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Gu Beicheng raised the teacup in his hand and drank a sip. “Indeed, I’m only here to fulfill my mother’s wish.”

Lin Mingxi clasped her hands together tightly as she grinned. “Do you have prejudice against women?”

“Prejudice? What do you mean specifically?”

“Like for example, I’m a divorced woman. Stuff like that.” She was slightly apprehensive.

Gu Beicheng put down the teacup in his hand and, after hesitating for a moment, replied, “That will depend on who the woman is. If I have feelings for that woman or love her, then I wouldn’t mind. I might not even think of such things as an obstacle at all.”

Upon hearing his answer, Lin Mingxi’s heart finally rested at ease. However, Gu Beicheng’s next words raised her heart’s tension again.

“If I don’t like the woman, I would think that she wouldn’t be good enough for me. After all, I haven’t married and my personal life is pretty clean.”

Lin Mingxi’s hands were nervously hanging around as she answered, “My personal life has been clean too. Other than the marriage I had in name.”

“I heard you and Xiaoning joined the training camp together. What kind of person do you think she is?”

Lin Mingxi knew how to answer this, of course. She definitely would not be stupid enough to say things that Gu Beicheng would not like to hear.

“I think she’s really good. She’s very hardworking and sets out to accomplish whatever she wants. I heard she even opened a clothing store and invested in a movie, earning quite a lot of money. She really is business-minded.”

“You’re really good at lying on the spot.”

“I’m saying… the truth.”

“You’re saying the truth, but these are not what you want to say. Indeed, saying something you don’t want to is not easy.” Gu Beicheng raised his wrist to look at his watch and muttered, “Let’s just end it here.”

“Wait.” Lin Mingxi stopped him. “Why don’t you give us a chance to understand each other? I’m not actually like how the media claims me to be or what you hear from others.”

“It’s fine. Towards someone I don’t like, I’m not very willing to give hope.”

Lin Mingxi asked, “If you’re not even willing to give us a chance to understand each other, how would you know if you really don’t like me? Or is it that you already have someone you like?”

“This… no comment.”

“Gu Beicheng,” Lin Mingxi said. “I’ve heard some gossip that you like An Xiaoning. Don’t tell me it’s true?”

“You’re really too noisy.” Gu Beicheng turned to leave.

Lin Mingxi just stood there speechless. It was the umpteenth time that her blind date had ended in failure.

It was either the person did not take a fancy to her or that she had no interest in the other party.

It was really true that as women grow older, they’ll grow out of their childish temper and become more mature than in their younger days. But more importantly, they become less adorable.

If it was a few years ago and Gu Beicheng had said that she was noisy, she would have definitely started a fight with him.

But now, she just took her bag and left quietly.

Before she had even reached home, her mother started pressing her by calling her continuously, but she did not pick up. When she reached the front gate of her house, she could hear complaints from inside.

“She didn’t even pick up my calls. I bet it failed again this time.” Her mother maintained a negative attitude as always.

“Maybe they’re still talking? What’s the hurry?” Her father’s voice, on the other hand, still appeared to contain a glimmer of hope.

“That couldn’t be. If it went well, your daughter would long have called me back.”


Lin Mingxi entered the house and greeted, “Mother.”

“Why didn’t you answer my calls? How was the blind date with Gu Beicheng?”

“It failed again. He doesn’t like me.”

Lin Mingxi sat down, knowing well and clear that she would be facing her mother’s nagging next.

“I knew it. How many times has it been already, why don’t you have one successful blind date at all? Now, the more I think about it, the more I feel you ruined your own reputation back then. First, you were obsessing over Jin Qingyan, then you married that Ye Xiaotian and was cheated. What’s the point of getting compensation when your reputation is ruined?”

Lin Mingxi’s father tried to soothe Mrs. Lin’s anger. “Alright, how many times have you talked about this already? Just stop.”

“I don’t feel good if I don’t let it all out. One Jin Qingyan and one Ye Xiaotian was enough to ruin our Mingxi’s reputation. That’s why all her blind dates don’t go well now.”

Lin Mingxi replied, “How long has it been already? Stop mentioning it. They’re all leading their own lives now. Ye Xiaotian remarried and Jin Qingyan has the love of his life beside him now. It was me who couldn’t capture their hearts.”

Regarding this, she had long seen through it all. If a woman couldn’t get a man’s heart, everything else would be useless.

“Back then, you even went to the training camp just for Jin Qingyan. How rash and impulsive…”

Mr. Lin interrupted her. “Alright, stop going on and on. Mingxi didn’t go to the training camp for nothing either. She managed to stay ’til the end and gained some good skills. We’re more assured when she goes out now too.”

“Don’t go to that gym to work anymore. Your father and I only have you and your sister. The company will also be yours both in time. Your sister must be tired taking care of the company matters by herself, you should help her out.”

Lin Mingxi was unwilling to do so. “I like working at the gym as a coach. I don’t want to go back to the company.”

“Are you stupid?” Mrs. Lin was still concerned about her. “If you don’t go to the company, the company will be solely your sister’s in the future. Your father and I have arranged for you to have some of the company shares.”

“Let’s talk about it later on.”

Lin Mingxi took her bag and got up to head upstairs.

“Is her brain full of water?” Mrs. Lin scolded. “She’s driving me mad.”

“You, really – you should stop, alright?”

“That Gu Beicheng dares to look down on my daughter. Hey, what’s wrong with our Mingxi’s looks?”


Lin Mingxi reached the second floor and was rather distressed. At this moment, she received a call from the training camp coach Chen Xu.

“Coach Chen.”

“Oh, Mingxi. We haven’t seen each other for some time, right? Let’s have a gathering if everyone’s free.”

Lin Mingxi asked, “Will Jin Qingyan be there?”

“You still like him?”

“No, my feelings for him have long faded. I’m just asking if he’ll be there.”

“Yes. Xiaoning will be there too. We’ve arranged it for next Monday night. You should come if you’re free. It’s been a long time since everyone met, we should catch up.”

Lin Mingxi readily agreed, “Okay, sure.”

After ending the call, she suddenly felt like crying, but no tears came out. Having not seen the rest for a few years, she was rather unsure of how to face them.

Especially Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning, who were going there together to show how loving they were. But she, on the other hand, would be going there to suffer.

Should she find a boyfriend to bring there too?

But that wasn’t easy. Should she rent one?

Thinking that this would be a more reliable method, Lin Mingxi hurriedly switched on her computer. She wanted to send out a notice for hiring, but after much thought, she was not sure where she should put up this notice.

Her sudden impulse quickly vanished again.

Sitting there, Lin Mingxi was deeply troubled.

All these years, she had met many young chaps at the gym, but they were either younger or older than her, or were already married or attached. As for the rest, she wasn’t interested in them.