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“Why won’t you take a liking to her? Her mother has already told me, when Lin Mingxi and Ye Xiaotian were married, they didn’t consummate their marriage. Moreover, you’re friends with Ye Xiaotian, you’ll know if you ask him.” Mrs. Gu was rather enraged as she looked at her own son.

“Mother, I don’t like her.”

“Beicheng, do you want to keep your mother anxious like this?” Mrs. Gu continued, “If your mother doesn’t set up blind dates for you, you’ll never walk out of that dead end.”

Gu Beicheng did not answer.

“It’s impossible between you and Xiaoning. She and Jin Qingyan only need a piece of marriage certificate to remarry. Beicheng, change your focus to other women. Maybe you’ll realize that you can actually like someone else.”

“I know, I’ll try.” He looked at his mother’s face and conceded. “Didn’t I already listen to you and go to meet Lin Mingxi? I really don’t like how she is. I’ve heard of the things she did last time too. I really can’t bring myself to like her.”

“Beicheng, how many years has it been already? Who hasn’t done stupid things when they were young? I heard from her mother that she’s rather stubborn. Her mother only has two daughters and her elder sister is working at the company now, but she refuses to go there and insists on working at a gym. I think this girl isn’t someone who sees money and status as everything, that’s why I thought she would be good for you.”

Gu Beicheng acknowledged his mother, “Umm. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going back to the company.”

“Then, may I tell Lin Mingxi’s mother that the two of you can meet again?”

“Do as you please.”

After hearing it from Mrs. Gu, Mrs. Lin immediately went to tell her daughter.

Lin Mingxi was slightly shocked and doubtful. After much thought, she decided to call Gu Beicheng.

“Hello. I heard your mother said we can meet again. I’m wondering, did you agree to it?” Without waiting for Gu Beicheng to answer, she went on, “If you didn’t agree to it, I’ll definitely not pester you. I know you don’t like me. But, if you agreed to it, I’m still willing to try.”

Gu Beicheng was rather surprised that she would call over this issue. “Umm. I agreed to it.”

Lin Mingxi’s heart skipped a beat. “Then, how about we have dinner tomorrow night?”

“… Umm.”

After ending the call, Lin Mingxi felt rather lost and confused.

“You sent someone to act as my underling to fetch my son in the afternoon. I think you must be asking for it.”

Xu Youran answered as she gripped onto her phone, “Jin Qingyan, are you in your right mind? I didn’t even know that you had a child, why would I do that?”

“Don’t tell me the vehicle parked outside the kindergarten back then didn’t belong to you? Xu Youran, don’t play such boring games with me, I’ll get very annoyed.”

Xu Youran laughed coldly. “Jin Qingyan, don’t think you can keep threatening me over that voice recording.”

“Try me then.”

Xu Youran slammed her phone onto the table, staring somewhere as she stood there dressed in her bathrobe.


“Since he dares to threaten me with the voice recording, I’ll find a bargaining chip to threaten him with as well. We’ll be even then.” Xu Youran stared at the man before her. “What a useless piece of thing. You can’t even get a child out.”

“Missy, I have a plan, I think it’ll work. Do you want to try?”



After listening to his words, Xu Youran’s eyes twinkled. “Do according to what you said then.”

A few minutes later…

Knock, knock, knock. A few knocks sounded at the door and then came the butler’s voice, “Missy, Old Master wants you in the study room.”

“I know.” Xu Youran changed, then got everyone to leave her bedroom.

Pushing the door of the study room open, she saw Military Commander Xu seated before the study table. Upon seeing her, he made a hand gesture.

Xu Youran closed the door and greeted him sweetly, “Father.”

“Have a seat.”

Xu Youran sat opposite him and asked, “Father, is there something you want to talk to me about?”

Military Commander Xu’s face was rather somber as he replied, “Jin Qingyan just called me. He said that you’ve been causing trouble for the Jin family lately. Youran, you can’t afford to offend the Jin family. Don’t mess things up for me.”

Xu Youran did not expect that Jin Qingyan would actually call her father.

“I know the limits, Father. Don’t worry, I won’t cause trouble for you.”

Military Commander Xu commented sincerely, “You’re not young anymore and will get married soon. You should think more for your husband’s family. Don’t keep wanting to act like a man. You may have only seen things about Jin Qingyan from the news online and don’t know much about him, but your father understands this man. He’s a ruthless man who gets what he wants. Otherwise, he couldn’t have managed such a huge company and kept his business running well for so long. Becoming enemies with such a person won’t do us any good. There’s no point in suffering losses on both ends.”

“Umm, Father. I know.”

“You haven’t been by our side since young and were lost when you were just born. Your mother cried her eyes out over it and was looking for you all the time, but to no avail. It took us more than ten years to find you painstakingly. You have been the precious gem of our family all this while. Youran, don’t break your parents’ heart, okay?”

Xu Youran’s eyes sank slightly and she replied, “I know.”

Thinking about this, she couldn’t help but panic slightly. If Jin Qingyan were to tell the Xu family that she was his half-sister, then she would not be able to live on in the Xu family.

Back then, the twelve-year-old her had run away from the Jin family and coincidentally ran into Mrs. Xu. That was how she was mistaken as their long-lost daughter.

So ever since then, everyone in the Xu family took extra care of her, especially her two brothers.

This secret was kept in her heart for so many years and had become her huge source of worry. Only when she’d completely destroyed the Jin family could she get revenge for her mother and be reborn.

The motivation that supported her was this.

“Father, if there’s nothing else, then I’ll go back to my room to rest.”

“Alright, sleep early.”

Xu Youran got up and returned to her own room, still in a blank state of mind. Her father’s words did not have any effect as to stopping her.

She had all along set out to achieve what she wanted.

She would not let the Jin family off easily. Torturing the whole of the Jin family was the greatest wish of her lifetime.

But at this point, she had forgotten that the blood of the Jin family ran inside her as well.

She had been trying to destroy the Jin family, which included herself.

Xu Youran stood before the window, pulling the curtains open and staring outside.

When she was young, she was often locked up. Back then, she had looked outside the window often.

She had yearned to be free like a small bird flying in the sky.

She had yearned to be free like the clouds in the sky.

She had yearned to be free like the stars in the sky.

Everytime she recalled her childhood memories, Xu Youran felt a part of her heart being pierced through again.

That pain, which followed her everywhere, made her unable to ever forget.

All the humiliation that she received, she vowed to pay them back in return!