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An Xiaoning could not be bothered to continue arguing with her blindly and instead tried to give Jin Qingyan a call immediately, only to find that there was no reception.

She looked down at Mo Li and said, “Check your phone and see if there’s reception.”

Mo Li handed her mobile phone to An Xiaoning, who then took a look and realized that there was no reception as well.

“There’s no way there’ll be reception here. Didn’t you realize that there aren’t any surveillance cameras in here either?” said Chi Rui’er.

“Why is it impossible for there to be reception? Don’t tell me you tampered with it? Chi Rui’er, just what are you trying to do?” An Xiaoning questioned, glaring at her.

“Could you not malign me? Do you really think I’m capable enough to block the reception in the elevator?”

An Xiaoning obviously knew Chi Rui’er was not the one behind it since they were on the Xu family territory and there was no way they would allow Chi Rui’er to call the shots.

Chi Rui’er was neither the master nor the servant of the Xu family and was at most just a guest.

“It’s true that you don’t have such capabilities. But, you were aware that the elevator was faulty and you also knew that nothing serious would come out of it because you wouldn’t have entered if you knew that a fatal incident would occur,” said An Xiaoning.

Chi Rui’er squinted and retorted, “An Xiaoning, will you stop jumping to conclusions without any evidence? Mrs. Ye is right beside you, don’t taint my reputation, alright?”

“Your reputation is already beyond marred, yet you’re still afraid of being smeared?” An Xiaoning sneered while pressing all the buttons on the panel again. She then held Mo Li and leaned back against the elevator walls.

Just like An Xiaoning predicted, although the elevator went out of order and plunged from the fifth storey to the second basement and ascended back up to the fifth storey again, there were no other issues present.

After going up and down repeatedly, the faulty elevator finally stopped at the fourth storey.

What a miraculous elevator.

Chi Rui’er remained still while An Xiaoning quickly grabbed Mo Li to stop her from exiting.

“Why aren’t you going out, Chi Rui’er?”

“It’s none of your business.”

An Xiaoning decided to stay put as well.

The doors of the elevator closed again, and Chi Rui’er pressed the button for the first storey.

The elevator began to descend slowly.

When the doors opened at the first storey, Chi Rui’er continued to remain still and so did An Xiaoning and Mo Li.

Seconds later, Chi Rui’er took the lead and began walking out of the elevator. An Xiaoning then held Mo Li by her hand and followed suit.

The doors closed shut once again.

After watching Chi Rui’er leave, Mo Li asked softly, “Why did you wait for her to take the first step before moving out?”

“No reason, I just thought it’d be better to be careful. Perhaps I’m being paranoid, but I was afraid that the doors would close on us if we exited before her. Well, it’s not like it hasn’t happened before,” An Xiaoning explained.

“This is the Xu family home, I doubt that’ll happen,” Mo Li said apprehensively.

“So what if it’s the Xu family’s home? Does that mean elevator faults won’t happen? Didn’t you notice how calm she was when the elevator began acting up after she entered with us?”

“I did.”

“The fault must’ve been deliberate. Why would a family like the Xus allow such elevator faults to happen? They would definitely call for regular maintenance of the elevators. I really think the only reason behind this is because someone tampered with it on purpose.”

“What?” asked Mo Li, who was beginning to get terrified.

“Chi Rui’er thought I’d be the only one in the elevator, thus she must’ve been planning to harm me while we’re inside. However, she noticed that you were present too and realized that it won’t be easy to execute her plan. She was afraid that she would end up exposing herself should she fail to carry out her scheme successfully. That’s why she decided not to take action in the end,” An Xiaoning deduced. It was the only possible situation she could think of.

“Why does she want to harm you?”

“Our bad blood goes a long way back. There are a lot of aspects involved, it’s hard to explain it clearly.” After all, An Xiaoning was the one who suggested that Mr. Jin freeze his assets. Thus, Chi Rui’er must’ve resented her for that.

Even if she were not planning to cause her harm, she must have wanted to give her a piece of her mind, but unfortunately, her efforts were futile.

“I’m going to join the queue at the washroom on the first storey,” said Mo Li.

“Go ahead, I won’t accompany you then. I’d like to sit here alone for a while.”

“Alright.” Mo Li stood up and left for the washroom.

Chi Rui’er took the stairs up to Xu Youran’s bedroom.

After closing the door, Xu Youran asked, “Did you manage to settle it?”

“No… I didn’t.”

Xu Youran looked up and questioned, “Why not?”

“The person shadowing An Xiaoning told me that she entered the elevator. I thought she was alone, but Ye Xiaotian’s wife, Mo Li, was there as well.”

Xu Youran slammed the glass onto the table and said, “So you decided to just give up such a great opportunity?”

“I did want to take action afterwards, but after thinking it through carefully, I realized that your family would be greatly affected if Ye Xiaotian’s wife dies too. Besides, I may not be able to deal with the both of them at the same time, though it’d be quick if I had a gun. But then again, it’s not that easy to simply pass it off as a fatal elevator fault. Let’s not forget, An Xiaoning is extremely skilled in martial arts, I’m no match for her,” Chi Rui’er said in defense of herself.

Xu Youran sprung up from her seat and glared at her coldly. “All you do is find excuses for yourself. I gave you such a great opportunity, yet you let it slip! Once you inject the chemical into her, she won’t be able to move in no time. By then, all you have to do is exit at the fifth storey, then move An Xiaoning to the opening of the elevator and cause her to be stuck between the doors. The story would have a perfect ending then. Yet, you messed it all up. But it’s true, you were put at an disadvantage since there was someone else with her.”

Chi Rui’er heaved a huge sigh of relief upon hearing that Xu Youran understood her dilemma. “Ms. Xu, what kind of chemical is it to be so potent?”

“It’s not like you’d understand even if I told you. Anyway, the only function of the chemical is to numb one’s senses in a godlike speed, nothing else.”

“But, if we inject her with the syringe, there’s going to be a needle hole on her body and there’ll definitely be traces of the chemical in her blood. I’m afraid Jin Qingyan will find out the truth when that happens.”

“It won’t, whatever you said will never happen. I’ll see if there’s another opportunity tonight. Get out first,” Xu Youran hissed with a sullen expression on her face.

“Yes.” Chi Rui’er then turned around to leave.

Chi Rui’er could not help but feel like Xu Youran was merely using her to kill An Xiaoning, although she did detest An Xiaoning herself. However, if she actually killed An Xiaoning in the elevator, she would definitely become the first person Jin Qingyan suspects. There would be no escape for her should that happen.

Just how strong of a grudge does Xu Youran bear against the Jin family, such that she had to resort to such extreme means? Chi Rui’er wondered to herself.

She did not want to die in anyone’s hands, regardless of who it may be.

She just wanted to continue living on well.

For the first time in her life, Chi Rui’er was relieved that her plan did not work out. Otherwise, she would’ve been hot soup regardless of whether An Xiaoning dies or not.

She ought to choose her battles wisely.