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Chi Rui’er said instead, “I just want to live. I don’t want to die in your hands. Xu Youran, you ought to remember Qingyan’s words properly. I’m leaving.”

She left grandly like that, with no one daring to stop her.

In the room, only the two others were left.

They continued to face each other like that.

Jin Qingyan stared at the short-haired Xu Youran in front of him. “You should stop now while you still can.”

Xu Youran still put on an air and said as she narrowed her eyes, “Jin Qingyan, what are you trying to say?”

“At this stage, if you still want to act like this, it probably won’t go well for you. You were behind everything, I already know.” A significant look emerged from his deep gaze. “If you say that you’ve become like this because of what you went through when you were young, then how are you different from them? This isn’t revenge, it’s something you’re doing to yourself.”

He revealed a piece of simulated photograph in his hand, and it was precisely Xu Youran’s face on it.

“This simulated picture is based on the picture we took together when we were young. Little fellow, I’ve been looking for you all this while. Even though in the middle I’ve stopped looking for a while, I still continued thereafter. Brother didn’t let you down.” Jin Qingyan gripped that piece of simulated picture in his hands tightly.

Xu Youran was slightly alarmed for a moment, but she then composed herself and replied, “Jin Qingyan, I really don’t get what you’re trying to say.”

“You’re my half-sister. Xu Youran, even if you don’t admit, it’s fine. I’ll prove it.” Jin Qingyan questioned, “Do you dare to take a DNA test?”

“Why should I do that thing with you? Who do you think you are?”

“Whether or not you have the courage to do so, it’s pretty obvious. If you’re really not my half-sister, what’s the harm in doing the test once?” He went closer in front of her and trained his eyes on hers. “Nobody will do something to others for no reason. There must be a reason. You’re taking revenge on Father, right?”

“I think you must be mad.”

Jin Qingyan clasped his hands behind his back naturally. “I’m very clear on whether I’m mad or not. You should know, after you disappeared when you were twelve, I’ve been looking for you. It was only because you vanished without a trace that I couldn’t find you. If you want to come back and salvage this, I’m more than willing to welcome you. I’ll always treat you as my biological sister, and I’ll be ready to reinstate you as a member of the Jin family. But, if you refuse to come to your senses and remain adamant on destroying the Jin family, I’ll naturally not take mercy on you. Regardless of who you are.”

Xu Youran sank her nails deep into her flesh and looked at him; the pain came to her in a flash.

That home, how could she possibly think of going back there?

She would never return to that place her whole life.

Towards the Jin family, she’d remain at loggerheads.

Everyone in the Jin family was her enemy.

She wanted to take revenge for her mother, and for all the suffering she had gone through.

“Jin Qingyan, if you continue being like this, I will call my brother here. Do you think I lack a brother? Sorry, but I have two brothers, and I don’t need one more at all. If there’s nothing else, please go back. My good mood has been completely ruined by you already.” She turned and was about to sit down on the chair when her arm was held back by him forcefully, pulling her whole body backwards.

“What are you doing?”

“You better not ignore my words, I never make jokes.”

With that final sentence, Jin Qingyan brought his people back with him.


Jin Qingyan turned around. “What else do you want to say?”

“The case of Chi Rui’er murdering Xu Jingwen is not up to me to decide. Maybe tonight, the investigation for this case would resume.”

“If that happens, then your voice recording will be spread to the media tonight.”

“You’re protecting Chi Rui’er like that, does An Xiaoning know about this?”

“That’s none of your business.”

He left coldly, shutting the door with a loud slam.

Xu Youran leaned before the table and grabbed the edge of it. Flying daggers were coming out from her eyes.

Other than the matter regarding Chi Rui’er, which he threatened her with, as well as the voice recording, there was nothing else that bothered her.

Jin Qingyan, you better watch out.

There was a long road ahead and sufficient time. After such a long time of preparation, how was it possible for her to concede just like that? Don’t they say that men are scary when they’re ruthless, but women are even more vicious when they get ruthless?

“Missy, do we really let that Chi Rui’er go?”

“Or else?”


“Go and investigate Jin Qingyan’s son, I want it as detailed as possible.”

“Yes, I’ll get it done right now.”

Late at night, rain started pattering outside. There were knocks on the door of the unit Sun Weiwei lived in.

She asked, “Who’s that?”

Since nobody replied, Sun Weiwei went forward to open the door.

The guest gave her a huge surprise. It was her former assistant.

“You’ve been hiding for some time, but do you think you can continue hiding like this?” Her assistant grunted. “While I still haven’t told Mr. Ye about what you’ve done, you better go and get customers for me.”

Sun Weiwei refused to do so. “These few years, I’ve already earned quite a sum for you. It’s enough for you already.”

“It’s not enough. It’s far from being enough. Faster.”

Sun Weiwei screeched, “You better not take things too far.”

“So what if I do?” Her former assistant raised her hand and gave her a tight slap on the face. “Do you think you’re still a popular star?!”

Sun Weiwei simply returned a slap to her face. “Didn’t you say you were going to tell Brother Xiaotian? Go and tell him then. Don’t forget, although I was the one who instructed it, you were the one who injected the virus into Bai Ranran’s body. Even if they investigate the surveillance cameras, you’ll be the one responsible for it. So, while I’m still being nice, you better get lost!”

The assistant did not expect that after being oppressed for a few years, Sun Weiwei would dare to say these kind of things to her. “Then, I’ll be an accomplice at most, you’re the mastermind.”

“If I don’t admit it, can you prove it?”

“I’m the proof.”

“I’m already in this state, so we better not meet anymore from now on. If you still intend to make use of me to earn money, let me tell you, it’s impossible. I don’t even have money to take drugs, you expect me to earn money for you?” She turned and took a knife from the table, waving it at her. “Are you going to leave or not? If not, I’ll hack you to death!”

The assistant had no choice but to turn and leave.

Sun Weiwei closed the door shut and laid down on the bed alone. At this moment, she was nowhere like how she used to be a few years ago.

After taking drugs for a long period of time, her face had been ruined and her body had turned weak. She could only offer services to men at an entertainment center.

But because she dared to play around, and did so too often, she had contracted a sexual disease.

Her whole life had been turned upside down.

She once led a luxurious life and had unlimited money to spend, lived in a good house and had a nice car. But ever since her decline, her house was confiscated by the company and her car was sold by her assistant. Her savings had also been spent away on drugs.

Everything that she once had was like a dream. Sun Weiwei turned her body over, tears flowing down her cheeks.

She once led such a satisfactory life, but she desired what did not belong to her.

If she were given another chance, would she still end up like this today?

Definitely not. But this chance did not exist, as life could not restart.

The rain outside grew heavier, and thunder started roaring. Sun Weiwei tossed and turned around in bed, falling into the silent emptiness of the night.