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The man beside her answered, “Missy, I reckon everyone will forget about this matter very soon. Once the situation blows over, your meticulous plan and efforts can only go down the drain.”

“Yes, I know that, of course.”

“Missy, why don’t you get Chi Rui’er to take a high-definition photo together with that old fogey?”

“Dimwit. That old fogey is now admitted to the hospital. Jin Qingyan must be guarding him closely. Why would he even allow Chi Rui’er to enter? But we can’t wait ’til the matter blows over to take action, I doubt we’ll be able to garner any attention by then,” said Xu Youran.

“Well, then…”

“Pass me the phone.”

The man then handed Xu Youran the mobile phone, after which the latter proceeded to give Chi Rui’er a phone call.

“Where did you go?”


“Okay, you have to rush here by afternoon,” Xu Youran ordered before hanging up the phone.

“What did she do?” the man asked.

“She went to settle her mother down. Her mother has heart disease.” Xu Youran picked up the goblet on the table before continuing to speak, “Tonight, we’ll strike with our ultimate move and catch Jin Qingyan off guard.”

“Missy, what’s the ultimate move?”

“You’ll know tonight.”

Knock! Knock!

“Come in,” said Xu Youran as she looked up at the door.

Xu Yang entered and asked smilingly, “What are you doing? Why don’t you go out to have some fun?”

“Why haven’t you gone to work yet, Elder Brother?”

“I have the day off today. Earlier, Xiaoning, who works at the police station, gave me a call to say that she experienced an elevator malfunction while she was here to attend the business gathering the other evening. She wanted me to inform the butler to fix it,” Xu Yang explained with a grin.

“Hasn’t our elevator always been running rather well?”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too. So, just refrain from taking the elevator these few days. Wait ’til the repair and maintenance works are done.”

“Alright.” Xu Youran stood up and handed him a goblet before pouring him some wine. “Brother, I heard that An Xiaoning is highly efficient at solving cases at the police station. Isn’t she Jin Qingyan’s woman? Why is she so willing to work with the police?”

“Because I went to look for her and sought her help personally. Why else would she be willing to go out of her own accord? She indeed has what it takes and is a little strong-headed as well. But then again, most capable people are bound to be opinionated, more or less,” Xu Yang explained.

Xu Youran nodded and said, “I think she’s really pretty. She’s been in a relationship with Jin Qingyan for so long.”

“Not that long, I suppose? She just came back from abroad recently. Her son is already four or five years old. But I’m not sure if she did return to the country in between,” Xu Yang clarified.

“Son? Whose son?” Xu Youran asked in bewilderment, for she had never heard of An Xiaoning’s son before.

“Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning’s son, of course. They share a child together.”

“Why haven’t I read about that on the news before?” Xu Youran asked.

“I’m not too sure about that. Perhaps Jin Qingyan told the press not to report about it.”

“Oh, I see.” Xu Youran was filled with thoughts and curiosity as to what their child looked like.

Chi Rui’er did not make it to Xu Youran’s house in the afternoon and instead only rushed over in the evening.

“Didn’t I tell you to come in the afternoon?”

“My mother had a lapse in the afternoon, so I had to accompany her.”

Xu Youran looked up and asked, “Was it because she found out about the news?”

“No. Have you got any important instructions for me?” asked Chi Rui’er.

“I’d like you to do one last thing for me. Have you helped your mother settle down yet?”

“Yes, I’ve found her a place.”

“You should tell her your bank account number and password.”

“Why?” Chi Rui’er asked in puzzlement.

“In case you die unexpectedly one day.”

Chi Rui’er felt her heart sink. “What… what do you mean?” she stuttered in fear.

“Nothing much. Okay, that’s all, come by again in the evening three days from now. I have an important task for you.”

“Okay.” Chi Rui’er then turned around to leave.

She was overwhelmed with an ominous feeling. Upon returning home, Chi Rui’er recalled Xu Youran’s words carefully and could not help but feel like the latter was hinting that she would be dying three days from now.

Pangs of panic engulfed Chi Rui’er. Staring at her mother, who was cooking for her, Chi Rui’er decided to tell her about it after some thorough consideration. “Mother, I have something to tell you.”

“Oh, what is it?” asked Mrs. Chi as she approached her daughter.

“Do you know why I was released by the police regarding the case about Xu Jingwen? It’s because Military Commander Xu’s daughter saved me. However, I’ve since become her puppet, and she’s been using me all this while. I’m afraid she’s trying to use me for the very last time before getting rid of me once and for all. So, let’s escape together tomorrow.”

“Rui’er…” Mrs. Chi dropped her spatula in shock and disbelief of what she had just heard. “Is what you said true?”

“Yes, it’s true.”

“What are we supposed to do now then? How far can we run? Since they’re the military commander’s family, they’ll definitely manage to find us no matter where we go.”

Before she could even respond, Chi Rui’er received yet another call from Xu Youran.

“Don’t think of resorting to any tricks. If you’re planning to try and escape, I can only tell you, it’s impossible. Rest assured, I won’t shortchange you.”

“I’m not thinking of escaping.”

“The thing is, there’s no use trying to flee. I’ve already informed all the airports and ferry terminals overseas to inform me if they have your immigration records. Of course, it’d also be impossible if you try to sneak abroad as a stowaway. There are people who work for me at the terminals as well. Think through it carefully, don’t try anything funny,” Xu Youran warned.

“Got it.” Chi Rui’er ended the call, feeling completely hopeless and dejected.

“Rui’er… was she the one who called?” Mrs. Chi asked worriedly.

“Yes, Mother. There’s no way we can escape.” Chi Rui’er had no idea how or where she could flee to at the moment.

“What are we supposed to do then?” Mrs. Chi lamented as tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.

Although sitting back and doing nothing was not her usual style, there was no other way out for her.

“I’d like to go look for someone,” said Chi Rui’er, who stood up all of a sudden.


“You don’t have to know. I’ll be back very soon.”

Chi Rui’er left the house as soon as she finished speaking.

She arrived at Wei Ni Estate and parked the car by the gate before getting down to press the doorbell without hesitation.

“I’m looking for Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning. Please inform them that I have something important to talk to them about.”

“Alright, please wait a minute.”

Xiao Huang hurriedly sped inside to inform them.

He returned soon after and said, “Young Sir would like you to come in.”

Chi Rui’er quickly strode inside with an uneasy tension in her heart. She followed Xiao Huang all the way to the main door.

An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan were sitting on the couch in the living room. Chi Rui’er changed into a pair of home slippers and walked towards them, only to realize that they were playing games on their mobile tablets.

What a harmonious and warm scene.

Upon sight of her arrival, they quickly cast their mobile tablets aside.

“Have a seat.”

Chi Rui’er sat down opposite them and got straight to the point, “I’d like to discuss a deal with you.”



Chi Rui’er had an hour-long discussion with them in the living room. Once it was over, she exited and stood by the door, remaining silent while looking up at the sky.