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When she heard the news about Jin Qingyan arriving, she immediately headed to the door.

Opening the door, Gu Xiaoning gazed at Jin Qingyan and immediately went forward to hug him. “Qingyan, why did you lock me up?”

Jin Qingyan exerted his strength and broke free from her, slowly stepping into the house.

After he entered, Gu Xiaoning then saw the person behind him.

For a moment, she was alarmed.

“Why do you look exactly like me?”

It was the first time An Xiaoning was facing her. “You’re wrong. The reason why you look exactly like me is because you were a clone made from extracting my genes.”

“What…” Gu Xiaoning could not comprehend the situation. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“If you don’t know, then don’t bother understanding it.” As she faced the woman who looked exactly like her, she just felt it was a pity that she was destined to die.

This woman whom Xi Bolai made from his careful scheme had to be eliminated. If not, there were bound to be endless trouble in the future.

This point, An Xiaoning understood more than anyone else.

“Qingyan…” Gu Xiaoning’s eyes watered. “Can you not do this to me? You were always nice to me, but now you locked me up. Do you know how upset I feel?”

Jin Qingyan knew that he had to be decisive or else it would cause more trouble. He replied coldly, “It’s fine if you’re upset or hate me. No matter what, I have to end this. These few years, without her by my side, you were around accompanying me. This is your destiny. Although it may not be fair, your ending can only be like this.”

Gu Xiaoning cowered in fear. She looked at An Xiaoning, then turned to Jin Qingyan. She felt like crying, but no tears could even come out. Such obvious words, it was impossible not to understand the meaning behind them.

“Please spare me. Don’t do this to me, I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Your existence right now is a mistake in itself.” Jin Qingyan had no choice but to act ruthless. “I’m sorry.”

Gu Xiaoning kneeled down at once, pulling at the ends of Jin Qingyan’s trousers. “Qingyan, you’ve always been nice to me. You’d do whatever I say. You won’t do this to me, right? If you think I’m an inconvenience, then just lock me up like this. I’ll stay here forever. I want to live.”

Seeing Jin Qingyan’s gaze turn slightly soft, An Xiaoning understood that they had spent several years together, and even if there was no love, there would have been some feelings.

“Indeed, letting you live here your whole life would be fine. But, I’m not willing. Once you get the chance to go out, other people might make use of you to cause irreparable danger to us. Let me be the bad guy then.”

She took out her pistol and, without hesitation, shot Gu Xiaoning accurately in the head.

Once shot, Gu Xiaoning collapsed to the floor instantly.

She did not die instantly. An Xiaoning walked nearer to her and squatted down, saying to her, “Farewell.”

Fan Shixin entered at that moment, witnessing the whole scene.

“You’re here at the right moment. Get her body cremated and watch over it tightly.”

“Yes. Then, what do I do with her ashes?”

Fan Shixin only just received word that he should come over. Little did he expect they’d be so quick. Without even giving Gu Xiaoning a single chance to live, they shot her dead just like that.

“Throw them away.” An Xiaoning turned to Jin Qingyan. “Does your heart ache?”

“No, it doesn’t. I just feel somewhat guilty about it.”

An Xiaoning shook her head. “I don’t have such feelings. Because I know that, if I go soft on her and give her a chance to live, then sooner or later, she will completely replace my position. Don’t say that she doesn’t have such ambitions. A human heart is difficult to fathom. Who knows what the future will bring? If we had eliminated Xi Bolai back then, then everything after that wouldn’t have happened.”

She turned around and left, folding her hands into her pocket.

The guilt Jin Qingyan originally had somehow disappeared completely after hearing her words.

“You know, when Chi Rui’er was almost charged for murder back then, who had saved her?”

“Murder? Who did she kill?”

“The previous sales assistant from my shop, Xu Jingwen, was killed by her.”

Jin Qingyan had never heard about this matter. “Really?”

“Umm. Military Commander Xu did it. I heard his youngest daughter has ties with Chi Rui’er. That daughter is Gu Dongcheng’s fiancee now, and they’re getting married soon. Which means she’ll become my sister-in-law.”

“I don’t know Military Commander Xu’s daughter.” Jin Qingyan went forward and pulled her by her shoulders into his arms. “And the reason you’re telling me this is…”

“The more delicate and harmless a woman looks, the more unexpected the things that she can be capable of turn out to be.”

Jin Qingyan felt that her words made a lot of sense.

Hand in hand with her, they went back home together.

When they reached the swing in their house, they saw Mrs. Jin heading over.

She had her bag slung over her shoulder and was walking briskly.

It seemed like there was something urgent going on.

At the sight of An Xiaoning, Mrs. Jin was not in the least surprised. She had seen her countless times already.

“Qingyan, have you contacted your father recently?”

“No, why?”

Mrs. Jin was rather infuriated as she said, “Do you know who your father is with now?”

“He’s found an old partner?”

“Of course not!” Mrs. Jin grunted. “He’s together with Chi Rui’er now! If I didn’t see it with my own eyes at the mall, I would never have believed it.”

Jin Qingyan turned to look at An Xiaoning. “You were indeed right about what you said.”

“I know, right?” An Xiaoning let go of his hand. “You guys have a chat. I’ll head in first.”

“Wait.” Jin Qingyan stopped her, then said to Mrs. Jin, “Mother, Xiaoning and I have a child.”

“She’s pregnant?” Mrs. Jin stared at An Xiaoning’s stomach, scrutinizing it non-stop.

“No, our son is already past four years old.”

Mrs. Jin had an incredulous look on her face. “What?! The child is past four years old? Why did I not know? When did this happen?”

“Don’t ask when this happened, it’s a fact now.” He turned and called out to An Youqing, who was not far away.

Hearing his father call out to him, An Youqing ran there.

Looking at the child’s face, Mrs. Jin believed it immediately. She looked at the child then turned to Jin Qingyan, finding it hard to restrain herself for a moment. “This child looks exactly like you when you were young. You looked like that when you were a child.”

“This is your grandmother.” Jin Qingyan looked down at the little fellow and introduced Mrs. Jin to him.

An Youqing looked at his mother for affirmation, then called out, “Hello, Grandma.”

Mrs. Jin bent down and tried to carry him, but although An Youqing was only four and a half years old, he was tall and looked like a six-year-old. She naturally could not carry him.

“I really didn’t see this coming, I’m actually a grandmother now.” She straightened her body and reprimanded, “Qingyan, you are really something. Why didn’t you tell me something as huge as having a child?”

“I only knew about it too, how was I supposed to tell you?” Jin Qingyan grinned as he continued, “That Xiaoning who had amnesia was actually a fake one. This one is the real one.”

Mrs. Jin’s jaw widened in surprise. She stared at An Xiaoning, unable to utter a single word. No wonder she felt something was amiss when she saw An Xiaoning just now.