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“Shixin called to say that there was a warning of a tsunami released two minutes ago,” said Jin Qingyan, his voice shaking with fear and panic.


An Xiaoning’s mind went blank immediately. She was well aware that they would be drowned by the tsunami within two minutes, before they could even make it back to the resort. At this juncture, their only way out of this ordeal was to wait for the helicopter, which was rushing towards them at the moment.

It was no wonder why Jin Qingyan did not allow them to get off the boat immediately – there was no use in doing that anyway.

Even if they had ten minutes, the chances of them escaping the ordeal was slim.

An Xiaoning hugged An Youqing tightly. Staring at her child, who did not have a single clue of what was happening, An Xiaoning immediately burst into tears and said to Jin Qingyan, “Youqing is still so young. What do we do? Qingyan… I’m scared.”

Although she rarely ever teared up, she could not help but feel helpless and at a complete loss of what to do in the event of a natural disaster like this.

No one could control the disasters brought about by nature.

Natural disasters could not be stopped by anyone, no matter who they are.

Jin Qingyan grabbed her hand tightly. She could feel that his palms were getting sweaty.

Fishes, prawns, and other animals of the sea began to appear on the shore while the surface of the ocean began to turn white gradually.

Jin Qingyan whipped out a rope from the boat and tied it tightly around An Youqing and An Xiaoning.

Just as he was done tying them together, a helicopter soon appeared in the sky.

The boat began rocking more and more vigorously. In no time, two thick safety harnesses were released from the helicopter above. Fan Shixin stood by the door of the helicopter and shouted, “Young Sir, hurry!”

The helicopter hovered in the air while Jin Qingyan hurriedly helped An Xiaoning put on the harness.

“Qingyan, put it on yourself too, quick,” An Xiaoning urged.

She stared at him and continued to rush him.

“Daddy, hurry,” An Youqing chimed in upon sight of his parents being flustered, though he was not sure what was happening.

“Young Sir, things are not looking good. The tsunami is here! We don’t have time, grab onto the rope,” Fan Shixin yelled anxiously, almost on the verge of tears.

Jin Qingyan grabbed onto the rope tightly, after which the helicopter began rising upwards quickly.

Amidst all the shrieks of terror and cries of agony, the water from the ocean surged upwards all of a sudden, forming a glistening, massive wall of seawater that soared up to several feet above sea level. The tsunami broke out in godlike speed.

The houses and lamp posts surrounding the beach were instantly struck by the gushing waves and swept towards the beach.

An Xiaoning hugged An Youqing in her arms tightly while Jin Qingyan was still a distance away from her. He was holding onto the rope for dear life, two meters below her.

“Qingyan, hold on tight.” An Xiaoning had never prayed for something so fervently before.

She hoped that they would escape the ordeal as she wished.

She prayed with all her heart…

The loud rumbling of the tsunami could be heard coming from the bottom of the sea. An Youqing was shocked and scared soulless by the tsunami and grabbed on tightly to An Xiaoning’s clothes, too afraid to even move an inch.

The shrill voices and cries for help coming from the victims of the tsunami were soon drowned out by the massive waves crashing against the land.

An Xiaoning was completely distraught at the horrifying sight below her.

Brimming with tears, she stared at Jin Qingyan, who was sliding down the rope even though he was already grabbing on to it tightly. “Hold on tight, you must hold on… Qingyan, grab it tightly.”

Several minutes later, the waves began to simmer down.

Fan Shixin and the rest of the bodyguards on the helicopter continuously tried to pull An Xiaoning upwards. They planned to pull An Xiaoning up into the helicopter before letting Fan Shixin pull Jin Qingyan up to safety using the rope tied around An Xiaoning.

Unexpectedly, the moment An Xiaoning and An Youqing got up the helicopter and were about to release themselves from the harness, they heard Fan Shixin shriek, “Young Sir!!!”

An Xiaoning craned her neck to take a look and immediately fell onto her knees in distress. Jin Qingyan had already plunged deep into the ocean and was nowhere in sight.


An Xiaoning would never forget how Jin Qingyan fell into the ocean right before her eyes.

She burst into tears and put on the safety harness again. “I’m going down to save him!”

“Let me go instead.”

“I’m going! Hurry, stop wasting time!” An Xiaoning exclaimed firmly.

Fan Shixin tied the rope securely before allowing An Xiaoning to jump down slowly from the door.

The helicopter continued to hover around the spot where Jin Qingyan had plunged into.

By the time An Xiaoning reached the ocean, there were still some remaining waves on the surface.

However, she never received a response no matter how hard and loud she cried for his name.

An Xiaoning stared at the vast ocean before her, overwhelmed with agony and despair.

Soon, the waves once again rose to a higher height of more than ten meters.

The helicopter hurriedly soared high above while An Xiaoning dangled from the safety rope. Staring at the surface of the ocean, she continued to yell Jin Qingyan’s name at the top of her lungs.

Not long after, an army of planes flew towards them and An Xiaoning was brought away from the site forcefully.

Fan Shixin walked out of the helicopter slowly with An Youqing, who was shocked beyond his senses, only to find that An Xiaoning had been knocked unconscious.

Considering the fact that the hospitals nearby would definitely be overcrowded, Fan Shixin immediately decided to send them back to S Nation before coming back to continue searching for Jin Qingyan.

However, there was a very slim chance that he would still be alive.

An Youqing sat beside An Xiaoning on the plane and held her hand without uttering a single word while staring blankly at the ground.

It was as if he had lost his soul.

Fan Shixin sat down not too far away and began tearing up in silence.

A dead silence filled the air.

No one dared to breathe a word.

News of the tsunami spread across the globe in no time.

Long Tianze and Mei Yangyang were aware that they had gone to N Nation for a vacation. Thus, they continuously tried to call An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan on their mobile phones as soon as they saw the news.

Yet, they never once managed to get through.

Pangs of panic engulfed them.

Long Tianze quickly gave Ling Ciye a call, and the three of them then decided to call Fan Shixin after some discussion. They managed to reach him.

“How’s Qingyan?” Long Tianze asked worriedly.

“We’re on the plane back home. Young Sir… Young Sir… fell into the sea,” Fan Shixin said in between sobs.

Long Tianze froze in shock, and tears welled up in his eyes immediately. “What do you mean he fell into the sea!?!”

“I’ll explain when we’re back,” Fan Shixin said before ending the call.

Within three hours, the plane arrived at the hangar of Wei Ni Estate.

Long Tianze, Mei Yangyang, and Ling Ciye stood by the entrance of the living room and caught sight of Fan Shixin carrying An Xiaoning from a distance away, An Youqing walking beside them. Jin Qingyan was nowhere to be seen.

The three of them quickly rushed forward. “Sis!” Mei Yangyang yelled.

An Xiaoning did not respond. Fan Shixin carried An Xiaoning upstairs and put her down onto the bed before making his way downstairs again.

“Shixin, what’s going on!?!” Ling Ciye asked anxiously.

Fan Shixin briefly explained the truth about the matter.

“I’m going back there now.”

“I’ll go with you.” Ling Ciye took a look at the time and said, “Stop wasting time, hurry up.”

Long Tianze hurriedly tagged along. “Count me in.”

Mei Yangyang and An Youqing were the only ones left in the living room. Mei Yangyang looked at him and called, “Youqing.”

An Youqing looked up at her with tears streaming down his face uncontrollably. “Godma.”

Mei Yangyang inched forward to hug him and said with a shaky voice, “Let’s go up to look after your Mommy, okay?”