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Just as she was about to fall asleep, she heard the door of the bedroom open, followed by the shuffling of footsteps. However, the lights were not switched on.

Soon, she began to hear the familiar sound of clothes being taken off. He had returned.

Jin Qingyan laid down beside her and hugged her from behind while burying his head into her neck. An Xiaoning felt her breath quicken and decided to stop pretending to be asleep. She turned to her side to face him.

“Why are you home so late?”

“There was something urgent I had to attend to. It’s all settled now. I’ll be taking a day off tomorrow. We can enjoy a good night’s sleep.”

He greatly emphasized the last three words of his sentence.

An Xiaoning remained silent while he forcefully pushed her head onto his arm. She could hear his heartbeat with her face pressed against his chest.

They embraced each other tightly.

Soon, they removed their clothes and cast their garments out of the duvet while pressing their bodies closely against each other.

Jin Qingyan chuckled and said, “Feels exceptionally great without the little imp around to disturb us tonight.”

“He wanted to sleep with us tonight but I didn’t allow it.”

“You did the right thing,” he said, giving her a pinch on her nose.

“I was just afraid that you two would engage in a squabble again and end up keeping everyone awake.”

He nibbled her gently before planting a passionate kiss on her lips.

He held her in his arms and did not advance further than just kissing.

“You must be tired from a long day. I’ll deal with you properly tomorrow.”

“Yes, I’m afraid I’m going to die if you keep wanting to do it every day.”

“I don’t have a choice. Blame it on your alluring beauty. Everytime I’m with you, I just feel like…” he paused his sentence.

“Feel like what?”

Jin Qingyan whispered in her ear gently, “Doing you.”

What a plain and crude answer. Feeling a little uncomfortable, An Xiaoning wiggled her body to ease into a more comfortable position.

“Is it really that serious?” she asked.

“You know, if a man truly loves a woman, he would wish to conquer her.”

“Or he could also give her his unconditional love,” An Xiaoning disagreed.

“No man would give without ever thinking of reaping some returns. I know Gu Beicheng fancies you. He may seem all prim and proper, but men know other men best. He’s definitely had fantasies about you.”

“How would you know if he’s had any fantasies or not?”

“Like I said, men know other men best. I guess I’ve been defeated by you for the rest of my life,” said Jin Qingyan, tapping the tip of her nose lightly.

“Why? Are you unwilling to be?” asked An Xiaoning as she raised her chin.

“Of course I’m willing. I, your man, am more than satisfied to be with you, such that I want to spend every second of my life with you.”

An Xiaoning put her arms around his neck and snuggled into his embrace. “Me too. If anyone dares to try coming in between us in the future, we have to work together to annihilate them.”

“Yes, Honey.”

An Youqing woke up at six o’clock in the morning. Just as he was about to go downstairs after getting dressed and draping his backpack onto his shoulder, he overheard a peculiar conversation between his parents when he passed by their bedroom door.

For example,

Daddy: “I love you.”

Mommy: “I love you too.”

Daddy: “Where do you love me?”

Mommy: “Everywhere.”

Daddy: “Then, would you like to spend the rest of your life together with me?”

Mommy: “Actually, I’d like to marry you.”

Daddy: “I really want to marry you too, it’s just that, I have a child.”

Mommy: “That’s unfortunate. I have a child too.”

Daddy: “What are we supposed to do then? We can’t stuff the child back inside the womb.”

Mommy: “Exactly, this is such a headache.”

Standing outside the door, An Youqing could not tolerate what he was hearing any further. He took out the spare key and opened the door of their bedroom upon realizing that they were still engaged in a strange conversation. Craning his head through the crack to stare at them, he said, “Daddy, Mommy, quit fooling around. It’s time to wake up.”

“You don’t have to bother about us. Uncle Shixin will take the three of you to school. Daddy doesn’t have to go to work today,” said Jin Qingyan.

An Youqing let out a long sigh and said, “Society is so unfair. Why do I have to attend school when I’m so young, yet you don’t have to go to work although you’re so old? How unprincipled.”

“Son, I’m your father. How could you say that I’m old?”

“What am I supposed to say otherwise?”

“You should say that Daddy is very young.”

“Are you as young as I am?” said An Youqing as he turned around to leave.


After breakfast, Fan Shixin brought the three children to school.

As soon as they entered, they were greeted with the delicate voice of a little girl. “Youqing.”

“Yue Chan,” An Youqing greeted Yue Chan smilingly and walked towards her.

“Brother, who’s that?” Long Xiaoxi asked Long Wenlun while tugging at his sleeve.

“She’s Youqing’s table mate.”

“I want to sit next to Brother Youqing too,” Long Xiaoxi said with pouted lips.

“That’s impossible. You’re in lower kindergarten while we’re in upper. We’re one grade apart. Well, unless you work hard to perform well academically and advance a grade. By then, we’ll all be in first grade. We can get Daddy and Mommy to arrange you two to sit together. That’s the only solution.”

Stomping her feet on the ground, Long Xiaoxi lamented, “Ahh, that sounds really complicated.”

“Okay, I’m going to class now.”

Long Xiaoxi quickly rushed forward to grab him and asked, “Brother, when are Daddy and Mommy going to come home?”

“I don’t know, they should be home soon though.”

“Okay.” Long Xiaoxi let go of his hand and began walking towards her own classroom.

She was a little disgruntled about how happy her beloved Brother Youqing seemed to be with his table mate.

Long Xiaoxi rested her head on the table with her legs dangling from the chair, which was too high for her petite stature.

The curriculum for lower kindergarten was far less stressful than that for upper kindergarten. The first lesson for the day was an arts and crafts session led by the teacher. Once she was done with her piece, Long Xiaoxi took the chance to sneak out of the back door when the teacher was not looking.

She treaded along the stairs to the window of the upper kindergarten classroom. Due to the fact that she was too short, she could not reach high enough to peek inside the window.

Moreover, the back door was locked. Thus, she had no choice but to lean against the back door and peek through the crack.

She managed to catch a glimpse of An Youqing.

Standing on tiptoes, Long Xiaoxi stared inside, only to find that her Brother Youqing was chatting and giggling merrily with his table partner.

After staring for a long while, she decided to return to her own classroom.

For the rest of the morning, Long Xiaoxi was rather distracted during class.

During dismissal, she specially stood by the entrance of the kindergarten to wait for the rest of them.

She was slightly annoyed to see An Youqing waving goodbye at Yue Chan enthusiastically.

“Brother Youqing.”

“Yes? What’s the matter, Xiaoxi?”

“What’s the name of your table mate?” Long Xiaoxi asked with a grin.

“Her name is Yue Chan.”

“Oh, what a nice name. She’s very pretty too.”

“I thought so too,” An Youqing agreed, nodding.

The smile on Long Xiaoxi immediately turned into a gloomy sulk. “Do you think she’s prettier than I am?”

“Um…” An Youqing was put in a spot as he found the both of them to be equally pretty.

“Answer me, quick.”

“Of course… Yue Chan is prettier.”

Long Xiaoxi’s eyes widened in shock as a frown formed on her forehead. “Hmph, I’m going to ignore you from now on, Brother Youqing!” she exclaimed in annoyance.

Noticing that she stormed off in anger, An Youqing quickly shouted, “Hey, I’m just joking!”