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“I knew it, sisters are never trustworthy,” Long Wenlun lamented with a look of disappointment in his eyes.

Long Xiaoxi ignored his silly tantrum and said to An Youqing softly, “Brother Youqing, I’ll sleep with you tonight.”

Long Xiaoxi hugged An Youqing tightly while wrapping her legs around his body like a koala. Although he was much taller than her, he still found it rather challenging to support her weight.

However, An Youqing continued to carry her with all his might.

“Xiaoxi, I’d like to go back to my room to sleep.”

“Brother Youqing, I want to go with you…”

“Xiaoxi!” Long Wenlun snapped angrily.

Noticing that her brother was getting upset, Long Xiaoxi had no choice but to get down and wave An Youqing goodbye. “Goodnight, Brother Youqing.”


Long Wenlun waited for An Youqing to leave the room before locking the door from inside. He then began disciplining his sister on behalf of his parents.

“Mind you, you’re a girl. Why don’t you know how to stay reserved?”

“What does it mean to stay reserved, Brother?”

“It means… I don’t know what it means, but it’s what Mommy always says. Didn’t Mommy tell you to keep an appropriate distance away from boys?”

“But, Mommy allowed me to sleep together with Brother Youqing last time!”


Just as Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning were about to go to bed at eight o’clock in the evening, Fan Shixin came knocking on their door all of a sudden.

“Young Sir, bad news. Your father’s relationship with Chi Rui’er has been exposed on the media. The news have even made it to the headlines. It seems like someone was behind this.”

Jin Qingyan opened the door immediately and snatched the tablet from Fan Shixin’s hands to peruse the news on the screen.

Jin Qingyan was filled with immense rage. Although he had expected for there to be such a day, he did not expect it to arrive so soon.

It was so soon and sudden that he did not even have enough time to prepare himself.

An Xiaoning put on her home slippers and got out of bed to have a look. To her astonishment, the photos were extremely scandalous and graphic, though they were not exactly explicit.

The matter would surely stir up a commotion and cause a public uproar. The Jin Corporation would definitely see a plunge in stocks on the market the next morning.

Jin Qingyan immediately gave Mr. Jin a call.

Before he could even speak, Mr. Jin hurriedly explained, “Rui’er misplaced her phone. That’s why those photos were leaked.”

“Don’t you understand what’s going on? This entire matter was a plot planned by Chi Rui’er and the person she’s in cahoots with. That person could very likely be my half-sister from another mother!”

“How could Rui’er possibly gang up with someone else to do something like that? She’s only going to be publicly embarrassed when it goes out to the media,” Mr. Jin said in puzzlement, unable to process what was happening.

“Her being humiliated is nothing compared to your reputation being tarnished. The only thing we can do now is to send you to the hospital immediately. I’ll contact the hospital to make the necessary arrangements. I’ll hold a press conference to clarify this matter tomorrow morning. When the reporters question you about this, choose to remain silent at all times. From now onwards, cut off all ties with Chi Rui’er!”

“I don’t think I should do that. Rui’er is a victim herself.”

“I can only restrain you with my own ways then,” Jin Qingyan snapped, boiling with fury at how thick in the head his father was.

Jin Qingyan ended the call and ordered Fan Shixin to take Mr. Jin to the hospital immediately and to guard him round the clock. He also confiscated Mr. Jin’s mobile phone and cut off all communication between him and the outside world.

Noticing that Jin Qingyan was getting dressed, An Xiaoning asked, “Where are you going?”

“To look for Chi Rui’er and have a talk.”

“Why are you looking for her? Let me go instead,” said An Xiaoning as she got dressed too.

“You?” Jin Qingyan asked in surprise.

“Yes, I’ll go instead. It’s midnight now. You will definitely be exposed if you’re seen looking her up at this time. The media will then fabricate stories and rumors. I know what you’re planning to talk to her about anyway. I’ll talk to her for you,” said An Xiaoning while putting on her clothes.

“Alright then, bring more bodyguards with you,” Jin Qingyan agreed, finding that she did make sense.

“It’s okay, two are enough. We might attract unnecessary attention if I bring too many bodyguards.”

After getting dressed, An Xiaoning headed to the washroom to wash up and put in some light makeup again before leaving the house while wearing a surgical mask.

Xiao Huang was in charge of driving while An Xiaoning took the backseat as they made their way to Chi Rui’er’s house.

The night sky was plain with no moon or visible stars.

They parked the car in front of the entrance .

The three of them then alighted from the car. An Xiaoning looked up at the window of Chi Rui’er’s house to see that the lights were still on.

They proceeded to knock on her door.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me.”

Mrs. Chi opened the door, after which An Xiaoning asked, “Is Chi Rui’er home?”

“Yes, she’s inside.”

An Xiaoning walked past Mrs. Chi and began walking towards the room the latter was pointing at.

She pushed the door open.

Chi Rui’er was leaning against the bed head when An Xiaoning entered, which greatly took aback the former. It was indeed surprising, since it should be Jin Qingyan coming forth to question her instead.

Chi Rui’er knew clearly what An Xiaoning was there for.

“Mother, go back to your room first. I have something to talk to her about,” Chi Rui’er instructed her mother.

“Alright.” Mrs. Chi then turned around to go back to her room.

An Xiaoning instructed her bodyguards to wait outside the house while she went inside alone. She closed the door and walked towards Chi Rui’er.

“You must know the reason why I’m here.”

“I do. I shall be honest with you, I can’t control what goes onto the media, and neither am I the one who leaked the news. I didn’t want to become the spotlight of such scandalous news either.”

“Who was the one who did it then?”

“An Xiaoning, quit feigning ignorance. Are you sure you don’t know who it is? My mother has cardiovascular disease. I hope you won’t tell her about this. I’ll be sending my mother to live in a remote area tomorrow, lest the news agitate her.”

“But, you know… most of the time, you’d have to pressure someone to get the information you need out of them. I don’t care about your mother’s condition. She’s not my mother anyway. I only know that your accomplice has done some outrageous things that greatly infuriated my man. So… even if I already guessed who it is, can’t I further confirm it?” An Xiaoning said with a sarcastic smile.

Chi Rui’er remained silent as she found herself stuck in a dilemma. At last, a thought crossed her mind — if her mother could take the blow from finding out the matter between her and her stepfather, she should be able to stomach this too.

“Suit yourself. I won’t be telling you the answer.”

The smile on An Xiaoning’s face disappeared as she threatened Chi Rui’er, “What if I kill your mother now? Will that make you change your mind?”

Chi Rui’er felt her heart skip a beat. “An Xiaoning, would you actually dare to kill someone?”

“If you’re capable of murder, why can’t I be too? Chi Rui’er, you’d better give me an honest answer. Otherwise, I can’t promise I won’t do anything that you’ll regret.”

“If I told you, would you help me? If I told you everything I know, would you defend me if the Xu Jingwen case undergoes investigation again?” Chi Rui’er asked.

“You want to strike a deal with me? Do you think you actually deserve to?” An Xiaoning rebuked.

“An Xiaoning, I don’t know if I deserve to or not. But, didn’t you still have to succumb to your superior’s orders when you were handling Xu Jingwen’s case back then? The case was closed with no justifiable outcome in the end, wasn’t it? If others can abuse their authority to get what they want, why can’t you do the same? To sum things up, you just don’t possess such strong authority and power.”