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“Mommy, since it’s raining today, you don’t have to pick me up at school later. The teacher said we can eat in school on rainy days.”

An Xiaoning passed his school bag to him. “The food in school won’t be as good as the one made at home. Mommy doesn’t find it troublesome. When Mommy goes to work, I won’t be able to fetch you from school every day. Since I’m not busy now, I want to fetch you every day.”

An Youqing started carrying his school bag and replied, “It’s up to you then, Mommy. Let’s go.”

An Xiaoning then drove the three little fellows to school. Just a while after she had left, someone came to look for An Youqing.

“Youqing, come out for a while,” Ms. Tian beckoned him.

He stood up from his seat and followed Ms. Tian out of the classroom.

Once they came out from the classroom door, in front of them stood a tall man with a large build.

“Little Sir, I’m your father’s bodyguard. Your father is outside the school gate.” He bent down to An Youqing’s level and continued, “He wants to take you out to play.”

An Youqing widened his eyes and looked at this unfamiliar face, not saying a word.

“Come with me to find your Daddy, okay?” He reached out his hand and was about to grab An Youqing’s arm, but his hand was flung away by An Youqing.

“Uncle, you’re someone who kidnaps children to sell them, right? I know all the bodyguards around my Daddy. Why haven’t I seen you before?”

Ms. Tian, who was standing aside, started to feel anxious and hurriedly held onto An Youqing’s arm.

“There’re so many bodyguards at home, how is it possible for you to have seen us all?”

“But, if it’s someone I don’t know, my Daddy and Mommy won’t make them fetch me. Who exactly are you? You’re trying to kidnap me, right? Teacher, I don’t know him. Can you call my Mommy to confirm?” Thereafter, An Youqing turned around, returning to the classroom.

Ms. Tian immediately used her phone to call An Xiaoning.

Seeing the situation, the man with the huge build could only turn to leave.

After the confirmation, Ms. Tian realized that the man was really not sent by An Youqing’s family. The fear still lingered within Ms. Tian as she thought of what could have happened if the bad guy had really taken the child away. She would not be able to pay for the price of it even with her own life.

She immediately told the kindergarten principal, who got a shock as well. The principal immediately called for a teachers’ meeting and reiterated that if it was not the parents themselves who came to fetch, the teachers should not allow the child to be fetched away.

The man who left the kindergarten got onto a car and reported, “I couldn’t get him out.”

Xu Youran turned and darted a glance at the man. “What a useless thing.”

“That little fellow was too clever, the teacher immediately called his parents to confirm.”

Xu Youran started driving away. “If we still don’t leave, they might even call the police. This incident must have gotten Jin Qingyan’s attention. I’m afraid he may do something to retaliate.”

She was right indeed. After hearing what An Xiaoning said, Jin Qingyan immediately drove to the school with her to check the situation.

There were people he had sent both inside and outside the kindergarten, so he knew it was impossible to take his son away. However, he still had to come and confirm it himself.

“Daddy!” An Youqing ran towards him and hugged his legs.

“Are you okay?”

“Umm. Do I look like I’m not?”

“Let’s skip lessons today.” Jin Qingyan bent down and carried him up. “Daddy will bring you to the theme park, okay?”

An Youqing’s eyes sparkled with excitement. “Really? That’s awesome! You’re really a great Daddy.”

“That’s for sure.”

“Daddy, do you know what I want to play?”

“Why don’t you tell Daddy what you want to play now. Daddy will accompany you.” Jin Qingyan carried him outside the school while An Xiaoning followed beside him.

“I want to play everything in the theme park. Let’s start from the rollercoaster ride, shall we?”

Jin Qingyan’s face stiffened. Rollercoaster ride?

He actually feared rollercoaster rides the most and did not like any activities that were overly stimulating. But since his son had already said that, how could he not agree?

That would make him lose face in front of his son!

He was An Youqing’s father, how could his courage be worse than that of a child’s?

“Alright!” With that, Jin Qingyan brought the mother and son to the theme park in high spirits.

When they were about to start the rollercoaster ride, Jin Qingyan laughed dryly as he asked, “Youqing, did you ride this often before?

“No, this is my first time sitting on this. Mommy didn’t let me ride this when she brought me to the theme park last time. She said one will fall down while sitting on this. Mommy’s a liar.”

Jin Qingyan was slightly jittery before the rollercoaster ride. During the ride, he was seriously regretting having agreed to sit on it just to save his face. The moment the ride ended and they came down, he started vomiting heavily, which greatly amused An Youqing.

“Daddy, you’re so lousy! You can’t even be compared to me!”

Jin Qingyan shrugged. “That’s true indeed. Isn’t there a saying? Every generation is better than the previous one. Your father is completely beaten by you.”

An Xiaoning could not refrain from chuckling at his comment. “So, what’s next?”

“Up ahead is the haunted house, are you up for it?” Jin Qingyan asked An Youqing.

“Are there ghosts in the haunted house?”

“Yes, there’re all kinds of ghosts there.”

Jin Qingyan thought that he would be afraid and was secretly pleased with himself. Who’d have guessed, An Youqing immediately raised his arms in excitement and screamed, “That’s great, I love such excitement!”


“Aren’t you scared?”

“Aren’t Daddy and Mommy here? I’m not scared.”

“Alright then, let’s go.”

After buying the tickets, the three entered the entrance of the haunted house together.

Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning held An Youqing’s hand on each side and walked in together. The decoration inside was scary, and the setting was very dark. They had only walked a few steps when the crew who were acting as ghosts crawling on the ground clung onto Jin Qingyan’s leg.

He lowered his head to look, his heart jerking abruptly.

After crossing this hurdle, they had not gone much further when a spooky human skull fell from above, landing beside An Xiaoning’s leg. She immediately took a step back.

An Youqing asked, “Daddy, why is your palm sweating?”

“What rubbish, Daddy’s very brave… ah…!” A red-colored hand was suddenly on his shoulder.

“Daddy, you’re such a coward.”

“It was just too sudden. It’s fine, let’s continue walking.”


Throughout the whole process, the three went through it rather smoothly.

At the exit, Jin Qingyan felt that he might not ever come back to a haunted house again.

Meanwhile, at a particular café…

Slow, classical music was playing inside. Gu Beicheng, who was dressed in a formal suit, sat upright with his fingers tapping on the table lightly.

Seated opposite him was Lin Mingxi, whose face was dolled up in exquisite makeup.

The two were only there to prove that they were on a blind date.

In actual fact, after seeing Lin Mingxi, Gu Beicheng wanted to get up to leave already.

Towards a divorced woman whom he didn’t love, he honestly did not have any interest at all.

“I’m Lin Mingxi, I’m 29 years old this year. I’m a female coach at a gym right now, with a monthly salary of 8000 yuan. I had a previous marriage that lasted for a very short while, but Ye Xiaotian and I never consummated our marriage. Since you’re so close to him, you can ask him if you don’t believe me.”

“Umm. Nice to meet you, I’m Gu Beicheng. I’m 31 years old this year.”

Lin Mingxi gazed at him seated opposite her. She was actually very satisfied with him and did know some things about Gu Beicheng.

“When my mother told me it was you I would be meeting, I was actually quite shocked because you don’t look like the type of man who would go on a blind date.”