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“As your man, this is the attribute I ought to possess. Is this level of pressure just nice?” asked Jin Qingyan.

“Yes, it’s very comfortable.”

Jin Qingyan massaged her scalp for a few more minutes before rinsing the shampoo off her head with water. He then applied some conditioner and serum onto her hair and continued to massage gently.

“Xiaoning, do you know what my wish is right now?”

“What is it? Don’t tell me you want a second child?”

“I want to make you my wife.”

“Really?” An Xiaoning asked smilingly.

“Really. I would die with no regrets if I could marry you again.”

“Touch wood, don’t talk about dying. I hate hearing it.” After a moment of silence, An Xiaoning continued, “Actually, we’re almost just like a married couple now…”

“It’s different. If we were overseas, one would require their spouse’s signature in order to proceed with a surgery. We’re not husband and wife yet, we’re at most a cohabiting couple.”

“You gotta buck up then. Earn my trust and make me agree to marry you again as soon as possible,” An Xiaoning said with a smile.

Jin Qingyan rinsed all the hair product out of her scalp before placing the showerhead aside. Supporting himself against the bath tub with both hands, he kissed her on her lips and said, “Xiaoning, I want to openly declare to the public that you’re my wife and Youqing is my son. I don’t wish to have the media fabricate stories about Youqing being my illegitimate son. I don’t like that.”

An Xiaoning was deeply moved by his words. “Then you’d better prepare a nice proposal,” An Xiaoning agreed with a nod.

His eyes lit up with joy, unable to contain his happiness. “Does that mean you’ve agreed?”

“Yes. Since you’ve already put it that way, I don’t have a reason to turn you down,” said An Xiaoning with a look of helplessness.

Jin Qingyan cupped her head with his hands and began kissing her continuously. “I… I’m so happy!” he exclaimed in euphoria.

“Why are you acting like a teenager?”


“Are you not?”

“Heh, I guess I am.”

In high spirits, Jin Qingyan insisted on helping her blow-dry her hair after coming out of the shower.

Noticing how excited and agitated he was, An Xiaoning decided to grant him his wish and sat on the chair to enjoy his services.

Just as they came out of the bathroom after blow-drying her hair, Jin Qingyan immediately picked her up in his arms and carried her onto the bed.

“What are you trying to do?” An Xiaoning asked, cupping his face in her hands.


“I’m a little exhausted today. I have no energy as much as I want to.”

“It’s alright, just pretend you’re asleep. Leave all the work to me.”

“Wait a minute.” She got out of bed and scurried towards the dressing room to retrieve four small foil packets from the cupboard. “Which flavor would you like? Fruity, original, or milk?”

“Can we have one of each flavor?”

“No. That’s exhausting,” said An Xiaoning, chuckling.

She then picked out a fruity-flavored one and put the rest away inside the cupboard.


“Yes? What’s the matter?”

“Why don’t we stop using these?”

“Are you thinking of getting me pregnant again? I had to get two injections a day when I was pregnant with Youqing.”

“I do want to have another child with you, be it a girl or a boy. Only then can I keep you by my side even more securely.”

Kneeling on the bed, An Xiaoning stared at him and said, “I’m not a pet, you don’t have to restrain me. Don’t you dislike children?”

“Well, now that I think about it, I’d like to have another child with you.”

An Xiaoning inched forward and put her arms around his neck before saying, “You’ve made me so muddled up and caused me to act beyond my rationality.”

“Like allowing me to propose to you?”

“And giving birth to a second child?”

“Does this mean you’ve agreed?” asked Jin Qingyan, grinning from ear to ear.

“Do I have a choice?”

Jin Qingyan laid down while holding her tight in his arms. A warm, fuzzy feeling filled his heart.

That night, An Xiaoning was constantly disrupted from her sleep, causing her to oversleep. She woke up at nine o’clock in the morning and arrived late at the police station.

Her four colleagues were already present by the time she arrived.

“I’d like to first apologize to everyone for being late and making you guys wait.”

“It’s alright, no worries. It’s understandable for young people like you to engage in excessive exercise at night. Team Leader, you’ve got so many hickeys on your neck,” Ma Jianguo said teasingly.

An Xiaoning quickly adjusted the scarf on her neck and cleared her throat before saying, “Um… let’s continue investigating the case about Liu Chen today.”

“Sis Xiaoning, are we going to the college again today?”

“Of course we are. I’m very certain that there’s something missing from the information you’ve gathered. Perhaps those people you’ve questioned were hiding the truth. I didn’t know what exactly happened before I handled the case, but now that I’ve taken over, you guys… have to follow my instructions. Let’s head to the college now. By the way, that man hasn’t been released by Bureau Chief, has he?”

“Of course not.”

They then stood up and got into the police car to embark on a journey towards the college.

It was a university campus.

It was one of the most prestigious and renowned universities in A City.

Due to the fact that they had already informed the management staff of the college beforehand, there were teachers present to receive them when they arrived.

They followed the teacher-in-charge to the victim’s dormitory.

Upon arriving at the entrance, the teacher took out the key to the door and said, “Due to the incident, the three other students who were his former roommates have requested to move into other dormitory rooms. Apart from removing the belongings of the other students, we’ve also retained the original positions of the items in the room according to your instructions. We didn’t allow Liu Chen’s parents to take his belongings home either.”

As soon as the door opened, An Xiaoning took the lead and entered the room, which was rather neat and tidy, with no clutter in sight.

An Xiaoning turned to look at the only bed, which had a duvet on it, and asked the teacher, “Is this Liu Chen’s bed?”

“Yes. No one else has ever touched this bed.”

“Teacher, could you call his three other roommates here, please? My colleagues were the one handling this case previously, and now that I’ve taken over, I have to carry out investigations all over again,” An Xiaoning requested.

“Alright.” The teacher then turned around to leave.

An Xiaoning sat down on the bed and looked down at the pillow, only to find that there were several strands of hair on it. The strands were very short and would easily go unnoticed if she did not take a closer look.

“Team Leader, the three students are here.”

An Xiaoning looked at the three male students, who were of similar height, standing before her. Pointing at the bed opposite, An Xiaoning said, “Have a seat, please. Don’t worry, we’re just going to have a casual chat about Liu Chen.”

The three male students sat down as instructed.

“Did you guys interact with Liu Chen regularly? How were your relationships with him?” An Xiaoning asked.

Shaking their heads in unison, they answered, “We’re not exactly bosom friends, but we don’t have any conflicts either. We’re just normal friends.”

“Does he return to the dormitory on time every day? What I mean is, does he come back to the dormitory at a fixed time every day, say at ten or eleven o’clock?”

“Liu Chen does return to the dormitory every night, though not always at a fixed time. Sometimes, he comes back when we’re all already asleep. But we know he’s here every night,” said Student A.

“What do you guys think of his personality then?”

“He’s rather withdrawn and doesn’t like to talk much. He seems to be very introverted,” Student B commented.