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Noticing that Gu Beicheng was staring at her without uttering a word, Lin Mingxi smiled awkwardly and said, “Why am I saying such nonsense when we haven’t even started drinking yet? Silly me.”

“Why did you marry Ye Xiaotian back then?”

Lin Mingxi was at a loss for how to explain. “When I was younger, I used to think that it’d be great to be the Young Madam of the Ye family. There were lots of things I wanted a few years ago. But as I grew older, I began to realize how important it is to find a man with whom I can hit it off and how difficult it is to find someone I truly fancy.”

She could not find a man with whom she clicked, whereas he never had the chance to be with the person he adored.

Gu Beicheng had long buried his feelings for An Xiaoning deep within the labyrinth of his heart. If he didn’t hope to start afresh with someone new, he wouldn’t have agreed to meet Lin Mingxi at all.

“I understand,” said Gu Beicheng.

During dinner, Lin Mingxi did most of the talking while Gu Beicheng remained quiet and listened to her speak throughout.

Lin Mingxi had a few drinks, though she was mindful not to get too drunk like the previous time and watched her liquor intake.

Thus, she was rather sober after the meal, although her heart began to race.

She walked out of the restaurant side by side with Gu Beicheng. Just as they were approaching his car, Lin Mingxi grabbed his hand all of a sudden.

Gu Beicheng stopped in his tracks and took a glance at her but did not shrug her hand away.

She let go as soon as they reached his car.

She hopped into the passenger seat and Gu Beicheng began driving her home.

Along the journey, Lin Mingxi said softly, “Gu Beicheng, let’s get married. I’m not drunk.”

“Are you sure you won’t regret marrying me?”

“What regrets would I have if you don’t have any?”

Gu Beicheng focused his attention on driving and did not answer her.

His mindset had matured greatly, perhaps because he was already past 30 years old.

He no longer felt the urge to get into a relationship on impulse.

As soon as they pulled over in front of the entrance of the Lin family mansion, Lin Mingxi said, “I have a gathering with the exercise boot camp members tomorrow night. Could you go together with me?”

“But I didn’t attend the exercise boot camp.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’d like you to go with me. Will you?” asked Lin Mingxi, who refused to get down from the car.

Gu Beicheng knew that An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan would be present at the gathering. Thus, he agreed right away, “Sure.”

Happiness was written all over Lin Mingxi’s face as she gave him a kiss without hesitation before getting down from the car delightedly.

Gu Beicheng was rather taken aback by her sudden kiss.

He was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions and thoughts while on his way home.

He constantly wondered if it was really time for him to get married.

Throughout these years, he had always been single and lonely.

He wanted to have a family.

After getting to know Lin Mingxi for a while, he began to find that she was a woman who was young at heart, nothing like what he had heard about her.

“Son, why aren’t you getting out of the car?” Mrs. Gu asked, knocking on his window.

He unbuckled the safety belt and alighted. “Mother.”

“Did you meet Ms. Lin?”


Mrs. Gu saw a glimmer of hope and asked smilingly, “What do you think of her?”

“Mother, would you be happy if I marry her?”

Mrs. Gu nodded and said, “Of course I’ll be happy, but you have to be willing to marry her yourself. Mother doesn’t wish to force you. What I want to see is you marrying her and building a family with her out of your own accord.”

Gu Beicheng nodded. “Yes, I understand. Hand me the household register.”

“Are you really going to marry her?” Mrs. Gu asked in astonishment.

“I think she’s a nice girl. She should be a good choice for your daughter-in-law.”

“Son, but you two haven’t known each other for long yet.”

“I’m afraid I won’t feel like getting married anymore if I wait too long.”

“Alright, I’ll pass the register to you later,” Mrs. Gu conceded.

That evening, Gu Beicheng and Lin Mingxi were photographed coming out of the restaurant hand in hand, after which the photos were reported on the news.

The next morning, Lin Mingxi’s sister, Lin Mingyuan, made a trip down to the Gu Corporation office and asked to meet Gu Beicheng.

Looking at the woman who resembled Lin Mingxi standing in front of him, Gu Beicheng greeted, “Have a seat.”

Lin Mingyuan sat down opposite him and got straight to the point, “I don’t want you to date Mingxi.”

Being a sharp and experienced businessman, Gu Beicheng could see right through her.

“Do your parents know about your objection?”

“It doesn’t matter whether they know or not. What’s important is that you know. Gu Beicheng, you and Mingxi are way too incompatible. You two should stop dating each other.”

“You’re telling me what to do? Ms. Lin, aren’t you poking your nose too far into my business?” Gu Beicheng hissed with a stern expression.

“Gu Beicheng, I know you two only met a few times. If you agree to stop seeing her, I’m willing to grant you many benefits.”

“I think you’ve belittled me, Ms. Lin. I won’t mention how much stronger the Gu Corporation is compared to the Lin Corporation. But do you actually think I’d be after the benefits you offer me? If there’s nothing else, please take your leave.”

Lin Mingyuan did not expect him to dismiss her directly and show her the door.

With a look of disdain, she stood up quickly and stared at him one last time before picking up her purse to leave.

Gu Beicheng put his pen down onto the table.

Five minutes later, his secretary entered and reported, “Mr. CEO, Ms. Lin Mingxi is here.”

“Let her in.”

Lin Mingxi was dressed in white with a blue purse in her hand. She entered his office and closed the door behind her.

“I know my sister just came by. I don’t care what she said to you, but there’s something I’d like to ask you…” She took out her personal identification card and household register from her purse before continuing, “Gu Beicheng, are you willing to marry me?”

Gu Beicheng looked at the time on his wristwatch and said, “It’s nine o’clock in the morning now and it’s Monday today. This is a good timing to get married.”

He stood up and put on his blazer. Staring at him while he buttoned his blazer, Lin Mingxi asked in surprise, “Gu Beicheng, you… you’ve agreed?”

“What else?” Gu Beicheng then took the lead and walked out of the office. “Let’s go.”

Lin Mingxi hurriedly chased after him with her personal identification card and household register.

A smile formed on An Xiaoning’s face as soon as she put down the phone.


She had always felt guilty towards Gu Beicheng for not reciprocating his feelings for her. Thus, she was elated to hear about him and Lin Mingxi registering their marriage.

She picked out a set of clothes, which she planned to wear to the gathering.

An Xiaoning placed a sheet of facial mask over her face and laid down in bed to read some books.

The door was pushed open all of a sudden and Mei Yangyang popped up by the door.

“Yangyang! You’re back.”

Mei Yangyang rushed inside and exclaimed gleefully, “Sis, I bought you a lot of presents!”

Mei Yangyang placed the two large bags she was carrying onto the ground and said, “I also bought presents for the three children. Thank you for helping me look after them while we were not around.”

“Don’t mention it, I didn’t look after them much anyway, they’re at the kindergarten most of the time.”

An Xiaoning sat up and said, “There happens to be a gathering with the members of the exercise boot camp tonight. Since you’re back, let’s attend it together. Bring along your family.”

Mei Yangyang chuckled and said, “Tianze would definitely agree to go.”

“By the way, Beicheng and Lin Mingxi just registered their marriage.”

“Lin… Lin Mingxi!?! That’s really shocking, how did Lin Mingxi and Gu Beicheng…?” Mei Yangyang exclaimed in bewilderment.