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After getting used to it a bit, Mrs. Jin could not help but sigh emotionally. She had actually become someone’s grandmother all of sudden.

“Qingyan, you have to meddle with your father’s matter. If he finds someone around his age, I don’t have anything to say about that. But he’s with Chi Rui’er, will that do? Isn’t it embarrassing?”

Jin Qingyan commented to her instead, “The two of you have no right to criticize each other. Don’t bother about this matter anymore.”

Mrs. Jin persuaded her son, “Son, Mother is just thinking about you, okay? If this gets on the news, you’ll be the one who loses face. It’ll be the company’s reputation that will be tarnished.”

Jin Qingyan knew that if this matter about his father were to get out, the ugliness would reflect on him. He didn’t care if his mother had other intentions either and replied, “I know about this matter already now. If there’s nothing else, then go back.”

“Alright, I’ll be going back then.”

Mrs. Jin turned around to leave.

Seeing her figure slowly disappear past the doorway, An Xiaoning said to her son, “Go and play with the others.”

“Umm. I’ll go then, Mommy.” An Youqing merrily skipped off to play.

Jin Qingyan folded one hand into his pocket and glanced at An Xiaoning. “What do you think about my father’s matter?”

“I don’t have any opinions. I just wanted to say that your family is really a mess. Hopefully, you didn’t inherit any of your parents’ genes.”

Jin Qingyan beamed in amusement. “Of course not, haven’t I proved it clearly enough?”

An Xiaoning commented idly, “If Chi Rui’er enchants your father so well that he swoons over her, and your father marries her, won’t she become your stepmother?”

“Fat hope.” Jin Qingyan sniggered. “It’s true indeed that if you don’t eliminate someone, they’ll rise again. I’ll make a trip back there now, do you want to come with me?”

An Xiaoning shook her head. “No, I don’t really want to see Chi Rui’er. You go.”

“Let’s go together. You don’t want to see our son have such a young step-grandmother, do you?”

An Xiaoning saw the glare in his ferocious gaze. Since it made sense, she replied, “Alright. I’ll go there with you then.”

The two drove to the old Jin residence.

Upon seeing the both of them return together, the new butler went forward and greeted, “Young Sir, you’re back.”

“Is my father at home?”

“Yes, he just returned.”

“Umm. Is he alone?”

The butler was slightly hesitant, but still responded frankly, “No, Ms. Chi is with him.”

“How long has it been?”

“They just came back.”

“I meant, how long have they been together?” His originally warm gaze instantly turned cold as ice.

“For a very… very long time already. I can’t remember.”

“Then why didn’t you call to tell me?”

The butler was put in an awkward situation. “Old Master didn’t let me tell you.”

Jin Qingyan stopped in his tracks, looking at the butler, “You just stay here, we’ll go in.”

“Yes, Young Sir.”

After going through the doorway, they found it was completely silent and empty in the living room.

Jin Qingyan held An Xiaoning’s hand as they headed towards Mr. Jin’s bedroom together. Before they entered, they heard a voice from inside. It was Chi Rui’er’s voice.

“We’ve been together for so long already, when will you give me a status?”

“I said, I’ll give you one.”

“But I want it right now.”

“Just wait for now. Qingyan doesn’t know yet, I haven’t told him.”

Chi Rui’er was hasty about it. “If you feel too embarrassed to tell him, I’ll tell him myself.”

“No, let me do it. Be good, Baby. Don’t make a fuss.”


An Xiaoning noticed that the expression of the man beside her was extremely ugly already. She nudged his hand, then knocked on the door.

“Who is that?”

“It’s me,” Jin Qingyan answered. “Both of you get out.”

When they heard his voice, there was silence in the room all of a sudden.

Jin Qingyan held onto An Xiaoning’s hand as they sat on the sofa and the maid served them tea.

After a few minutes, Mr. Jin and Chi Rui’er came out together.

Having not seen Chi Rui’er for a few years, An Xiaoning felt that she had changed drastically. Her face was sharper, her eyes were bigger, and the curves on her body were more discernible. She was thinner than before and had exquisite makeup on her face. It seemed like she had maintained her body well. But even so, she did not look so well.

As compared to Mr. Jin’s embarrassed attitude, Chi Rui’er appeared at ease and not awkward at all. It seemed like she had already prepared herself to face this moment.

“It’s true, I’ve been with your father for a few years already. We’ve developed deep feelings now. Qingyan, we’re intending to get married. You won’t object, right?”

Jin Qingyan had indeed not cared about his father for these few years and even came home rarely.

If he had found someone around his age, he would have been completely fine with that. But the person he found was more than ten years younger than him, and worse still, it was Chi Rui’er. If news of this were to get out, how would that be different from his mother’s affair with the butler?

“Chi Rui’er, looks like you’ve forgotten who I am. The two of you better break up immediately.”

Mr. Jin responded instead, “Qingyan, don’t bother yourself about my matter anymore. I’m very happy with her, and I’m getting on in years already. I need someone who understands me well.”

“I’m informing both of you, not negotiating. If the two of you don’t break up, I naturally have ways to make it happen.” At this point, Jin Qingyan’s face was utterly cold and gloomy. “If you don’t believe it, try me.”

Mr. Jin had never been ordered by anyone else before. At this point, he could not take the shame of being ordered by his own son. “When you got together with Xiaoning, did I ever meddle in your decision? Whoever you choose is your freedom, and so is mine.”

“You have the freedom to choose whoever you want, of course. However, don’t embarrass me. You have been together for a few years already, it seems like it was too much carelessness on my part.”

“Qingyan!” Mr. Jin could not help but protect his own woman. “I know what you’re worried about, but Rui’er is not the kind of person you think she is. She’s not with me for my money.”

“Then what is she after? Your youth and vitality? Or your true feelings?”

“You young people can have true love, but older people like me can’t?”

Jin Qingyan was about to say something but An Xiaoning held back his arm, signalling him not to speak first.

She slowly remarked, “Nowadays, regardless of age, it’s completely fine to pursue the life that one wants. But, if Uncle insists on doing so, and even on marrying her, I just want to ask one question: how do you want your grandson to call her? Should he call her Auntie or Grandmother?”


An Xiaoning responded, “Yes, your grandson is already four and a half years old. He’s at Wei Ni Estate. I gave birth to him. Do you want to see him?”

Mr. Jin was in slight disbelief. “When did that happen? How is it that I don’t know about it?”

“When you got together with this Chi Rui’er, I had no idea about it too.” Jin Qingyan no longer wanted to go on with this. He remarked coldly as he got up, “If you don’t end it with her today, I’ll get rid of her tomorrow.”

“Jin Qingyan!!!” Chi Rui’er got up as well and stared into his eyes. “You better not go out of line. If you dare to do anything to me, I’ll make you regret it for life. I already expected that you’ll try to do something to me if you found out about this one day. I’ve already told my good friend Xu Youran. If I can’t be contacted for a few days, she’ll call the police to say you’re behind it!”