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All eyes were on An Xiaoning, who was remaining still and staring at the magician on stage.

“Her legs are aching. Please select someone else,” Jin Qingyan politely declined.

“She won’t even concede to such a tiny request. How spoiled,” a female guest muttered distastefully under her breath.

“Exactly, this is not even her home,” said another.


Jin Qingyan shot them a glare, which put an abrupt end to their gossip.

To the surprise of everyone, the magician did not pick someone else from the crowd and instead insisted, “This beautiful lady here, would you please cooperate for a bit?”

An Xiaoning grew more and more reluctant with the magician’s constant urging. After all, there’s no harm in being careful and vigilant.

“I’m sorry, but I really don’t feel too well.”

Noticing how adamant An Xiaoning was, the magician had no choice but to say, “Since this lady here refuses to do me the honor…”

He then proceeded to select the wife of a wealthy businessman.

On the way home after the gathering ended, An Xiaoning told Jin Qingyan about the incident in the elevator. “Why did you wait ’til now to tell me?” Jin Qingyan asked worriedly.

“If I told you there and then, you’d definitely take me away immediately.”

Jin Qingyan wrapped his hands tightly around hers and said, “I knew something would happen tonight.”

“On top of that, I also think there was something fishy with the magic show. I was the first person he selected for the trick, and he even insisted twice despite my constant refusal. Of all people, he had to choose me. I don’t believe the nonsensical reason that it’s because I stand out most amongst the crowd appearance-wise.”

“It’s good to be on your guard at all times when you’re on someone else’s territory. Regarding the elevator incident and Chi Rui’er’s nonchalant attitude, don’t you find that the clues point to a certain person?”

“You mean Xu Youran?”

“That’s an easy guess. Usually, wealthy families like the Xus would definitely enforce regular maintenance for the elevators. Why would a fault occur? In order to control the elevator operations, the person must be someone of authority within the Xu family. She’s the only person who fits that description and is closely related to Chi Rui’er.”

Jin Qingyan added, “But why is Xu Youran targeting you? Chi Rui’er may be at odds with you, but it doesn’t make sense for Xu Youran to do that just so she could help her close friend out.”

“Unless, it’s Xu Youran’s intentions to attack me,” An Xiaoning deduced.

“I’ll get Shixin to do a detailed investigation on this Xu Youran when we’re home.”


Jin Qingyue returned home with Jin Bao’er after having dinner outside. Just as she arrived at the entrance in her car, her path was obstructed by a figure.

She took a look and realized that it was Shi Shaochuan.

Pangs of panic engulfed Jin Qingyue, who then immediately called her bodyguards to come out and take him away.

Standing in front of her car, Shi Shaochuan stared at them and said, “Long time no see, Yueyue. Aren’t you going to introduce me to our daughter?”

“She doesn’t need to know who you are. Scram.”

Shi Shaochuan looked at Jin Bao’er and said, “I’m your biological father, get out of the car, quick.”

Upon hearing his words, Jin Bao’er turned to face her mother and asked, “Is what he said true, Mommy? Is he really my father?”

“No,” Jin Qingyue denied right away.

“Jin Qingyue, don’t you feel ashamed lying to your child at all? If I’m not her father, who is?”

The gate opened slowly and out came a few bodyguards. Upon sight of Shi Shaochuan, they immediately pinned him down onto the ground and dragged him away while Jin Qingyue frantically drove past the gate. Her heart began to palpitate vigorously.

She was afraid that Shi Shaochuan would snatch her child away.

Extremely afraid.

She was the one who gave birth to the child and raised her single-handedly. Shi Shaochuan had never once done his part as a father. She was not worried about the issue of the custody, but rather, she feared that he would resort to underhanded means and dirty tricks to take the child away.

“Mommy, so is he my father or not?”

“No! Haven’t I already said so? Why do you keep asking?”

Jin Bao’er dared not utter another word for she had never seen her mother so exasperated before.

The pair of mother and daughter alighted from the car, after which Jin Qingyue instructed the servant to bring Jin Bao’er upstairs for a shower and tuck her in bed. She then sat alone on the couch, unable to recover from the shock.

The mere sight of him had caused her to be beyond flustered.

A while later, the bodyguard entered and reported, “Missy, he’s gone.”

“Alright, keep a lookout in the future. Chase him away immediately once you see him loitering around the entrance.”


Jin Qingyue saw a glimmer of hope in her life at the thought of An Xiaoning’s prediction of her meeting her future husband in the upcoming month.

She was determined to treasure the opportunity when it arrives.

Although there was indeed a trace from her past, she would not dwell on it on purpose. Besides, she still had a long way ahead of her in life and she ought to be looking forward to the future.

As soon as Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning arrived home, they instructed Fan Shixin to do a thorough check on Xu Youran. Soon after, Jin Qingyan received a call from his secretary and thus had no choice but to leave the house again at such a late hour.

An Xiaoning did not know what happened since they had always had a tacit agreement to not interfere in his matters unless he chooses to tell her about it himself.

A silence filled the living room. Auntie Chen came out of the kitchen and asked smilingly, “Ms. An, would you like to have dinner?”

“I only had some drinks at the Xu family home. I didn’t have anything to eat and my stomach is rumbling now. Auntie Chen, I’d like to have some rice.”

“Alright, please hold on while I prepare it for you right away.”

“Where are the three children?”

“They’re upstairs.”

“Oh, I’ll go upstairs to have a look. Please call me when dinner’s ready.”

“Alright,” Auntie Chen responded.

An Xiaoning made her way upstairs in her home slippers. Before she even reached the room, she could hear the sounds of their chattering coming from inside.

She pushed the door of the master bedroom open, only to be greeted with a horrifying sight.

The three children had blown balloons out of some condoms and placed them on the bed.

“What are you guys doing?” An Xiaoning asked in astonishment.

“Mommy, we’re having a contest. There are so many balloons in the closet. Look, we blew all of these,” An Youqing exclaimed excitedly while pointing towards the finished products on the bed.


Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, An Xiaoning said, “Alright, that’s enough. You guys still have school tomorrow. Go back to your rooms to sleep.”

“Mommy, I’d like to sleep with you again tonight,” An Youqing said earnestly.

“Your Daddy went out to attend to some matters at the office. I don’t know what time he’ll return. It won’t be good for you to sleep here, so be good and go back to your room to sleep, okay?”

“Alright.” An Youqing then took the lead and exited the room with the other two children.

An Xiaoning deflated the balloons and disposed of them in the rubbish bin.

She then changed into her pajamas and laid on the bed. Her feet were sore and aching.

That just shows that beauty comes at a price. She would have to tolerate the pain if she wanted to don beautiful heels.

After resting for a while, she was called downstairs for dinner by Auntie Chen.

Dinner included a dish of fermented beancurd with chili sauce.

Her absolute favorite.

She paired it with rice and began eating.

“I just love the tasty meals you cook, Auntie Chen.”

“As long as you don’t mind, I’ll continue cooking for you and Young Sir for as long as I can, Ms. An,” Auntie Chen said smilingly.


An Xiaoning lowered her head and savored the food slowly.

Half an hour had passed by the time she finished eating. She decided to take a walk in the yard to ease digestion. Realizing that Jin Qingyan had yet to return, she had no choice but to head upstairs and go to bed without him.

She was rather fatigued.

Her imagination began to run wild as soon as she closed her eyes. Although she was extremely exhausted, she simply could not fall asleep.