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They entered the living room to find that An Youqing was sitting on the couch and watching an animated cartoon show on the television.

An Xiaoning walked towards him and said gently, “Son, it’s time to shower and go to bed.”

“Mommy, let me watch for a while more.”

“Let Mommy discuss something with you then. What do you say I give you a new name?” An Xiaoning said, asking for his opinion.

An Youqing turned to look at her and asked, “Changing my name?”

“Mommy would like you to take Daddy’s last name.”

“Sis…” Mei Yangyang muttered in surprise.

An Youqing did not show a sign of displeasure at all. Having lost his father all of a sudden, he suppressed all his emotions and kept his thoughts to himself. “Mommy, I agree to it.”

An Xiaoning reached out to caress his face before saying, “How does ‘Jin Yiheng’ sound? If you like it, it shall be your name from now onwards. Mommy will get Uncle Shixin to bring our household registers from Grandma’s house and register our names under Daddy’s household register, alright?”

“Sure… Mommy, I really like that name. No one will ask me why I follow your last name anymore then.”

“Sis, the name’s great,” Mei Yangyang said in approval.

An Xiaoning nodded and said, “It shall be that then. I’ll get Shixin to change Youqing’s name as well when he’s processing the transfer of household registers.”

“Yiheng… Yiheng…” Mei Yangyang recited the name repeatedly. “This name sounds good. I shall call you by your new name from now on. Yiheng, your Mommy and I are going to bed. You should go upstairs and sleep soon too.”

“Got it, Godma.”

Once they returned inside the bedroom, Mei Yangyang asked, “Sis, why did you suddenly think of changing his name?”

“It’s something I was supposed to do from the start. I don’t want the media to spark rumors and tarnish Qingyan’s reputation. The Jin family is no ordinary family. It’s better to let Youqing take the Jin family name.”

“Sis, look how forgetful you are. You just changed his name minutes ago, yet you called him ‘Youqing’ again. Perhaps you haven’t gotten used to it yet. It’s ‘Yiheng’,” Mei Yangyang corrected her.

“Right, Yiheng.”

The morning sky was gloomy, seemingly about to pour.

Xu Youran was laying on the couch in her private villa and staring at Chi Rui’er, whom she had abducted. With a malicious smirk on her face, she said, “Now that you don’t have Jin Qingyan to back you up, there’s no way you can escape my hands.”

Chi Rui’er kept a straight face and said, “I’ve been diagnosed with cancer, there’s not much longer left for me to live.”

“Cancer? That’s great. If I were to throw you down from upstairs, everyone’s going to think that you committed suicide. After all, it’s only normal for cancer patients to be moody and suicidal. But… you still have a mother, don’t you? What do you say I throw your mother down together with you?”

Glaring daggers at her, Chi Rui’er scorned, “Xu Youran, you devil.”

“If I’m a devil, what are you? You’re not much better than I am. Do you really think you’re a pure and innocent flower? You didn’t seem very righteous when you were killing someone,” Xu Youran retorted sarcastically.

Chi Rui’er was at a loss for words to counter her remark since she was a murderer herself.


“Just what do you want?”

“Nothing much, I just want you to get close to Jin Qingyan’s father and pluck a few strands of his hair for me, by hook or by crook. This is your first task. If you behave well and obey me, I won’t hurt your mother,” Xu Youran instructed.

“I heard Jin Qingyan’s father is placed under confinement and there are people watching him round the clock. How am I supposed to get near him?” said Chi Rui’er.

“That’s your job to find out. Why would I get you to do it if it was easy? He’s now hospitalized. You may sneak in under the disguise of a nurse. His father is still in the dark about Jin Qingyan’s mishap. You have to inform him about it personally. Also… you must tell him that An Xiaoning has taken charge of the Jin Corporation and that the company is going to land in the hands of somebody else,” Xu Youran prompted her.

“Got it.”

“What are you waiting for then? Get to it right now.”

Chi Rui’er turned around to leave.

She arrived at the hospital Mr. Jin was confined in. After taking a look around the hospital ward Mr. Jin was staying in, she discovered that she could enter through the balcony of another VIP ward, though the two balconies were quite a distance apart. Besides, there were also bodyguards guarding along the balcony.

Chi Rui’er then decided to disguise as a nurse, only to realize that not even doctors were allowed to enter the ward, let alone nurses.

She had no choice but to return to Xu Youran and say, “There’s no way for me to approach him.”

“Chi Rui’er…”

“You don’t have a solution even though you’re wealthy and powerful. What makes you think I, who’s alone, have the means to do it?”

“Okay, go back and wait for further news. I’ll contact you again,” said Xu Youran, seemingly having thought of an idea.

Chi Rui’er did not know what she had up her sleeve and thus left as instructed.

“Announce to the press immediately that An Xiaoning is hogging the leadership position of the company and has locked Jin Qingyan’s father up in the hospital. She will definitely allow Mr. Jin to show his face to the public then.”

“Yes, great idea, Missy.”

“Step on it.”

Mei Yangyang was tasked with sending the three children to and from school and told the teacher personally about the change in An Youqing’s name.

“Mommy, why is Brother Youqing’s name being changed?”

“Because your Brother Youqing initially took your Godma’s last name. So, you can’t call him ‘Brother Youqing’ anymore in the future. You have to call him ‘Brother Yiheng’ instead.”

Long Xiaoxi nodded and said, “Mommy, I have a great ambition now.”

“What is it?”

“When I grow up, I want to marry Brother Yiheng and become his wife…”

“Do you know what wives are for?” asked a dumbfounded Mei Yangyang.

“Of course I do. You’re Daddy’s wife. Wives can be kissed and used to make babies. There are so many functions a wife can perform. Mommy, did you know? All the boys in our class are ugly and disgusting, they’re nowhere as handsome as Brother Yiheng.”

Mei Yangyang was speechless.

“Mommy, what do you think of my ambition?”

“Hmm… good. But it sounds like a tall order. You have to work for it.”

“Why is it a tall order?”

“You two are considered childhood sweethearts. You’ll get too familiar with each other once you’ve played together for too long. You might not be the kind of girl your Brother Yiheng would want to marry in the future.”

Long Xiaoxi looked up at her and said, “Mommy, I’ve already asked Brother Yiheng.”


“I asked him if he wanted to make me his wife when we grow up,” Long Xiaoxi said in a serious manner, though her chubby cheeks made her appear rather amusing.

“What did he say then?”

“He said to leave that for the future and that he can only decide when he grows up.”

“Alright, hurry and eat your breakfast. You still have school to attend afterwards.”

Long Xiaoxi put down her chopsticks halfway through her bowl of rice.

“Why have you stopped eating?”

“Mommy, I’d like to lose some weight. I think I’m too chubby right now.”

Long Wenlun burst into laughter. “Did you just realize that? You’re a fatty.”

Mei Yangyang glared at him and chided, “You’re not allowed to say that about Xiaoxi. Xiaoxi is forever Mommy’s most beautiful princess. You’re not chubby at all. You only have some baby fats on you.”