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He realized that her breath did not smell like food. Thus, he deduced that she did not eat at all.

“Have some of the food,” said Jin Qingyan as he handed her the bowl.

“I’ve already had my fill. You go ahead and eat.”

“Don’t think you can fool me. I can smell that you didn’t eat. I’m full.” Thus, she had no choice but to take the bowl from his hands and begin eating with his chopsticks.

Jin Qingyan was touched by how kind she was to him. She must be a nice girl since she was willing to help him even though they were in such a difficult predicament where resources were limited.

Xu Youran did not receive the response she wanted from An Xiaoning despite having spread the false rumors to the press.

In fact, An Xiaoning simply ignored it.

Mr. Jin was still under close supervision while the company was also being managed well by An Xiaoning. The stock prices had stabilized and no longer plunged drastically like the previous days.

An Xiaoning had been living her days at the office and never once left. Thus, the reporters did not even have the chance to bombard her with questions.

Realizing that things were not going according to plan, Xu Youran decided to bribe another bunch of media personnel in a bid to blow the matter out of proportion.

This time, An Xiaoning responded.

She filed a lawsuit against all the media companies that were involved in spreading the false news.

Xu Youran was enraged by the fact that her plan had backfired and decided to go see Mr. Jin personally regardless of what it took.

Thus, she brought a large number of bodyguards with her and trespassed on the hospital at night. She ordered for the bodyguards supervising Mr. Jin to be killed, after which Xu Youran’s men surrounded the hospital.

An Xiaoning rushed down to the hospital immediately from the office, only to be greeted with pools of blood on the ground of the VIP corridor. Xu Youran was standing opposite with her entourage.

An Xiaoning was boiling with rage; anger rushed through her veins.

“Shixin, contact the reporters and get them to come down immediately.”

Xu Youran was completely unflustered and continued to glare at An Xiaoning coldly. As soon as the reporters arrived, they quickly gathered around the hospital, thinking that they were about to cover some juicy news. Yet, the moment they saw Xu Youran, none of them dared to even take any photographs, let alone report about it.

“Didn’t you get them here to report about the incident? Go ahead, I’m standing right here. Let’s see who dares to snap a single photograph,” Xu Youran warned smugly while standing with her arms folded.

An Xiaoning cocked her head towards the side to look at the reporters before saying, “Don’t you guys usually jump at the chance to cover exclusive news, regardless of whether they’re true or not? What’s wrong now? Are you guys too afraid to even make a sound now that I’m getting you guys to report about a woman who murdered so many people?”

Silence filled the air.

She was deeply disappointed.

Soon, she heard footsteps approaching. It was Military Commander Xu, who hurried down to the hospital together with Madam Xu and Xu Yang.

Upon sight of their arrival, the reporters hurriedly fled the scene. Not a single one of them dared to stay behind.

Noticing the numerous corpses on the ground, Military Commander Xu glared at Xu Youran and bellowed, “Youran, did you order your men to do this!?!”

“Yes, I did. But it’s not only the bodyguards of the Jin family who died, mine did too.”

Madam Xu clutched her chest in agitation and disbelief of her daughter’s actions. “Youran, why did you do that?”

“Because I hate what this woman is doing. She encroached on the CEO position of the Jin Corporation and locked Jin Qingyan’s father here. She didn’t even want to tell him about his son going missing. I’m just taking pity on Mr. Chairmain, who’s confined to the four walls of his ward.”

The door of the ward opened slowly and Mr. Jin stood by the entrance. “Who did you say went missing?” he asked, staring at the people along the corridor, dumbfounded.

“Your son, Jin Qingyan, of course. Your son Jin Qingyan has been washed away by the tsunami. I’m afraid he’s already dead, and this woman has taken over the Jin Corporation. You still don’t know about this yet, do you?” Mr. Jin turned as pale as a sheet at the instant that he heard Xu Youran’s words.

An Xiaoning clenched her fists tightly and glared at Xu Youran before turning to look at the Xu family. Teary-eyed, she admonished, “Xu Youran, you’ve been planning all of these right from the start. Do you think I don’t know what your plan is? Listen up, over my dead body will I let you have your wishes! Just because you know you have your family to back you up, you abused your parents’ connections and authority to create chaos in defiance of the law. But don’t forget, there’s a higher power and authority above your father. Don’t ever forget that!”

She turned to face Fan Shixin and instructed, “Bring Father-in-law back to the old mansion.”

“An Xiaoning! Who gave you the right to do that!?!” Mr. Jin barked.

“Your son did! Take him away!”

“Yes, Young Madam.” Fan Shixin gestured for his subordinates to come forth and bring Mr. Jin away forcefully.

An Xiaoning turned around to leave.

Her words were deeply etched in the mind of Military Commander Xu. Little did he expect that his precious daughter would create trouble for him again.

All his pent-up anger was about to erupt like a volcano.

“Come here.”

Xu Youran walked towards him slowly. “Father.”

Military Commander Xu gave her a hard slap across her face and snapped, “I don’t have such an idiotic daughter like you! How many times have I repeated myself!?!”

No one dared to stop him or step in to defend Xu Youran.

In fact, Xu Youran did not regret her decision to stir up so much trouble just so she could let Mr. Jin know the truth. The reason being, she believed that what Mr. Jin was going to do next would not disappoint her.

“Take her home and lock her up. No one is allowed to visit her!” Military Commander Xu ordered.


Xu Youran did not beg for his mercy at all.

Instead, she allowed the bodyguards of the Xu family to take her home and place her under house arrest. She knew clearly that her father would release her within days.

The hospital staff quickly cleared the corpses away and cleaned up the scene. Everyone was instructed to keep mum about what happened that night.

An Xiaoning followed Mr. Jin back to the old mansion.

Just as the bodyguards let go of Mr. Jin, he immediately smashed a vase onto An Xiaoning’s head. “An Xiaoning, how could you keep such a serious matter from me!?! Are you trying to stir up a rebellion!?”

An Xiaoning could still remember Mr. Jin apologizing to her for wrongly accusing her of murdering the late old Mrs. Jin.

Yet, the tables had now turned.

There will no longer be peace and harmony between them.

“Young Madam…” Fan Shixin called out worriedly upon seeing her head bleeding profusely.

An Xiaoning reached a hand out to touch the spot on her head where the vase was smashed onto, only to find that her hand was covered in blood.

“It’s alright. This is nothing compared to the fact that Young Sir is missing,” she said to Fan Shixin. She then stared at Mr. Jin and exclaimed angrily, “You should know clearly why Qingyan decided to confine you to the hospital. Now that something has happened to Qingyan, do you really expect me to come and tell you about it and then let you take over the company again? Do you think I’ll allow Chi Rui’er and Xu Youran to have their wishes come true? Do you still not understand what’s going on? Chi Rui’er is in cahoots with Xu Youran, and the very reason why Xu Youran is doing this is because she’s that daughter of yours who went missing! She wants to exact revenge on you and the Jin family.”

“How did you know?” Mr. Jin asked in astonishment.

“Because Qingyan has already verified her identity previously. Although Qingyan is yet to be found, I still don’t think he’s dead. No one is to say that he’s dead unless I see his corpse with my own eyes. I believe he will definitely come back. So, you’d better stay here while I manage the company. Don’t try to get up to anything funny and stop causing more trouble for me.”