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“Quick, tell us. How did you manage to get your hands on Coach Xu?” Mei Yangyang asked curiously.

Jin Nana began blushing shyly and took a glance at Chen Xu before saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through conquering his body first.”

“Psht, seriously?”


“Oh god.”

“You’re really something.”

Everyone gasped in shock unanimously. “Why? What’s wrong?” said Jin Nana, who was blushing red.

“We didn’t say that there’s anything wrong.” An Xiaoning gave her a pat on her shoulder and said, “Not bad, you’ve got the guts and courage.”

“Of course, it’s me after all,” Jin Nana said smilingly.

“Don’t believe her nonsense. She saved Chen Xu by chance and that’s how they began dating,” Jin Shan interjected.

“Brother! Why did you expose me? Isn’t it good to keep letting everyone view our relationship in a romantic light?” Jin Nana protested while stamping her foot on the ground.

“I was just telling the truth. What do you mean expose you? Come on, everyone, don’t just stand around, take a seat.”

Everyone began walking towards the couch where they then sat down.

“I heard Mingxi is a fitness trainer at a gym now. Are you married yet?” Jin Shan asked.

“Yes, I’m married. Let me introduce everyone to my husband, Gu Beicheng,” Lin Mingxi said smilingly while holding onto Gu Beicheng’s arm.

Shock was written on everyone’s faces. “When did you two get married?”

“We registered it today. You guys have to come to our wedding banquet when the time comes, okay?”

“That’s for sure,” everyone agreed in unison.

“I heard that Xiaoning and Commander have a son now. Have you two remarried each other yet?” Jin Nana asked.

“We can’t lag behind them obviously. We’ll be registering our marriage very soon,” said Jin Qingyan, putting on learned airs.

Everyone cheered loudly in excitement. “Don’t tell me you’re doing this out of spite?” Long Tianze asked brazenly.

“Of course not. I’ve already gotten Xiaoning’s approval a few days ago. We both think it’s a good time to get married now.’

“Awesome!” Jin Nana exclaimed while applauding enthusiastically. “We have to give two sets of red packets then. By the way, once Mingxi and Mr. Gu get married, wouldn’t Mingxi become Xiaoning’s sister-in-law? I still remember how they used to be at odds with each other during the boot camp,” she added.

“That was all because we were young and immature, and often acted on impulse. I haven’t met her in years. In hindsight, those petty quarrels we had were indeed rather childish,” said Lin Mingxi, feeling a little embarrassed.

Mei Yangyang unintentionally brought up the incident about them pouring instant noodles onto each other. “There was one time when I was chatting with Sis in the room during the boot camp and Mingxi poured a bowl of instant noodles over Sis’ head. Sis then made another bowl of instant noodles and poured it down Mingxi’s head from the upper deck of the bunk bed.”

“That’s so intense! No wonder Mingxi looked so grumpy and sullen that day,” said Jin Nana as she recalled the incident.

“It was my fault for starting it,” said Lin Mingxi.

An Xiaoning chuckled and said, “It was tit for tat. We used to bicker so often when we were roommates back then. Turns out, she’s actually going to become my sister-in-law now.”

“You two must be fated. We’re too carried away with chatting. Let’s have some alcohol,” said Jin Nana, clapping her hands.

Lin Mingxi would occasionally take a glance at Jin Qingyan. After years of not seeing him, she no longer had feelings for him. Lin Mingxi smiled at the sight of Jin Qingyan keeping his eyes glued onto An Xiaoning. How typical of Jin Qingyan indeed.

The gathering went on for another few hours. An Xiaoning began to feel tired at about nine o’clock in the evening. “Let’s go home,” she said to Jin Qingyan.

“Let’s leave if you want.”

Upon hearing their conversation, Chen Xu quickly asked, “Mr. Jin, Xiaoning, are you guys leaving already?”

“Yes, it’s getting late. We’d better take our leave first.”

Mei Yangyang nodded in agreement and said, “We hitched a ride here in their car so we gotta leave with them too. Let’s meet again next time. Enjoy yourselves for the rest of the night, everyone.”

“Bye bye!”

“Such gatherings are so boring and meaningless,” Long Tianze remarked as soon as they exited the room, chucking his hands in his pocket.

“I told you not to come. You were the one who insisted on tagging along, yet you’re still complaining about it being meaningless,” Mei Yangyang rebuked.

The four of them then entered the elevator. Staring at the clumps of tissue on the ground, Long Tianze chuckled and said, “Some rascal must’ve been getting it on with a woman in this elevator.”

Mei Yangyang and the rest looked down to find that there was an unknown white substance on the tissues.

“The elevator may be small, but that’s what makes it thrilling. Look, the surveillance cameras have been covered with black tape.”

Long Tianze burst into laughter and asked, “Have you ever done any hanky panky business in elevators before?”


“Look how serious you sound. That just makes me think you have.”

“That’s what you think, I really haven’t before.”


Feeling extremely sleepy, An Xiaoning leaned against the window to take a nap while on the way home.

When they arrived at Wei Ni Estate, Mei Yangyang woke her up softly. An Xiaoning sat up straight and said, “I’m really tired.”

The four of them alighted from the car and wished each other goodnight before parting ways.

Jin Qingyan stepped forward to hold An Xiaoning’s hand, wrapping it with the warmth of his palm.

The two of them changed into their home slippers and made their way upstairs.

“Let’s go on a vacation for a few days tomorrow. I’ve arranged everything,” Jin Qingyan said while taking off his clothes.

“What time are we setting off?”

“Three o’clock in the morning. We’re not going too far, it’s only a three-hour flight away. We’ll make it just in time to watch the sunrise. You can take a nap on the plane.”

“I have to pack my luggage now then. How many days are we going for?”

“How many days would you like?”

“Three or four days would be enough. It’ll jeopardize our work schedules if we go for too long,” An Xiaoning said smilingly.

“We’ll go according to your wishes then. Three days it is.”

“Do we bring Youqing along?”

“We have to bring him, of course. Otherwise, he’s going to grumble non-stop and accuse us of being cruel and heartless.”

“You have a point,” said An Xiaoning as she walked towards the dressing room.

An Xiaoning packed the luggages while Jin Qingyan laid on the bed to wait for her.

She then laid down beside him after she was done.

“You seem to be in a good mood tonight.”

Jin Qingyan turned to lie on his side and pulled her into his arms. “Yeah. I can’t believe Gu Beicheng got married so suddenly. I was really surprised.”

“I’m also really surprised that you’re this happy about him getting married.”

“Of course I am. Don’t think I don’t know that he harbors feelings towards you. I’m well aware of that…” Jin Qingyan buried his chin in her neck and brushed his face lightly against her skin. “If you didn’t meet me first, you’d definitely be his woman now. He’s not in any way inferior to me. It’s only a matter of sequence. He just showed up too late.”

“You can’t be too sure about that. Even if I knew him before I met you, he might not necessarily fancy me. Nothing is certain at all. I’m really happy for him now that he’s married,” said An Xiaoning.

“Let’s go to the beach tomorrow and get married when we come back three days later. How does that sound?”

“You call the shots.”

“I like hearing that from you,” Jin Qingyan said gleefully, giving her kisses, one after another.

“I said it precisely because I knew you liked hearing it.”

“Do you know what else I like hearing you say?”

“Hubby, I love you.”

“I love you too, Honey,” Jin Qingyan exclaimed agitatedly.

They burst into laughter in unison, though they were not exactly sure what was so amusing.

They laid in each other’s arms and cuddled to sleep for the rest of the night.

Tonight could be considered the night that Gu Beicheng and Lin Mingxi would consummate their marriage. Although they had yet to hold a wedding, they had already registered their marriage and were now a lawful married couple.