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Noticing that Jin Qingyan was remaining silent, Chi Rui’er hollered, “You may be formidable, but don’t forget how powerful the Xu family is!”

Staring at Chi Rui’er’s face, Jin Qingyan was suddenly overwhelmed with disbelief that she was the woman he once cared about most a long time ago.

Recalling the past, he simply could not fathom just what had turned her into such a different person.

“Xu Youran is a close friend of yours, yet she has gotten engaged to my brother, Dongcheng. This is seriously too complicated. Ms. Chi, I’m afraid you must be mistaken. Qingyan didn’t say explicitly what he’s going to do to you. Uncle probably doesn’t know your true colors as well as Qingyan and I do, even if you’ve been seeing each other for a few years. Since your relationship with Uncle has been going on for a few years, I suggest that Uncle freeze his assets and draw a fixed monthly allowance in order to prove that you, Chi Rui’er, truly love him for who he is and not for his money. Uncle, what do you think of my suggestion?” An Xiaoning said with a smile.

Not expecting An Xiaoning to raise such a suggestion, Mr. Jin was at a sudden loss for words.

Chi Rui’er put on a pretentious smile and stared at An Xiaoning. “What are you trying to prove? Are you afraid that I would spend the Jin family’s money?”

“Isn’t it just a testament of your true love for Uncle?” An Xiaoning retorted with a sarcastic smile.

After some thought, Chi Rui’er answered, “This is not something I can decide.”

She turned to Mr. Jin and said, “You decide yourself.”

“I agree, as long as you guys don’t stop us from dating each other,” said Mr. Jin, who found that it was not too big of a deal.

“Sure. Hand me the household register,” said Jin Qingyan.

“Are you afraid that we’d register our marriage in secret?”


“Qingyan, you don’t have to interfere in this, do you?” Mr. Jin refuted.

“I must, without a doubt. Give it to me,” Jin Qingyan insisted.

Just as Mr. Jin was about to stand up, Chi Rui’er stopped him and snapped angrily, “You said you would give me a proper status, are you going back on your word now? What have you taken me for? I’ve been with you for so many years, just what do you take me for!?!”

Mr. Jin did not know what to say, though he found that she did make some sense. Although she was the one who approached him first to borrow some money, she had indeed treated him rather well throughout the past few years of spending time together. She had also satisfied all his sexual and emotional needs.

He ought not to shirk responsibility.

“Qingyan, I want to marry Rui’er,” said Mr. Jin.

“In your dreams!” Mrs. Jin interjected.

Everyone turned to look at Mrs. Jin, who was scurrying in. Pointing at Mr. Jin, she bellowed, “Let me tell you, I strongly object to your decision to marry this little vixen. We may be divorced, but I’m still Qingyan’s mother. I won’t allow you to bring shame to Qingyan!”

“What right have you got to tell me what to do!?! Who let you into my house!?!” Mr. Jin barked, seething with exasperation.

“I’m in no position to criticize you, but I didn’t remarry and cause a string of scandalous news. If you get married now, you’re definitely going to be bashed all over the media. You’re already so old, just forget about getting married. Do you wish to see your son ignore you when you’re on your deathbed? Do you really think this brazen hussy will be there for you when that time comes?” Mrs. Jin chastised.

“That’s none of your business. Stay in your own lane,” Mr. Jin retorted.

“Son, bring Chi Rui’er to be executed. They may have a marriage in hell then!” Mrs. Jin said to Jin Qingyan.

“Madam Jin… oh wait, I forgot you’re no longer Madam Jin now. How should I address you? How about I just call you Jin Qingyan’s Mother? That’s the best you deserve anyway. You’re already getting on in your years. Don’t get too worked up about something that has nothing to do with you. It won’t be nice if you suffer a stroke all of a sudden,” Chi Rui’er sneered.

Just as Mrs. Jin was about to step forward to slap her, Mr. Jin quickly grabbed her and pushed her away. Fortunately, Jin Qingyan managed to catch her in time, saving her from a great fall.

“Qingyan, you have to settle this the hard way. Otherwise, the consequences will be dire.”

Holding onto his mother, Jin Qingyan said, “Mother, go home first. I’ll handle it from here, you may stay out of this.”

Mrs. Jin then shouted in the direction of the entrance, “All of you, come in!”

All of a sudden, Jin Qingyan’s bodyguards rushed forward.

“Go inside that room and bring me the household register, personal identification document, and passport!” Mrs. Jin ordered, pointing at Mr. Jin’s bedroom.

The bodyguards quickly abided by her instruction and zoomed towards the bedroom.

Mr. Jin tried to stop them, but clearly to no avail. Even the butler was not allowed to interfere because Jin Qingyan was holding him back.

It seemed Jin Qingyan had a greater authority than his father in the Jin family. Everyone knew that, in time, Jin Qingyan would be the only one calling the shots in the Jin household.

Mr. Jin was old in his years.

He was bound to die some day. Jin Qingyan was the successor.

The household register, personal identification document, passport, as well as title deeds of property were brought out by the bodyguards. Holding the documents in hand, Mrs. Jin stared at Mr. Jin and Chi Rui’er before saying, “Qingyan, request the bank to freeze his assets. Keep these safe with you. I may rest my mind now. I’m washing my hands off this, he may continue being blinded by his infatuation.”

Mrs. Jin handed the documents to Jin Qingyan before leaving with the bodyguards.

Jin Qingyan did not have anything else to say and turned around to leave while holding An Xiaoning’s hand.

He helped An Xiaoning put on the safety belt upon getting into the car.

“Didn’t expect your mother to act on it faster than you did.”

“Perhaps she’s thrilled to be taking revenge. That’s the way the two of them always are. What would you like to have for dinner tonight?” Jin Qingyan asked as he begun driving away from the Jin family old mansion.

“There are a lot of foods I want to eat, but I’m craving for the dishes you prepare the most.”

“I’ll cook you dinner then.”

An Xiaoning looked at him and smiled in pleasure.

This was the family she had always dreamed of having. She had always looked forward to enjoying a good night’s sleep after a day of joy and laughter with her loved ones.

It was all she asked for.

During dinner, An Xiaoning took a look at the screen of her mobile phone before saying to An Youqing, who was seated beside her, “It’s Monday tomorrow. I shall bring you to attend kindergarten together with Wenlun and Xiaoxi.”

As happy as a lark, An Youqing chirped merrily, “Sure, sure.”

“You’re really that happy?” Jin Qingyan asked.

“Yes, I’ll get to play with other children at school.”

Jin Qingyan looked him up and down before saying, “Look how messy your hair is. Let me take you to get a new haircut later.”

“I think his hairstyle is fine. Children don’t need such fancy hairstyles. This one’s perfectly alright,” An Xiaoning objected.

Shaking his head, Jin Qingyan insisted, “Although he’s very handsome, his hairstyle will play a huge role in determining his classmates’ first impression of him. As his father, I must make him unforgettable.”

“What kind of hairstyle would you like to give him then?”

“You’ll know once it’s done.”

After dinner, Jin Qingyan brought An Youqing to the hair salon.

On the way there, An Youqing asked, “Your last name is Jin while mine is An. Do you plan to change my last name?”

“No, I’ll give you a second name.”

“Isn’t that the same as changing my name?”

“The difference is, An Youqing is your given name while the second one will be your nickname.”

“Will I have to take your last name?”

“Would you like to?” Jin Qingyan asked.



“I’m used to it. I’ve gotten used to taking Mommy’s last name. So don’t let me take on two surnames at once. I don’t want that,” An Youqing explained.