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Mr. Jin was puzzled by her reaction.

“Does that mean all of the shares of the Jin Corporation belong to An Xiaoning and her son now?”

“I still have a portion of the shares. But they’re not quite significant,” Mr. Jin answered.

Staring at him, Xu Youran said, “You ill-treated me when I was younger. I was your biological child too, why did you have to treat me so differently? I’ve also heard that Jin Qingyue is not even your biological daughter at all. Now that I think about it, you actually treated Jin Qingyue ten times better than you treated me. You pinned all your hopes on your son. Yet, what did he do? He ended up giving all his assets away to his woman and his son!”

Mr. Jin remained silent in shame because he was well aware that she was merely stating facts.

“Even until now, has it never crossed your mind to make it up to me? What did my mother gain from being together with you? What did I even gain from being your daughter? Do you not feel in the least bit ashamed and guilty at all!?!”

“I don’t know how I’m supposed to make it up to you. The title deed of the house and the document of entitlement of the shares are both with An Xiaoning. They were taken away from me previously.”

“What!” Xu Youran turned as pale as a sheet. She initially thought she could gain a little something from her father, only to realize that she stood to gain nothing.

In that case, what was the point of acknowledging him as her father?

“You’ve lived for so long, yet your life has been reduced to such a pathetic state. Enjoy living the rest of your days being bossed around by An Xiaoning. We weren’t related before in the past and never will be in the future,” Xu Youran scorned with an icy cold stare in her eyes.

“What… do you mean?”

“I don’t mean anything. I just don’t need such a father like you in my life. You may leave. Pardon me for not seeing you off,” Xu Youran sneered.

Mr. Jin stood up and said, “You claimed that you’re my daughter, yet you refuse to acknowledge me after you heard that the shares have been bequeathed to An Xiaoning and her son. That’s because you realized you can no longer use me, right?”

“Yes, indeed. Why else do you think I’d want to acknowledge you when I already have a father? I don’t lack any paternal love at all. You’ve given everything to your son, yet you still have the nerve to want me back by your side. Dream on!” Xu Youran scoffed, filled with utter disappointment.

Mr. Jin did not say another word and left her house.

Just as he left, Xu Youran gave Chi Rui’er a call.

Chi Rui’er proceeded to meet Mr. Jin as instructed.

Xu Youran returned to the Xu family mansion, feeling extremely dejected, unlike her confident self when she stepped out of the house previously.

She sat on the couch alone and remained quiet.

“Youran, what’s the matter with you?” Madam Xu asked while bringing her some tea and snacks.

“Mother, I won’t do anything that upsets you and Father anymore from now on.”

Madam Xu was relieved and heartened to hear her words. “That’s good. You’re already an adult. You have to think twice before you act. I often go to the temple to pray, and the reverend of the temple always says that people who commit evil are bound to be punished sooner or later. It’s only a matter of time. Even if you don’t receive your punishment now, you will suffer retribution in your next life. There’s no escape from it. So, Youran, you must treasure what you have now. The life you are living is something that others yearn for and dream of having,” Madam Xu admonished.

“Who knows what will happen in the future?”

“Why don’t I take you to the temple to have your fortune told by the Master there? He’s very accurate with his readings and predictions. Shall we ask him to predict your future fate?”

“No, I don’t want to. I don’t believe in those things,” Xu Youran refuted frantically.

Madam Xu was not surprised since Xu Youran would often react strongly at the mention of having her fortune told. “Since you don’t wish to, then let’s forget it. Why hasn’t there been any progress between you and Dongcheng lately? I noticed he hasn’t been coming here to look for you either.”

“Everything’s fine. I still contact him in private. There’s no change in our wedding date.”

Madam Xu was relieved to hear her answer. “As a woman, you ought to find a good man whom you can depend on for the rest of your life. Although he’s a divorcee, Mother will support you since it’s your choice.”

Xu Youran placed her arms around Madam Xu’s neck and said, “Mother, you’re the best to me.”

“You’re my daughter, who else would I dote on if not you? Youran, let your Father and I live in peace for a while. Don’t create any more unnecessary trouble.”

“Yes, I won’t do that again,” said Xu Youran.

However, what she meant deep down was that she would not act on impulse without thinking twice again. If she decided to do it, she would make sure to hatch a well-thought-out and seamless plan.

Mei Yangyang entered An Xiaoning’s office while carrying her purse. “Sis, I’ve got big news.”

“What is it?”

Mei Yangyang supported herself against the desk and leaned in closer towards her to say, “It’s about that recruitment matter. I’ve already settled it. They’re a bunch of capable youths. I’ve also discussed the salary with them and agreed on a reasonable amount. Sis, you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth. This bunch of youngblood are going to ease your worries and assist you fully.”

“Really? How many of them are there?” An Xiaoning asked in delight.

“Fifteen. I’ve already arranged for them to go to your place. Would you like to see them?”

“Of course. But I have a social gathering to attend tonight. It’s an event where wealthy and powerful women of society gather to chit-chat and just enjoy a good time. I heard the Chief Of Staff’s wife and daughter are going to be present too. Yangyang, would you like to attend the gathering with me?”

“Sis, are you trying to take the initiative to draw some connections for yourself?” asked Mei Yangyang.

An Xiaoning looked down and said, “What’s the use of being rich? Wealth is nowhere as useful as authority and power. I guess I’m just forced to do this because of the current situation. But, I haven’t lost my morals and principles. Yangyang, given the position I hold and the predicament I’m in now, I must broaden my connections as much as possible in order to survive.”

“Alright, I’ll accompany you,” Mei Yangyang agreed. “I saw Yiheng’s photos on the news earlier,” she continued.

“Doesn’t matter, they would’ve been leaked sooner or later anyway.”

Looking at the haggard An Xiaoning, Mei Yangyang stuck her thumb up and said, “Sis, you’re really brilliant for managing to overcome this ordeal.”

“Yangyang, I only realized how tough it has been on Qingyan when I finally got to be in his shoes. So much energy has to be put into managing such a huge company, especially when everyone else is watching you closely and being extremely critical towards you. Even an innocent woman would be bound to become shrewd and suave when faced with such a situation. Such a tedious life just makes me find living a chore.”

Mei Yangyang grabbed her hand and said, “I’ll definitely help you whenever I can, Sis. You’re not alone.”

An Xiaoning took a look at the time and said, “Let’s go take a look at the people you’ve hired.”


The two of them then drove towards Wei Ni Estate. After parking the car in the courtyard, An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang alighted from the car.

Upon sight of her, Fan Shixin scurried towards her and exclaimed excitedly, “Young Madam, I think they’re all very outstanding.”

“Is that so? Let me take a look,” said An Xiaoning as she began walking towards the newly-hired elites who were lined up in a single file.

She stood in the middle and stared at the young men in front of her. “I heard from Yangyang that all of you are outstanding and brilliant youths whom she had carefully selected. I don’t know if you guys truly live up to that expectation, but I’m willing to trust you and give you each a fair chance to prove yourselves. Those who genuinely have what it takes will get to stay and be handsomely rewarded, whereas those who fail to prove their capabilities will have to pack their bags and leave, as simple as that. Alright?”