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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“I want to of course!” An Youqing exclaimed as he skipped inside the bathroom gleefully. “I bet you were wishing that I don’t step foot into your bedroom at all at night. How heartless of you, Daddy.”

“You know my intentions, yet you still found the spare key and opened the door. You must be going against me on purpose,” said Jin Qingyan as he turned on the showerhead tap and removed his clothes.

An Youqing took off his clothes slowly. As soon as he removed his shirt, he was greeted with the sight of a stark naked Jin Qingyan standing before him. Staring at his father’s crotch, An Youqing could not help but feel a little ashamed all of a sudden.

“Daddy, you’re so big down there.”

“Haven’t you showered with a man before?” said an unsurprised Jin Qingyan.

Shaking his head, An Youqing answered, “No.”

“Ah, poor child. You’re still young. When you get to Daddy’s age, your… it will become bigger too,” said Jin Qingyan, pointing at his crotch.

“What if it’s still small when I’ve already become an adult?”

“It won’t be.”

An Youqing removed his remaining clothes and stood under the shower to bathe himself, after which he said, “Daddy, I still want to sleep with Mommy.”

“No, your Mommy can only sleep with me.”

“Why? I’m Mommy’s son, you’re not.”

“I’m your Mommy’s man, do you understand?”

“No, I don’t.” He was done showering in no time and quickly dried himself with a towel before running out of the bathroom with his clothes in hand.

Clad in a bathrobe, Jin Qingyan exited the bathroom only to see that An Youqing was already laying in bed and cuddling with An Xiaoning.

Jin Qingyan stood in front of the bed and let out a cough before instructing An Youqing, “Go back to your room to sleep.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Hurry up.”

“I said I don’t want to.” An Youqing hugged An Xiaoning tightly and continued, “I want to sleep with Mommy, I don’t want to sleep alone.”

“Alright, let him sleep here tonight,” said An Xiaoning.

Not wanting to seem relentless, Jin Qingyan decided to compromise, “Alright, you may sleep on the extreme end.”

“Okay,” An Youqing conceded.

Thus, An Youqing took the innermost spot of the bed while An Xiaoning slept in the middle with Jin Qingyan beside her.

How was he going to get business done with his son on the same bed as them?

After some thought, Jin Qingyan decided to put An Youqing to sleep before carrying him to his bedroom.

Everything will be fine then.

Jin Qingyan was delighted at the thought of it.

“Mommy, I can’t sleep. Will you tell me a bedtime story?”

“Shall I tell you the story about Snow White?” An Xiaoning suggested.

“Something else please. I’ve already heard that so many times. I’m sick of it,” An Youqing refuted.

“How about ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’?”

“Forget it, Mommy. There’s no novelty at all. You’re always telling me the same few stories.”


“Mommy’s bad at telling stories. Let Daddy tell you one. I’m sure you’ll like it,” Jin Qingyan said confidently.

“Go ahead then,” An Youqing agreed, all ready to hear his story.

“Alright, your Daddy is the best at telling stories. I managed to make Mommy fall asleep when I told her stories back then.”

“Daddy, stop blabbering about and start telling me the story,” An Youqing groused impatiently.

“Okay, okay, don’t get too impatient. I’ll start right now. Let me tell you the story about the Daughter of the Sea. Somewhere deep in the ocean lies a beautiful mermaid princess who was a ravishing beauty. One day, she happened to save a Prince who was stranded due to a shipwreck and fell in love with him. The prince woke up thinking that the princess of a neighboring nation was the one who saved him and thus fell for her instead. The Little Mermaid was devastated when she found out and decided to make a deal with a witch to exchange her sweet, alluring voice for a pair of legs. If she doesn’t manage to get the Prince to marry her, she would turn into foam…”

Jin Qingyan craned his neck to take a look at An Youqing, only to find that the latter’s eyes were wide open, showing no signs of sleepiness at all.

Thus, Jin Qingyan continued, “Hence, the Little Mermaid transformed into human and became the Prince’s servant. She struggled through the immense pain to perform a graceful dance for the Prince, in hopes of attracting him and gaining his affection. However, the Prince was still deeply in love with the princess of the neighboring nation and even married her. Angry yet embarrassed, the Little Mermaid felt like she had wasted her efforts by making her greatest sacrifice since she did not manage to conquer the Prince’s heart in the end. Thus, she killed the Prince and returned to the sea to become a mermaid again…”

An Youqing looked at him and said, “Daddy… that’s not how the story goes in the fairytale books I’ve read. The books say that the mermaid princess could not bear to kill the prince and thus turned to foam. Why was your version different from those books?”

“That’s indeed how it’s written in the books, but didn’t you want to hear Daddy’s version? That’s why mine was different from those books.”

“Tell me another one then, I’m not sleepy yet. In fact, I’m becoming more and more energized.”


Hence, Jin Qingyan continued to tell him more stories, one after another. He was almost out of breath and his patience was wearing thin, yet An Youqing still could not fall asleep.

At last, he decided to switch off the lights and continue storytelling in the dark.

A while later, Jin Qingyan realized that An Youqing had stopped speaking after he finished telling another story. Thinking that his son had already fallen asleep, Jin Qingyan shone the light from his mobile phone screen to have a look.

An Youqing blinked at him with widened eyes.

Jin Qingyan put his phone down and laid down in bed, not uttering another word.

Time continued to pass.

Some time later, Jin Qingyan got up to go to the washroom. He returned to bed, only to find that An Youqing had switched places with An Xiaoning and was now laying in between them.

Jin Qingyan tolerated it and continued to lie down to sleep.

Half an hour later, he picked up his phone again to take a look at An Youqing and found that the latter had already closed his eyes.

Jin Qingyan heaved a sigh of relief.

It sure was a tall order to get him to sleep.

Jin Qingyan had initially wanted to wait ’til his son was fast asleep before carrying him to another bedroom. However, he could not wait any longer and decided to stick his hand into the duvet.

An Youqing moved about and lamented, “Daddy, why did you touch me?”

Jin Qingyan froze in shock while An Xiaoning snorted with laughter.

Jin Qingyan had no choice but to wait another half an hour. You must be asleep by now, he thought to himself.


Just as he sat up straight, he felt two small hands being wrapped around his waist. “Daddy, where are you going? Don’t leave, what is Youqing going to do if you leave, Youqing is scared.”

Jin Qingyan sighed and laid back down without another word.

This time, Jin Qingyan waited for another whole hour before finally hearing the slow and steady breathing of An Youqing, who was laying beside him.

He got up slowly and managed to sneak into An Xiaoning’s spot.

“Stop fooling around, our son is here. Go out and sleep,” An Xiaoning said softly.

“No way, I want you. Am I supposed to stay miles away from you, as if the Red Sea was in between us, if he chooses to sleep here every night?”

“Psht… Red Sea? You’re exaggerating.”

“I don’t care,” Jin Qingyan insisted as he reached into An Xiaoning’s clothes. Just as he was about to kiss An Xiaoning’s neck, he was pushed into the innermost end of the bed forcefully by a small pair of hands.