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Long Xiaoxi got down from the swing. Slightly infuriated, she retorted, “Sister Bao’er, I think you should ask your mother why you’re supposed to call her your Auntie.”

Watching Long Xiaoxi’s figure recede, Jin Bao’er turned around to leave as well.

On the way to school, Jin Bao’er asked her mother, who was driving, “Mommy, why do I have to call her Auntie even though they’re not married yet?”

“You silly child, why are you asking such a question?”

“I just don’t understand it.”

“That’s because your Uncle and Auntie were once married in the past and share a child together. They’ll get married again in the future.”

“Can’t I address her properly after they’re married in the future?”

“Would it hurt to call her ‘Auntie’? Look how polite those children are. Can’t you be like them?” Jin Qingyue chided, slightly peeved at her daughter’s stubbornness and twisted logic.

“No matter how polite they may be, they’re still not your children. Other children have fathers, why don’t I have one? Why can’t I be like them and have a father too?”

Jin Bao’er’s words had struck a sour note within Jin Qingyue. She turned to look at her precious daughter and said, “You’re better off not acknowledging your biological father. If you want a father, I’ll find you one in the future. Besides, you may not have a father, but I’ve given you all my love. Isn’t that enough?”

“No, of course not. Everyone else has a father, I want a father too. Bring me to see my biological father.”

“Bao’er, Mommy’s going to get angry if you keep behaving this way.”

Upon hearing her mother’s warning, Jin Bao’er fell silent and remained seated obediently.

Jin Qingyue put on the safety belt and began driving away.

An Xiaoning decided to go shopping in the afternoon and buy a few sets of clothes. Since the weather was getting warm, she had to start wearing clothes that were more cooling.

She entered a prestigious clothing store known for its cutting-edge designs and reliable quality.

She laid her eyes upon a jacket and asked for the price, “Miss, how much does this cost?”

“Hello, 370 thousand dollars.”

“Can I bargain?” An Xiaoning asked with a grin.

“Of course.”

“50 thousand.”

“Miss, you’re asking for way too low. We can’t even cover the cost with such a low price,” the sales assistant said in astonishment.

“If it weren’t because it’s a branded label, I would’ve just offered you a few hundred dollars at most. I used to be in the fashion apparel business, you can’t fool me.”

Noticing that An Xiaoning was about to leave, the sales assistant hurriedly made an offer, “Miss, could you offer a little bit more?”

“45 thousand.”

With a sullen expression on her face, the sales assistant conceded, “Forget it, 50 thousand it is. I’ll sell it to you at a loss. Do recommend this store to your friends, okay?”

“50 thousand is still overcharging. You’ve ripped me off,” An Xiaoning remarked, pursing her lips.

“Wow, Miss, I’m already selling it to you at a loss and yet you still say you’re being ripped off. This is a luxury label, not a street market.”

“The difference between luxury goods and those sold at street markets is more than just quality. It also includes rental and location.” An Xiaoning handed the sales assistant her bank card and said, “I’m paying by card.”

Just as she exited the store with her bag of clothes, she bumped into Mo Li, whom she had not seen in a long time.

Mo Li had looked completely different from before. She had gotten slightly chubbier and was dressed fashionably, with her long locks draped across her shoulders. She exuded the aura of a wealthy woman and was accompanied by bodyguards.

“Is that you, Xiaoning?” Mo Li exclaimed, surprised to see An Xiaoning.

“Yes, it’s me, what a coincidence.”

“I patronize this clothing store frequently. Are you done shopping already?”


Finding it rather rare to bump into her, Mo Li eagerly invited, “Drop by my house for a visit. I really want to have a chat with you, I haven’t seen you in so long.”

“I happen to be free now. But, aren’t you here to shop?”

“I can shop any other day. Let’s go.”

Mo Li hopped into An Xiaoning’s car while her bodyguards followed behind in another car.

Along the journey, Mo Li and An Xiaoning both shared about their lives and their current situation. However, An Xiaoning did not mention a word about the clone, since some things were better left unsaid.

They chatted happily like old friends who just reunited.

“I really ought to thank you for everything,” said Mo Li.

“You’ve said that countless times before throughout these years. Stop it, I don’t like hearing it,” An Xiaoning said teasingly with a smile.

“Alright, I won’t say it again then. Just keep going straight and we’ll arrive at my place.”

“That’s not the route to Ming Yuan Estate though. Has there been a change in roads?”

“Xiaotian and I have moved to the Ye family home ever since we got married. We’ve long moved out of Ming Yuan Estate,” Mo Li explained.

“Are you living with your in-laws?”

Mo Li nodded and said, “I didn’t have much of a choice. Although his mother doesn’t exactly adore me, things have gotten better compared to before. Maybe it’s because I’m expecting our second child now. Whatever it is, we’ve already gotten married anyway, we still have to get on with life.”

“You’re pregnant again?” An Xiaoning asked, staring at Mo Li’s stomach.

“Yes, I’m pregnant. My clothes are loose enough to hide the bump,” Mo Li answered, smiling.

“How’s your relationship with Ye Xiaotian now…?”

“We’ve been living together for a few years now. Although I still can’t forget the things that happened in the past, I still ought to close that chapter and get on with life, shouldn’t I? Besides, he treats me extremely well now. I used to detest him a lot in the past, but I think the way we are now is pretty good.”

“That’s great. Your life has changed drastically for the better.”


Having arrived at the entrance, they alighted from the car, after which Mo Li brought her to the courtyard of her home.

“Although we live in the same estate, there are actually two separate blocks. They’re just very near each other,” she explained while walking.

“Actually, it’s best not to live with your in-laws. That way, many trivial conflicts may be avoided.”

“You’re right.”

When the two arrived at the living room, the servants served them tea. Mo Li had become much more outgoing compared to the past and would put a smile on her face almost all the time.

A while into their conversation, Ye Xiaotian returned home and was slightly taken aback to see An Xiaoning.

“I haven’t seen you in so long.”

“Yeah, I’m glad to see that you guys are getting on well with life,” said An Xiaoning.

“If you tell Jin Qingyan to stop going against the Ye Corporation when it comes to business, we’ll get on even better and you’ll be happier for us,” Ye Xiaotian replied.

“We women won’t meddle in the matters between you men,” An Xiaoning refuted.

“You’re smart,” Ye Xiaotian said with a smirk.

Noticing that it was almost time to go, An Xiaoning excused herself and left.

As soon as she left, Ye Xiaotian asked, “Why was An Xiaoning here?”

“I bumped into her coincidentally when I went out. So I decided to invite her home for a chat. It’s been way too long since I met her.”

“Don’t invite her here anymore,” Ye Xiaotian instructed with a sullen expression on his face.

“Why?” Mo Li asked in puzzlement.

“Do you think I’d enjoy seeing my business rival’s woman showing up at my home frequently? Jin Qingyan managed to clinch the bid again this time,” Ye Xiaotian said disgruntledly.

“You two may be rivals, but Xiaoning and I aren’t. Besides, if Xiaoning didn’t save me back then, I would’ve died long ago.”