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“They got to know each other better through a matchmaking session. They only met a few times though. Beicheng said that Lin Mingxi is nothing like the rumors we hear about her. She seems to have changed a lot.”

“Well, I don’t know about that. I haven’t seen her since the exercise boot camp ended. Sis, when are you going to remarry Mr. Jin? I’m getting so anxious for you. Hurry and reconcile your marriage,” said Mei Yangyang as she removed her shoes and sat on the bed.

“I’ve said yes to him. All he has to do now is propose to me. I reckon he’s in the midst of making the necessary preparations now.”

“That’s for sure. Has everything been fine while I was away?” Mei Yangyang asked smilingly.

“It was great, of course. Let me tell you about the Xu family. After hearing what I have to say, you’ll change your impression of Xu Youran.”

“Alright, Sis, go ahead…”


In the afternoon, Fan Shixin delivered the items An Xiaoning prepared beforehand, as well as her favorite cardigan. She paired both pieces together to form a gorgeous outfit.

The skirt was blue in color with a large slit at the side that exposed An Xiaoning’s slender legs. She put on her pair of crystal heels, which were embellished with dazzling diamonds. It was an absolute show-stealer.

After putting on the outfit, An Xiaoning stood in front of the mirror and stared at her own reflection before nodding in satisfaction.

“Ms. An, Young Sir is back. He’s waiting for you downstairs,” Auntie Chen said softly.

“Got it, Auntie Chen. I’ll go down now.”

She arranged her hair neatly and picked up her purse before making her way downstairs.

Dressed in blue, An Xiaoning walked down the stairs gracefully while her skirt flowed in accordance with her footsteps, occasionally exposing her thigh through the slit. She had on a full face of immaculate makeup and a sweet smile hanging from her lips. She looked absolutely alluring and gorgeous.

Jin Qingyan sat on the couch and marvelled at her in awe. However, he was slightly peeved at the thought of the attention his woman was going to attract at the gathering, perhaps because he was possessive, just like all men. He wanted to be the only one who was allowed to admire her beauty and grace.

But then again, he was not a conservative man. Besides, he was more than proud to have a beautiful and charming woman.

An Youqing skipped into the house merrily with his school bag on his shoulders. His jaw dropped upon seeing An Xiaoning, and he applauded excitedly. “Mommy, you’re the most beautiful Mommy in the world now.”

“Most beautiful now? You mean there are times when I’m not beautiful?” said An Xiaoning, who was pleased to hear her son’s compliment.

“Mommy’s not beautiful when she’s angry.”

“Your Mommy is beautiful even when she’s angry. You’re not allowed to say that your Mommy is not beautiful,” Jin Qingyan retorted.

An Youqing put his school bag down and said, “Daddy, could you please be at least a little rational? Mommy has completely subdued you.”

“Who cares as long as I’m happy? Hurry and go do your homework. Mommy and I are going out tonight.”

“Are you two going out on a date and dumping me alone at home?”

“No, we’re going to attend a gathering with some friends.”

“Can I come along?”


An Youqing had no choice but to say, “Alright then. But, Daddy, you have to protect Mommy when I’m not around. Also, stop letting Mommy be covered in red marks all over her body.”

Jin Qingyan was speechless. “What do you mean I have to protect Mommy when you’re not around? Do you really think you can protect her even if you’re around? You’re not even as tall as the vase at home.”

“Daddy, our teacher said that we’re not supposed to discriminate against the weak. I may be short now, but one day, I’ll be taller than you.”

“Yes, that day will come. Hurry and go do your homework.”

An Youqing grimaced at him before zooming upstairs.

The sky turned dark gradually. Jin Qingyan stepped forward to hold An Xiaoning’s hand and said, “Let’s go.”

His voice was deep and gentle. “Okay, let’s go,” said An Xiaoning.

They exited the door and got into Jin Qingyan’s car.

Just as they drove out of the entrance, they were stopped by Long Tianze, who then hopped inside the car together with Mei Yangyang.

“Let us hitch a ride.”

They began driving to their destination, which was an entertainment hub.

The organizers of the gathering had booked the largest private room, which had just about everything they needed.

Just as the four of them alighted from the car, they were greeted with the sight of Lin Mingxi and Gu Beicheng getting down from another car.

“Have they really gotten together?” Jin Qingyan asked softly.

“They registered their marriage today.” Noticing how Jin Qingyan beamed with joy upon hearing her words, An Xiaoning asked, “Why are you so happy?”

“Of course I’m happy.” Jin Qingyan continued to smile without uttering another word. It was good news to him since it meant that he would have one less rival in love, although Gu Beicheng was never a match for him.

Lin Mingxi was dressed in a long white skirt with a silk cardigan draped over her shoulders. She was moving gracefully while holding onto Gu Beicheng’s arm.

The pair of three-inch crystal heels on her feet made her appear thin and slender while exuding an air of elegance.

It was evident that Lin Mingxi had put in a lot of effort to doll herself up for the night. She had indeed become more elegant and poised over the years.

This was An Xiaoning’s first time seeing her in years.

“Long time no see. You’ve gotten so much prettier since the last time we met,” said Lin Mingxi.

“Thank you, you too. Let’s go up,” An Xiaoning answered.

Everyone entered the elevator together and pressed the button for the ninth floor.

To their surprise, there were a few models and celebrities in the elevator who put on extremely pretentious smiles upon the sight of them.

“Isn’t this Ms. An and Mr. Jin? What a coincidence,” a famous female model took the initiative to greet them while keeping her eyes glued onto Jin Qingyan.

An Xiaoning smiled at her in courtesy. After all, it was better to refrain from chatting too much since she did not know them at all.

“Seems like no one noticed that I’m standing here,” Long Tianze lamented, letting out a sigh of boredom.

“Can’t you see that her eyes are peeled onto Mr. Jin? Why would she bother noticing you?” Mei Yangyang sneered.

The female models felt a little awkward upon hearing Mei Yangyang’s remark and put on mirthless smiles.

The doors of the elevator soon opened and they proceeded to the large private room straight away.

They were greeted with melodious music as soon as they entered.

Colorful lights were cast across the floor of the room, and all the guests were already present.

The temperature of the air was just right. Upon sight of their arrival, everyone in the room rose from their seats to greet them one after another.

“Our Commander is here!” Jin Nana exclaimed excitedly while grinning from ear to ear. She had grown more mature over the years.

“We haven’t met in a few years. Has everyone changed drastically?” Jin Qingyan asked while taking a glass of liquor from Chen Xu’s hands.

“That goes without saying. I married the man of my dreams, Coach Chen Xu!” Jin Nana exclaimed in utmost elation.

“Seems like Coach Chen didn’t manage to escape your hands after all,” An Xiaoning teased.

“How does that saying go? Ah, if you work hard enough, you can grind an iron bar into a needle. Perseverance leads to success!”

“Don’t persevere too hard, lest you grind Chen Xu into an extra-fine needle. How are you two going to live after that then? Don’t you still want children? What’s going to happen to your blissful life?” Jin Qingyan joked, which was a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence.

“You’re so sleazy, Commander. Don’t taint me, I’m still an underaged girl!” Jin Nana jested.

“Oh, please. Save it.”

Everyone burst into laughter.