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Shock was written all over their faces.

“That’s the same day we registered our marriage,” Lin Mingxi said in surprise.

“Yes. Our priority now is still to find him. Perhaps no news is good news. Maybe he was really rescued. We never know,” An Xiaoning said gently.

Lin Mingxi could not help but notice that Gu Beicheng had been stealing glances at An Xiaoning throughout dinner, whereas he had only looked at herself perhaps once or twice.

She was overwhelmed with an uneasiness.

However, she knew that it was impossible between An Xiaoning and Gu Beicheng now that An Xiaoning had already married Jin Qingyan. Regardless of whether Jin Qingyan was dead or alive, Gu Beicheng would never stand a chance.

Lin Mingxi reminded herself that she was the lawful wife of Gu Beicheng, and she was confident that she could conquer his heart one day.

An Xiaoning felt much better after chit-chatting with her family at the dining table.

There were lots of things she had to handle and lots of suffering she had to overcome. However, she had set her mind straight and understood that she could conquer all odds as long as she does not falter and stays strong.

She was determined to use all her pent-up agony and frustration to motivate herself.

The wound on Jin Qingyue’s shoulder was almost healed and only had a while more to go before fully recovering. She was staying over at Wei Ni Estate with her daughter for the time being.

She took over the responsibility of sending the children to and from school.

She bumped into Shi Shaochuan as soon as she exited from the school.

He was standing right in front of her car.

Jin Qingyue had her bodyguards with her. She quickly said to them, “Take him away, we want to get into the car.”

“Yes, Missy.”

Just as the bodyguards were about to get a hold of Shi Shaochuan, they suddenly realized that they were outnumbered by Shi Shaochuan’s men.

Jin Qingyue’s stomach twisted into a knot. She hurriedly handed her phone to a bodyguard and ordered, “Give Fan Shixin a call, hurry.”

The bodyguard did as instructed but could not reach Fan Shixin, unfortunately.

“The call can’t get through, Missy.”

“Call Ling Ciye,” said Jin Qingyue, knowing that An Xiaoning had yet to use her new mobile phone.

Ling Ciye picked up very quickly.

The bodyguard then handed her phone to her. “Brother Ciye, I’m at the entrance of XX Elementary School. Shi Shaochuan is blocking my way and stopping me from getting into my car. Are you in the country right now?” Jin Qingyue asked, her voice shaking a little.

“Yes, I’ll come over right away.” Ling Ciye ended the call as soon as he finished speaking.

Jin Qingyue felt a sense of relief after putting down the phone.

“Shi Shaochuan, just what are you trying to do?”

Shi Shaochuan walked towards her slowly and stopped when he was about a meter away. Staring at her and Jin Bao’er, he said, “Look how much the child resembles me. Jin Qingyue, aren’t you being inhuman by refusing to let me acknowledge my daughter? Or are you planning to find another man to become her stepfather?”

“What rubbish are you talking about it? We’ve long become unrelated to each other. Stop looking for trouble out of nowhere,” Jin Qingyue sneered.

“Hah… now that your brother has already died in the tsunami, what’s next will be the downfall of the Jin family. Do you still think you have a backer?”

“My brother is not dead,” Jin Qingyue retorted, glaring daggers at him.

“Stop deceiving yourself. How could he have possibly survived such a massive tsunami? I can’t be bothered to argue with you. Jin Qingyue, I will fight for the custody of the child. I’m her father and she belongs to the Shi family,” Shi Shaochuan said with a squint.

Pursing her lips, Jin Qingyue snapped, “You’re going to snatch the custody away from me? Forget about it. I was the one who raised the child single-handedly. She has nothing to do with you at all.”

“What do you mean nothing to do with me? Could you have given birth to her without me?” Shi Shaochuan then looked down at Jin Bao’er and said, “I’m your Daddy. Come home with Daddy, alright?”

Jin Bao’er looked up at him, completely ignoring her mother’s expression. “Are you really my Daddy?” she asked.

“Of course I am. Don’t you think you look a lot like me?”

Jin Bao’er tugged Jin Qingyue’s hand and asked, “Mommy, so is he my biological father or not? He is, isn’t he?”

Jin Qingyue did not answer her.

Upon seeing her mother’s reaction, Jin Bao’er immediately understood the situation. “Mommy, I want to follow Daddy home. Can I?”

“Who allowed you to call him ‘Daddy’? He’s not your Daddy!” Jin Qingyue hollered angrily.

“If he’s not my Daddy, who is?” Jin Bao’er asked, teary-eyed.

“Jin Qingyue, do you have the guts to carry out a DNA test to prove that I’m her father? How dare you deny my existence right in front of me? Daughter, your Mommy laid a trap to set me up and sent me to prison. I couldn’t see you or take care of you because I was in prison for five years. That was all your Mommy’s fault. I didn’t choose to not see you on purpose.”

Staring at how he was so full of hypocrisy, Jin Qingyue wished she could tear his smug face into shreds.

“Mommy, is what he said true?” Jin Bao’er questioned her mother.

“You don’t have a father like him,” Jin Qingyue answered in utter annoyance and frustration.

Shi Shaochuan then instructed the men he brought, “Bring the child to the car.”

Jin Qingyue grabbed Jin Bao’er’s hand tightly and pushed her towards the bodyguard. With a look of grief and indignation on her face, Jin Bao’er whined, “Mommy, could I stay with you for a few days and then stay with Daddy for a few days? I want Daddy, I want Daddy!”

“No!” Jin Qingyue barked, utterly disappointed and frustrated at how the child she had raised single-handedly was behaving.

Jin Qingyue and her bodyguards managed to stall for some time. Soon, two cars arrived quickly and Ling Ciye alighted from one of them.

As soon as Jin Qingyue saw him, she immediately grabbed Jin Bao’er’s hand and scurried towards him. “Brother Ciye.”

“Get inside the car first.”

Jin Qingyue nodded and pulled Jin Bao’er into the car.

Ling Ciye stared at Shi Shaochuan and said, “Why? You’re still trying to pester and harass them even though you’ve already divorced each other for so long?”

“I just want my daughter.”

“Are you fit to be her father?” A sarcastic smile formed on Ling Ciye’s face, partly because he was already in a bad mood to begin with. “You duped Qingyue and brainwashed her into marrying you when she was still a young and insensible girl. Yet, not only did you treat her poorly, you even cheated on her time and time again. Shi Shaochuan, don’t think you can lay a hand on her just because her brother isn’t around now. Listen up, I’m not going to sit back and do nothing. If this happens again, I can’t promise I won’t do anything to you,” he warned.

He turned around to leave as soon as he finished giving Shi Shaochuan a piece of his mind.

The chauffeur drove them home while Ling Ciye sat beside Jin Qingyue and her daughter. “Don’t let Bao’er attend school for the time being,” he said to Jin Qingyue.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Thank you, Brother Ciye,” Jin Qingyue answered.

“What for? We grew up together. Now that your brother is nowhere to be found, it’s only right that I stand up for you. I can’t watch you getting bullied.”

“Mommy! I want Daddy. Did you hear me?” Jin Bao’er yelled.

“That liar, he’s not your biological father!” Jin Qingyue had no choice but to placate her with a lie.

“Mommy, you’re lying. Look how much I resemble him. You’re lying to me. You just don’t want me to see Daddy. I heard everything he said just now. He said he couldn’t see me because of you. Mommy, why must you do that? Everyone else has a Daddy and a Mommy. Why can’t I be like them? Why must you be like this? I want Daddy, I want Daddy!”