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“Yes. Team Leader, where are you going?”

“What do you think?” An Xiaoning turned around and zoomed towards the front of the house on which she noticed the window. Zu Dong and Gong Le hurriedly took chase while Ma Jianguo and Ding Liang proceeded to send Jin Qingyue to the hospital.

Upon reaching the shophouse, An Xiaoning quickly asked the lady boss, “Is there a back door upstairs?”

“Yes, just walk along the alley and you’ll find it,” said the lady boss, pointing at the start of the alley which was a stone’s throw away.

“Gong Le, wait here. Zu Dong, you come with me.” With a stern expression on her face, An Xiaoning and Zu Dong scurried towards the alley.

As soon as they entered, they chanced upon a man who was in the midst of an escape.

Just as he whipped out his gun and was about to aim it at An Xiaoning, a foot landed on his face, causing him to drop his gun. Zu Dong quickly picked it up and the two broke out into a brawl in the alley.

The man was extremely skilled in martial arts. It was evident that he had undergone special training.

Zu Dong was kicked onto the ground by the man several times. At last, An Xiaoning pulled her trump card and restrained the man by his neck with the lasso she wrapped around her hips.

An Xiaoning tugged at it with all her might, almost suffocating him.

She then kicked the man in his back, causing him to fall on his knees onto the ground, after which Zu Dong managed to put his wrists in handcuffs.

Afraid that he would try and kill himself by biting his tongue, An Xiaoning stepped forward and dislocated his jaw, resulting in him drooling continuously. They then arrested him forcefully.

Once they brought him to the police station, An Xiaoning immediately rushed to the hospital before even carrying out investigations.

It had never crossed her mind that Jin Qingyue would take a bullet for her.

She had never expected it, ever.

Jin Qingyue’s sacrifice had deeply moved her.

Upon reaching the entrance of the operating theater, An Xiaoning asked, “Is she still inside?”

“Yes, she is. Have you arrested him?” Ma Jianguo asked.

“Yes, we’ve nabbed him back to the police station.”

“Team Leader, shall we go back to interrogate him first?”

“No, I’ve dislocated his jaw to prevent him from biting his own tongue to death. Wait for me to go back, I’ll interrogate him with my own ways. You guys may go back first,” said An Xiaoning, gesturing for them to leave.


An Xiaoning then gave Jin Qingyan a call. Less than twenty minutes later, Jin Qingyan showed up at the corridor along the operating theatre.

An Xiaoning did not cover up any details and explained the entire matter to him truthfully.

“Thankfully you’re fine,” said Jin Qingyan, placing both his hands on her shoulder and looking at her earnestly.

“I wonder how her condition is?”

“She should be alright since the bullet only hit her shoulder.” Jin Qingyan held her hand and took a seat before continuing, “I didn’t expect Qingyue to do that. It was really surprising. Indeed, I didn’t dote on her for nothing.”

An Xiaoning remained silent. Truth be told, she still remembered clearly the incident of the dead rats that Jin Qingyue had mailed her years ago, as well as the many conflicts they’d had with each other, which arose from Jin Qingyue’s animosity towards her. It was not that An Xiaoning refused to let go and wanted to hold grudges, but rather, it was because those incidents were simply too unforgettable.

However, she was rather touched by what Jin Qingyue had suffered for her.

Not everyone is willing to put themselves on the line during a life-and-death situation.

After waiting for about half an hour, the doors of the operating theater opened and out came the surgeon, who was wearing a surgical mask.

“Doctor, how’s my sister?” Jin Qingyan asked instantly.

“We’ve retrieved the bullet. She’ll recover after some rest and recuperation. There’s not much of an issue.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”

They then waited for the nurse to push Jin Qingyue out, after which they transferred her to a VIP ward.

Jin Qingyan picked Jin Qingyue up gently and lowered her onto the bed. Her face and lips were as pale as a sheet, and her eyes were still closed as the anesthesia had yet to wear off.

“Let’s take her to our home to recuperate once she wakes up. I have a strong feeling that it won’t be safe here. Besides, Shi Shaochuan has been released from prison. I’m afraid he’ll come looking for trouble. Pick Bao’er up from school yourself once she’s dismissed,” said An Xiaoning.

“Alright, sure,” Jin Qingyan agreed.

“Who do you think is behind this?”

“I’m thinking what you’re thinking,” Jin Qingyan answered with a sullen expression.

“Although she’s the greatest suspect in this matter, I don’t wish to pinpoint anyone before finding the appropriate evidence. Besides, there are indeed many people who wish death upon me.”

“It’s your call then, we won’t act rashly for now.”

“Yes,” An Xiaoning assented with a nod.

During noontime, Jin Qingyan proceeded to pick Jin Bao’er up from her school before sending her back to his house. Along the way, Jin Bao’er constantly asked about her mother’s whereabouts and why she was not there to fetch her.

Jin Qingyan did not explain initially and waited ’til they were home to tell her that her mother was injured. Contrary to his expectations, Jin Bao’er continued to bombard him with more questions after his explanation.

“Why is Mommy injured?”

“Uncle, answer me, quick.”

“Are Mommy’s injuries serious?”

“Which hospital is she at now? I want to see her.”

“Uncle, say something.”


Jin Qingyan would never tell her that her mother was injured because of An Xiaoning. Noticing that she was crying uncontrollably, Jin Qingyan had no choice but to squat down and say, “Your Mommy is alright, she’s already returned from the hospital. She’s in the room now. Go take a look.”

Jin Bao’er hurriedly zoomed towards the room.


“Bao’er. You’re home?” said Jin Qingyue, who was leaning against the bed head.

“Mommy, how did you get injured?”

“Um, it’s nothing much. I just fell down accidentally.” Jin Qingyue decided to hide the truth, knowing that Jin Bao’er would definitely resent An Xiaoning, given her petty character.

“Mommy, don’t fall down again anymore. Does it hurt?”

“No, it doesn’t.”


An Xiaoning stood by the door while holding a bowl of porridge in her hands. She seemed to have witnessed an eye-opener. To her surprise, Jin Qingyue had matured greatly over the years and begun sparing a thought for others.

Her repulsion and resentment towards Jin Qingyue seemed to vanish slowly.

She entered the room while Jin Bao’er exited.

Little did she know, Jin Bao’er remained standing by the door instead of leaving.

“I’m so sorry. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have gotten injured.”

“Sis-in-law, don’t say that. Brother is so nice to me, what I’ve done is nothing much.”


Jin Bao’er was rather infuriated to hear their conversation and stormed off quickly. At the same time, Fan Shixin returned with the three children, who alighted from the car merrily while carrying their backpacks on their shoulders.

Jin Bao’er walked towards An Youqing and said, “Do you know that my Mommy got injured because of your Mommy?”

Shaking his head, An Youqing asked, “Auntie is injured?”

“Yes. She even hid the reason from me. If my Mommy dies because of your Mommy, I’m going to kill the both of you!”

Before An Youqing coud even respond, Long Xiaoxi interjected with a frown on her forehead, “Isn’t she still alive? Sis Bao’er, you’re not allowed to speak to Brother Youqing like that!”

“It’s none of your business!” Jin Bao’er snapped, pushing Long Xiaoxi away.

Deeply infuriated, An Youqing helped Long Xiaoxi up and bellowed, “Are you done talking!?!”


Long Xiaoxi stood up from the ground and hissed, “How dare you push me. I’m going to kick you!”

Just as Long Xiaoxi was raising her chunky leg, Jin Bao’er grabbed her and threw her onto the ground, causing her to wince in pain.

“No one is allowed to bully Xiaoxi except me. Yet, you actually dared to bully her. Watch out, I’ll beat you into a pulp and make you cry!” An Youqing hollered, boiling with fury.