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“Real? What’s real? What I meant was I just won’t let them find out the next time I kill someone. I’m a person who handles major matters. It’s inevitable for my hands to be stained with blood when getting rid of people who are in my way,” said Xu Youran.

“Yet you still said you shall be struck by lightning if you kill someone again…”

“I was just casually saying it for fun. Did you take it for real?” She then looked down to put on her safety belt.

“Missy, what do you plan to do next?”

She put on her shades and said, “That’s none of your concern. Focus on driving.”

“Where would you like to go?”

“The Jin Corporation.”

Xu Youran stared out of the window. It was her lifelong wish to avenge her mother and her dream to seek justice for herself.

All these years, she had been passing off as the long-lost daughter of the Xu family. She was extremely cautious with every step she took, afraid that she would be exposed and punished, should she be careless and accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

Unlike what her father said, she was not 29 years old. In reality, she was already 31 years old.

To her surprise, even Heaven was on her side and allowed her plan to go smoothly. Wasn’t Heaven making space for her by getting rid of Jin Qingyan?

An Xiaoning can forget about taking charge of the company!

As long as Xu Youran was around, she would never allow An Xiaoning to have her way.

At this moment, Mr. Jin had successfully shown up at the entrance of the meeting room during the board meeting, which shocked An Xiaoning greatly.

The fact that she did not receive any reports of him leaving from her subordinates in the old mansion just went to show that there was a secret passageway within the old mansion.

It was not surprising that a secret passageway existed anyway.

The directors in the meeting room applauded loudly the instant Mr. Jin entered, a stern expression on his face.

An Xiaoning rose from her seat slowly and exchanged glances with Mr. Jin.

“It’s been too long since I came to the office. I haven’t turned up ever since the day I became Chairman and handed my CEO duties over to Qingyan, solely because I had enough trust and faith in him.” Mr. Jin paused in his speech before continuing, “I was completely kept in the dark about the mishap he met with and only found out about it last night. This is all because I’ve been confined and put under close supervision 24 hours a day.”

Before he even finished speaking, An Xiaoning interrupted, “Father-in-law, since all the directors of the Jin Corporation are present today, why don’t you tell us the reason why you were confined? Qingyan told the media that you were admitted to the hospital for recuperation in order to save the company from being implicated and affected by your scandal. Why? Are you going to expose yourself to the media and shame your son in public?”

Mr. Jin was at a loss for words and decided to change the subject. “I’ve stepped in once again today for a single purpose, and that is to take over the management of the company again. We shall now hold a vote to decide. Those who stand in favor of me taking over the CEO duties of the Jin Corporation again, please raise your hand.”

All of the directors raised their hands immediately. Clearly, they still trusted the experienced Chairman far more than they did An Xiaoning.

Mr. Jin nodded in satisfaction and said, “Since I’ve gained the support of everyone, I shall now…”

An Xiaoning interrupted him again, “Have I agreed yet?”

“Is your opinion even necessary?”

“Of course it is. My son Jin Yiheng and I are currently the biggest shareholders of the Jin Corporation. Since Jin Yiheng is still a minor, I’m his lawful guardian. You don’t have to waste your efforts, Father-in-law.” An Xiaoning’s words immediately caused an uproar amongst the directors.

Mr. Jin tried to suppress his anger and questioned, “What do you mean you’re the biggest shareholder? Even if Qingyan is dead and you’re his wife, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be entitled to all his assets.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but Qingyan has long drawn up his will, which states clearly that all of the assets under his name would be bequeathed to my son and me. Due to the fact that you still have a small portion of the company’s shares, you don’t get a single share of Qingyan’s assets, and Mother-in-law will be receiving a fixed monthly pension from the company’s funds. You must’ve come here eagerly to vie for the rights to the company without knowing that in the first place, haven’t you?” said An Xiaoning.

“What!” Mr. Jin gasped in shock. It had never occurred to him that Jin Qingyan would ever be so careless with giving his assets away. “Do you really think I’ll believe you? Why would he make a will when he’s still so young!?!”

“How would I know? I hereby announce that I’ll give up my position once Qingyan comes back. In the event that he doesn’t, I will never allow anyone to cause harm to the Jin Corporation. I also hope that everyone will stand together as one in this time of crisis and refrain from getting up to any dirty tricks. If Father-in-law still refuses to believe the existence of the will I mentioned, you may follow me to the lawyer’s office to check it out yourself. That’s all I have for today’s meeting,” An Xiaoning said at last.

Mr. Jin followed closely behind her and said, “Where’s the will? I want to see it for myself.”

“Sure, let’s go together.”

After leaving the office, the two of them proceeded to view the will while Fan Shixin led the way. Upon sight of them exiting, Xu Youran, who had been waiting inside her car, quickly instructed her assistant to follow them.

They were seen entering the law firm before coming out again soon after. Dejection was written all over Mr. Jin’s face as he was on the verge of losing control of his emotions and sanity.

“An Xiaoning, you’re really something. You actually had the capability to make Qingyan do so much for you,” said Mr. Jin, after which he walked away alone.

“Young Madam, shall we take Sir Jin back to the old mansion?”

“There’s no need for that. Even if we take him back, he’ll be able to sneak out again through the secret passageway. Go back to the old mansion and do a thorough check around the place. Find out where the secret passageway is. Before that, send me back to the office.”


Xu Youran had been shadowing Mr. Jin all the while, not allowing such a good opportunity to meet him to slip.

She pulled over beside him and wound down the window. “Hop in.”

Mr. Jin immediately got into the backseat upon realizing that it was her.

Xu Youran got out of the passenger’s seat and moved into the backseat.

“Start driving.” She then turned to look at Mr. Jin before asking, “How are things at the company?”

“Nothing much, just normal.”

“I saw you entering the law firm together with An Xiaoning earlier. What were you there for?”

Mr. Jin looked at her before taking a glance at the chauffeur in front. He then said, “Let’s find somewhere to talk privately.”

Xu Youran nodded, after which the chauffeur quickly drove towards Xu Youran’s private mansion.

While they were alone in the mansion, Mr. Jin stared at her and asked, “Are you really my daughter?”

“I think a DNA test would be more convincing than my words. I’ll give you my hair sample later. Take it to carry out a lab test.”

Mr. Jin was actually already convinced by her. Besides, he could tell that she resembled her biological mother greatly.

“Okay. I was at the law firm with An Xiaoning earlier to take a look at the will.”

“What will?” Xu Youran asked eagerly.

“Your brother’s will.”

Xu Youran was dumbfounded. “The tsunami struck without warning. How could he have had the time to make a will?” she questioned in puzzlement.

“He made it way before that, obviously. He has bequeathed all his shares to An Xiaoning and their son.”


Xu Youran felt as if her dreams were shattered at the instant that she heard his words.

Her dream, which was initially so close to becoming true, had now turned into dust.

Xu Youran stared at Mr. Jin and let out a bitter laugh.