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As she was scrutinizing Jin Qingyan, he was doing the same to her as well.

It was only an exchange of glances between them, but it burned like the fiery passion in his heart.

Jin Qingyan leaned down his body and pressed his lips down on hers, and An Xiaoning’s body reacted by leaning close to his.

Their clothes were ripped off in a mess and their minds were freed of every other small thing. During this very moment, the hardships they went through were all in the past. It was just about the two of them being by each other’s side.

He could hardly contain his happiness as he basked in the love she showed him.

At three in the morning, the two finally stopped to rest.

Looking at her flushed cheeks, Jin Qingyan couldn’t help but nibble one. She let out a short yelp of pain.

Turning to glare at him, she screamed, “Why did you bite me?”

“Because I want to.”

She replied furiously, “Get off me.”

He continued to nibble another bite, then turned over and got down from her. As he lay down beside her, his expression was full of tenderness.

He joked, “You’re amazing, I’m completely tired out.”

An Xiaoning felt embarrassed hearing this. Her body was also so fatigued that she did not want to move at all.

Jin Qingyan gazed at her, asking, “Do your words still count?”

An Xiaoning did not even move her eyelids as she responded weakly, “What words?”

“When you said you would remarry me.”

“When did I say that?” She refused to admit having said those words.

He reached out and pinched her nose. “It was when we were fighting hard just now. I asked you if you were willing to remarry me, you said you were. I heard it with my own ears, don’t deny it.”

“I don’t remember anymore.” She closed her eyes and started to doze off.


He looked at her and realized she had actually fallen asleep in such a short time.

It seemed like she was really exhausted.

She had said herself that she would marry him again, yet she would not admit it now. Was it because she did not feel secure enough?

Or was it because she still had her reservations about him?

He did not know the answer. But, from this day onwards, he vowed to perform well and not lose her again. He would not allow those avoidable incidents to happen again.

The two had slept for no more than a few hours when the sky gradually turned bright. There was a ray of light in the morning air. After waking up, An Youqing discreetly opened the door of the master’s bedroom.

There were tissue papers all over the floor and clothes were scattered around. The two lying beside each other in bed did not realize someone had entered their room.

An Youqing tiptoed in with light footsteps, his hand covering his mouth as he crept in.

He had actually not slept much for the whole night and heard his mother’s moans of pain from time to time. He knew he was still young and would not be able to stop them or beat his father.

From the amount of tissue paper on the floor, Mommy must have been crying badly last night. All these were the proof!

Daddy must have bullied Mommy so terribly!

He couldn’t believe that Daddy was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Was he taking revenge on Mommy?

Mommy’s such a poor thing.

He had his hand on his chin as he pondered seriously. How should he get Daddy to stop bullying Mommy?

Alright then, from today onwards, he would stop it. In front of him, Daddy would not possibly dare to bully Mommy, right?

When Long Tianze and Mei Yangyang sent their children there, Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning were nowhere in sight.

“Where’s Daddy and Mommy?”

“They’re still sleeping.” An Youqing looked at the brother and sister beside his godparents and asked, “Godfather, if you’re looking for them, I’ll ask them to get up.”

“No need.” Long Tianze waved his hand. “Your Godmother and I are going overseas for a few days, so Brother Wenlun and Sister Xiaoxi will stay at your house temporarily. Youqing, you’ll take care of your brother and sister for your godparents, right?”

An Youqing nodded. “I will.”

Long Tianze chuckled and patted his head. “What a good boy. Godfather and Godmother will bring all of you gifts when we return.”


“Then Godfather and Godmother will leave first.” Long Tianze instructed his children yet again, “Both of you be good. You can’t cause trouble here, okay?”

Long Wenlun lazily made an “OK” sign to him.

After settling down their children, the two hurriedly left.

“Brother Youqing.” Long Xiaoxi’s hair was braided into two pigtails, and she hugged An Youqing’s arm in high spirits. “Let’s go and play.”

“Let’s eat first, then go and play, okay?”

“You haven’t eaten?”

“Umm.” An Youqing grinned at her, then brought them both to the dining area to eat.

After eating, Long Xiaoxi suggested, “Shall we play house 1?”

An Youqing had not played it before. Confused, he asked, “What’s that?”

Long Xiaoxi explained, “It means we have to pretend to be adults. We’re children, right? When we play house, we’ll be like adults.”

“Oh?” An Youqing felt it was rather interesting. “Let’s play then.”

Long Wenlun said eagerly, “I want to be Daddy.”

Long Xiaoxi objected. “Brother, you can’t be Daddy. Let Brother Youqing be Daddy, I’ll be Mommy. You be the kid.”

“But I’m your brother! You want me to be the child of both of you?”

Long Xiaoxi appeared unbothered. “It’s just a game, it’s not real anyway. Why are you concerned about it, Brother?”

“I don’t want to. I want to be Daddy.”

“I already said, Brother Youqing will be Daddy. You can’t be.”

“Then, let me be the daddy of the both of you. I’ll be Grandpa, okay?”

An Youqing: “…”

Long Xiaoxi hesitated for a moment, then replied grudgingly, “Okay.”

Long Wenlun was elated and broke into a warm beam. “From now on, I’m the father of the two of you. Both of you are my children.”


Only when it was ten in the morning did the two finally wake up. When they were eating, Jin Qingyan thought for a moment and remarked, “Can we get our marriage certificate? I want to change my son’s name.”

“Are you really that unassured?” An Xiaoning was completely not in a rush to get this done.

“Why aren’t you in a rush about this?”

“It’s because I’m not prepared to remarry you.” An Xiaoning thought of the past and continued, “I’ve been married twice already. Although we have a child of our own now, we just got back together. Marriage is just a formality. Let us spend more time together, then talk about this later. Okay?”

“Umm.” Jin Qingyan said in a serious tone, “The more you’re like this, the more I have to keep an eye on you.”

“Compared to this issue, there’s something else that you have to handle first.”

Jin Qingyan knew what she was referring to. “I understand.”

“I’ll go there with you after we eat.”


The two took their time to eat and were done half an hour later.

An Xiaoning came downstairs in a fresh set of clothes. She had come back with her luggage last night from the Gu residence.

Stepping out of the living room entrance, they saw the three children playing around not far away.

The two walked together on the small path hand in hand, and the scene of this beauty and hunk side by side was refreshing.

They were heading to the place where Gu Xiaoning was locked up.

Ever since the day of Long Tianze’s wedding, Gu Xiaoning had been locked up and had not seen Jin Qingyan. She did not even know what mistake she had made and why he was locking her up.

For the past few days, she had been waiting for him to appear.


Ch 353 Footnote 1

‘House’ is a role-playing game that children play.