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An Xiaoning interrogated the man all over again.

He gave a reasonable explanation for his actions.

“I work for Ms. Xu Youran of the Xu family. I used to be a sniper. I’ve been working for her up to now. She’s definitely not going to let me off now that I failed to complete the task and even got arrested by you guys.”

“What did she instruct you to do?” An Xiaoning asked while recording the interrogation with her mobile phone.

“She just said that I would be rewarded with two million dollars as long as I shoot you to death.”

“How can you prove that you work for her?” asked An Xiaoning.

“Of course there are things to prove it. I have with me a mobile phone solely meant for contacting her. Whoever works for her would have a similar mobile phone.”

Ding Liang searched the man for the mobile phone and found it.

He then handed it to An Xiaoning. “Is this the mobile phone?” An Xiaoning asked.


“Because I decided to be careful, there are recordings of my conversations with her.”

An Xiaoning’s eyes lit up in surprise and immediately opened the voice recording app on the mobile phone to find that it was indeed so.

She immediately sent the recordings to herself on her mobile phone.

They were crucial pieces of evidence.

After the interrogation, the man was locked up and detained. An Xiaoning then instructed her subordinates, “I’m afraid that he’ll be assassinated, so from now on, the four of you are to take turns and keep watch overnight.”

“Yes!” the four of them chorused.

The doors of the interrogation room opened and Pan Zhenghui entered. “Xiaoning, are you alright?” he asked smilingly.

“I’m alright.”

“The moment I came back, I heard that you were assaulted and almost got injured. Be more careful in the future. By the way, do you know where I came back from?”

“Don’t tell me it’s Head-of-Office Xu’s place?” An Xiaoning guessed.

“How clever of you, Xiaoning. You’re right.”

“Stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point.”

“Well, regarding the person you’re detaining… release him for now,” Pan Zhenghui spluttered, afraid to speak his mind.

“Let’s pause this matter temporarily. I’m going to look for Head-of-Office Xu now. Wait for my call.”

“Why are you going to look for him?” Pan Zhenghui asked frantically.

“His sister ordered someone to shoot me dead.” An Xiaoning took a deep breath before saying to Pan Zhenghui sternly, “This matter is not going to end so easily.”

Pan Zhenghui’s heart began to thump against his chest. Noticing that she was leaving, he quickly chased after her.

“Xiaoning… Xiaoning…”

An Xiaoning did not stop walking. Pan Zhenghui continued to take chase while panting heavily.

“Xiaoning, wait a minute.”

An Xiaoning stopped in her tracks and squinted at him. “What’s the matter?”

“Don’t be so impatient. I don’t know why Head-of-Office Xu’s sister wants to kill you, but I know there’s no point in looking for him.”

“Bureau Chief, I think you’re mistaken. I didn’t plan to ask him for help to solve the problem.”

“What are you looking him up for then?” asked Pan Zhenghui, dumbfounded.

“To have a casual chat with him and his family. So, Chief, don’t release that man yet. Just wait for my call.”

“Talk things over calmly, don’t get too worked up,” said a worried Pan Zhenghui.

“Okay, I know what to do.”

She turned around and hopped into the car before driving away from the police station quickly.

An Xiaoning had a cold and austere expression on her face throughout the journey.

This was not the first time she had endured Xu Youran’s outrageous acts.

Xu Youran had been testing her patience time and time again.

Does she think I’m a pushover? An Xiaoning thought to herself. Don’t be too arrogant just because you’re Jin Qingyan’s sister!

This time, An Xiaoning was going to show that woman what she’s made of!

Halfway through her journey there, An Xiaoning decided to give Xu Yang a call. After hearing that he had already reached home, she quickly said that she would be visiting him at the Xu family home right away and hung up before Xu Yang could even respond.

She drove along the roads and arrived at the entrance of the Xu family mansion.

“I already called Head-of-Office Xu to inform him that I’ll be visiting,” she said to the guards at the gate.

“Please come with me,” said the guard, who led the way inside.

An Xiaoning followed closely behind, dressed in comfortable clothes like she always was whenever she reported to the police station.

She was donning a sports attire, coupled with a pair of trainers on her feet. She tucked her hair behind her ear, revealing the white diamond earstud on her earlobe.

She followed the guard all the way to the living room of the Xu family mansion.

“Young Sir, Ms. An is here.”

An Xiaoning entered through the door, only to see that all the members of the Xu family were present, except Xu Youran.

She held her breath and walked towards them.

She put on a smile and said, “Hello Head-of-Office Xu. It’s great that Military Commander and Madam Xu are both here too. I have some questions for you. I won’t bring up the case about Xu Jingwen, since you’ve already settled it. Xu Youran has secretly hired a sniper to assassinate me, but he ended up injuring Qingyan’s sister instead. I’d like to ask, what do you guys plan to do about this matter?”

A grim expression formed on Military Commander Xu’s face immediately. “What…”

“Xu Youran hired someone to shoot me dead, but I managed to dodge the bullet, which struck Qingyan’s sister’s shoulder instead. She was just discharged from the hospital. I’d like to know, is the Xu family still going to abuse your authority and power to continue bullying me and the Jin family?” An Xiaoning repeated herself.

The Military Commander’s jaw dropped in shock. He looked up at Xu Yang and asked, “Is this true?”

Xu Yang expressed assent.

“Technically, Head-of-Office Xu, you are my superior. It really saddens me to know that you’re preparing to release the criminal who tried to kill me, just so you could save your sister. I don’t know why she’s doing this, but her plan did not work out, unfortunately. I have sufficient evidence to prove that Xu Youran was the mastermind behind this plot to kill me. I, An Xiaoning, am not afraid of anything in this world. This is not the first time Xu Youran has done something like this to me, anyway. She previously even tried to hire people to abduct my child. If I don’t get a reasonable explanation that I’m satisfied with, I’ll spread the evidence online.”

Everyone else was speechless.

Madam Xu stood up and said smilingly, “Please don’t act rashly, Ms. An. Let’s talk things over slowly. Besides, Youran is going to become your sister-in-law very soon…”

An Xiaoning did not allow her to finish and instead interjected, “My sister-in-law-to-be? Since she’s going to become my sister-in-law soon, why did she commit such an atrocious act? She doesn’t deserve to be my sister-in-law.”

Madam Xu then instructed the servants to serve some tea.

“Please take a seat, Ms. An.”

After An Xiaoning sat down, Military Commander Xu said, “If what Ms. An said is true, I will definitely get Youran to apologize to you until she earns your forgiveness. We’ll also promise that nothing of this sort would happen again in the future.”

“Apologize? I don’t know if apologizing will help though. Or does Military Commander Xu plan to treat me the same way you did Xu Jingwen’s family – by shutting their mouths with money?” An Xiaoning scoffed.


“To be honest with you, we can’t lose this daughter of ours because she was already lost before and found. We can’t afford to lose her again. Other than putting her behind bars or taking her life, we will agree to any wish of yours, as long as it’ll appease you, Ms. An.”

In An Xiaoning’s opinion, Military Commander Xu merely found himself an adopted daughter.

“I truly envy Ms. Xu for having such a close-knit and protective family to defend her. I’ve never had my biological parents protect me this way before. But, this is not a valid excuse.”

“Ms. An, your biological parents are…?” Madam Xu asked in astonishment.