mommy, time to wake up. Godfather and Godmother are here to find you.”

Looking at Jin Qingyan pull a long face, An Xiaoning nudged him. “Quick, get up.”

“Tonight, I won’t let you off. You better be mentally prepared.”


An Xiaoning got up and, after taking a rinse with him, went downstairs with her bare face.

When she saw her come down, Mei Yangyang hurriedly went forward to ask, “Sis, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m pretty good.”

Mei Yangyang surveyed her carefully. She seemed to be in a good mood and looked rather refreshed. She leaned into An Xiaoning’s ear and asked, “Don’t tell me the two of you patched it up already?”


“!!!” This piece of news was beyond anyone’s expectation.

“The two of you patched it up so quickly?”

Jin Qingyan remarked, “Then, do you think we should take another two years to make up?”

“That’s not what I meant, of course. I just thought it was too soon.” Mei Yangyang chuckled as she continued, “Since the two of you have made up, we can all rest assured now. We’re going on our honeymoon tomorrow, so we wanted to leave our children here to stay for a few days.”

“You two are going to spend time together by yourselves, and you’re throwing your children to us?” Jin Qingyan frowned. “Whose idea is this?”

Mei Yangyang pointed at Long Tianze. “His.”

“Isn’t Youqing at home? That’s just perfect, he can have someone to accompany him. We’ll be back in a few days, just a blink of an eye. Okay?”

As he was in a good mood, Jin Qingyan agreed. “Alright, just go and leave your children here.”

“Okay, that’s agreed then.” Long Tianze then went forward and dragged Jin Qingyan aside, grabbing his shoulder as he asked in a low voice, “How did you handle her in just one night? Don’t tell me you didn’t rest the whole night?”

“Of course I didn’t rest the whole night, or why else would I still be sleeping at this time of the day?”

Long Tianze broke into a wide grin, revealing his teeth. “Wow, I really couldn’t tell. Your kidney functions really well.”

“What are you thinking of? I stayed up the whole night to watch the surveillance footage with her.”

“Surveillance footage? Why?”

“To prove my innocence and self-control.” Jin Qingyan sighed. “Luckily, I have strong self-control. Otherwise, I will really have regretted it my whole life.”

“A man like you is probably facing extinction already.” Long Tianze released him from his hold. “Alright, look after my children well. We’ll be going back to pack our luggage then.”

“How did you tell your children about you both going overseas?”

“Mmm, we just found an excuse, that we’re going overseas for work.”

Jin Qingyan criticized him crudely, “How wicked. Lying to your children just for the sake of having some alone time together.”

“It’s just a white lie, okay? You know, with children around, it’s not traveling anymore, it’s a nightmare, okay?”

“Alright, cut the crap. Just go back and pack your luggage.”

“Umm. Bye!”

Long Tianze and Mei Yangyang returned while An Xiaoning brought Jin Qingyan and their son back to the Gu residence.

Seeing how An Xiaoning appeared very calm, the Gu family also acted like the chaotic scene of An Xiaoning being forcefully dragged away just yesterday did not happen at all. They merrily welcomed Jin Qingyan, without the presence of Gu Beicheng, who wasn’t at home.

Even when it was time for dinner in the evening, he did not return and only called to say that he wouldn’t be back in time for dinner as he was busy with other matters.

An Xiaoning knew he was probably angry.

Yet, she did not intend to explain herself to him.

Between a man and woman, there was no right or wrong. She also hoped that Gu Beicheng would thoroughly let go of his feelings for her and treat her as nothing more than a sister, instead of keeping his feelings inside. It more or less made her feel guilty towards him.

Dinner was a rather pleasant affair, although Jin Qingyan still felt slightly ill at ease and restrained himself. When they were going back, they came face to face with Gu Beicheng’s car.

An Xiaoning left the father and son on the car, getting off by herself.

She walked to Gu Beicheng’s car window.

“Have you eaten?” he asked.

“Umm, we’ve eaten. I was waiting for you, but you never came back.” An Xiaoning leaned against the car window and asked, “Are you angry?”


“Don’t lie, I know you are. But, Beicheng, if there was a possibility between us, it would have happened already. I hope you understand that.”

He smiled and replied, “I know. Quick, go back. They’re waiting for you.”

“Okay.” She retreated from the car window and waved goodbye to him.

Gu Beicheng’s car went past her and Jin Qingyan’s car, entering the Gu residence.

Only when it was parked a distance away did Gu Beicheng glance at the rear view mirror. He watched as the white Bentley exited the Gu residence’s front gate and finally retracted his gaze, unbuckling his seat belt. He did not get off the car but took out a cigarette to smoke.

There were some things that one fought hard to get yet were still unable to attain.

Just like one’s feelings.

But at the same time, no matter how hard one tried to give up some things, it was not so easily done.

Just like one’s feelings.

He often felt that he should start his life anew, but since she’d had no one by her side as well, he had harbored some illusions.

But now, everything was great.

She had a partner already, and it was indeed true that he was just her child’s godfather and uncle. Other than that, they were not related.

It was that simple.

To let go or not, it was all up to himself.

On the road back, An Xiaoning kept silent.

Jin Qingyan glanced at her a few times and found that her gaze was fixed outside the car window.

“Son, tonight you’ll have to sleep in your own room. Can you do that?”

“I can sleep by myself, but it would be better if I sleep with Daddy and Mommy. After all, I’m only four and a half years old. I’m still a kid.”

Jin Qingyan hesitated for a moment, then replied, “Four and a half years old is a big kid already. You can’t sleep with Daddy and Mommy anymore, you should have your own privacy already. Moreover, Daddy and Mommy want to train your independence. Being independent is the first step to growing up.”

This method obviously did not work on An Youqing. “What’s being independent and growing up? I don’t know those things.”

“If you sleep alone tonight, Daddy will grant you a wish. How about that?”

“My wish has already been fulfilled. For now… I don’t have any wishes.”

“What is your wish that has been fulfilled?”

“Having a daddy, of course. Isn’t it fulfilled now? So, for now, I don’t have any wishes.” Hearing such words said in his little boy’s voice easily made one feel emotional.

“Even if you don’t have a wish now, you can save it for later. In the future, if you have anything that you need Daddy’s help in, Daddy will help you satisfy your wish without any hesitation.”

An Youqing hesitated for a moment, then replied, “I’ll consider it.”

Hearing his tone, Jin Qingyan made a comment about him. “Mischievous.”

Unexpectedly, An Youqing returned a comment to him. “Old-fashioned.”


When they reached home, An Youqing was brought to the bedroom next to theirs, where he would live in temporarily. Jin Qingyan intended to help him prepare a room of his own tomorrow.

Jin Qingyan then eagerly pulled An Xiaoning back into the master’s bedroom.

Before he could even lock the door, he had immediately carried An Xiaoning onto the bed.

“I want to have you right now, even to your bones.” As he said that, Jin Qingyan was almost gnashing his teeth in desperation. “This is for lying to me.”

An Xiaoning gazed at him awkwardly. Maybe because they hadn’t seen each other for a few years, the thought of doing some things couldn’t help but make her feel embarrassed. They’d already done it countless times, though, and even had a child together.