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“Okay,” Mr. Jin agreed verbally, though he had other thoughts in mind.

An Xiaoning then left the old mansion. Once she got into the car, she began wiping the blood off her head with some tissue paper.

“Young Madam, let’s go home, shall we?”

“No. I don’t want Yiheng to see that I’m bleeding. Let’s go back to the office.”


An Xiaoning stared out of the window at the passing scenery. The tension within her did not ease one bit.

She was going through the toughest time of her life.

After An Xiaoning left, Mr. Jin sunk deep in his thoughts while staring at the guards outside.

He returned to the study and switched on the computer, only to find that it was disconnected from the internet.

Fortunately for him, he had a spare network adapter in his drawer. He took it out and connected to the internet, after which he contacted all the directors of the company online.

When Jin Qingyan was in charge of the company, the board of directors would stand on his side and adhere to his instructions. The reason was that Jin Qingyan was the biggest shareholder of the company and also ran the company well. Thus, they trusted him completely.

Now that Jin Qingyan was not around, the directors were in fact not quite trusting of An Xiaoning. After all, she was not related to the Jin family by blood.

Everyone was shocked that Mr. Jin had contacted them all of a sudden.

Mr. Jin repeatedly told them that An Xiaoning had been locking him up and claimed that he had just found out about Jin Qingyan’s mishap.

He wanted very much to take charge of the company again since he was still the Chairman of the Jin Corporation after all.

He had managed to convince all of the directors, who stood together to support his decision.

They even continuously criticized An Xiaoning for encroaching on the leadership position of the company. At last, they decided to hold another board meeting tomorrow and insisted that Mr. Jin had to be present.

They were planning to strip An Xiaoning of her position and eliminate her.

After contacting the directors, Mr. Jin then went online to search for information and news related to the tsunami in N Nation, only to find that there was a massive number of casualties and a substantial amount of damage.

Mr. Jin was grief-stricken after reading numerous news reports about the tsunami.

He was overwhelmed with an inexplicable feeling, especially after hearing the news of his son having registered his marriage with An Xiaoning.

He had a feeling that the chances of his son making it back alive were extremely slim since it was a major tsunami.

He had lost his only son, which meant the company was going to fall into the hands of an outsider. He would then be too ashamed to live on in this world. How was he going to face his ancestors after his death?

Given the fact that his grandson was still so young, the company would definitely be led by An Xiaoning in the future.

If his son was really dead, An Xiaoning might go on to marry someone else in the future and bear another son with her new husband. By then, there would be a very good chance that the company would end up being inherited by an outsider.

The more Mr. Jin pondered, the more he was convinced that the Jin Corporation could not be handed to An Xiaoning, even if it meant his non-biological daughter had to take over.

Mr. Jin did not sleep at all that night, for he was too troubled and plagued with the woes of the chaos happening to his family. He began to tear up uncontrollably at the thought of his life being in a dire mess.

It began pouring the next morning and the rain became heavier at nine o’clock.

As expected, Xu Youran was confined to her room where she sat alone on her bed. No one had dared to come forth to visit her.

A deafening silence filled the room. Xu Youran was desperate and eager to get out. After racking her brains, she decided to get the people guarding her to tell Military Commander Xu that she had realized her mistakes and was willing to truly repent.

However, her solution did not bring about any change even after the guards did as she instructed.

Her trusted servant had secretly snuck Xu Youran’s mobile phone inside the room by placing it inside the lunchbox that was meant for her. Xu Youran picked up the mobile phone and contacted her underlings to find out about the present situation.

A smile of relief formed on Xu Youran’s face upon hearing that Mr. Jin had shown up at the Jin Corporation Office dressed in a suit.

Her efforts and the risk she took by going to the hospital were not futile after all and had sparked some progress in her malicious scheme.

All she had to do now was to get out hurriedly and look for Mr. Jin. It was time she put her acting skills to use.

In order to leave the house righteously, she sent her mother a text message to gain her pity. Soon, she was released, just like she had expected.

Her plan had gone smoothly so far.

As soon as she followed the guards to the living room, she immediately broke down in tears and walked towards her mother. “Mother!” she exclaimed affectionately.

Realizing that her husband’s anger had yet to dissipate, Madam Xu said, “That’s enough, we’ll just teach her properly. You can’t be planning to lock her up for the rest of her life, can you? Besides, Youran has already sent me a text message just now. The very reason she bears a grudge against the Jin family is because they had harmed her foster mother. That’s why she resents them so much.”

Military Commander Xu slammed his hand down onto the sofa and hollered, “Your adoptive mother was killed by the Jin family, but you’ve killed so many more people!”

“Father, I was wrong, please don’t be angry anymore. I promise, I won’t be making such a mistake again. Without my adoptive mother, I wouldn’t be here today. I would have been starved, frozen, or even beaten to death long ago if she didn’t take me in. What’s wrong with wanting to seek revenge for her? Besides, Father, my wish is about to come true very soon.”

“How is your wish going to come true? By continuing to kill more people?”

“Father, I promise for real this time. If I ever kill someone again, I shall be struck by lightning and die a horrendous death! I just need you to cooperate with me, Father. Not only will I be able to avenge my adoptive mother, I’ll also be able to get my hands on the Jin Corporation and strip An Xiaoning of her position.”

“Youran, stop all your nonsense. It won’t be nice to fall out with Ms. An and strain your relationship with her any further. You’re going to become her sister-in-law and a part of her family in the future,” Madam Xu chided, finding her absolutely ridiculous.

“Who wants to be her family? Moreover, I have a whole new plan now, Mother. Just pretend that you don’t know anything and watch how I make the Jin Corporation mine,” Xu Youran said with a confident smile.

Military Commander Xu was exasperated beyond limits. “What did I do to give life to such a horrible daughter like you? If I knew you would turn out like this, your mother and I wouldn’t have gone to search for you back then! We searched high and low for you for so many years and yet this is what we get! You’re already 29 years old, why are you still so worrying? Do you think you’re still a 19-year-old teenager!?! You even have the cheek to think of seizing the Jin Corporation. Are you trying to cause even more chaos within our family!?!” he snapped, seething with anger.

He sprung up from his seat with a grave expression on his face and walked away immediately.

Madam Xu teared up silently and said, “Youran, listen to your father. Cut it out, alright? Look at how much trouble you’ve caused lately. Your father hasn’t been sleeping well at all because of you. He keeps feeling guilty for causing you to turn out this way.”

“Mother, seems like you and Father don’t believe me. But so be it then, I’ll prove myself to you guys. Mother, you don’t have to worry. I promise I won’t kill anyone or create any more trouble for you guys. Okay?”

Madam Xu sighed and said, “I truly hope so.”

Xu Youran left the house.

Once she got inside the car, her male assistant asked, “Missy, was what you said to Madam true?”

“You heard everything while standing by the door?”

“I heard some of it. Are your promises… true?”