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“Yes!” they answered in chorus.

“Come with me.” An Xiaoning walked towards the living room while the fifteen men followed closely behind.

They sat down on the couch accordingly. An Xiaoning took the non-disclosure agreement from Fan Shixin’s hand and said, “This is a non-disclosure agreement I would need you to sign. If you leak any secret information belonging to the company, I will not show any mercy, no matter who you are. I will treat those who are loyal to me well and give you what you deserve. But if you choose to betray me, I’ll make sure to teach you a lesson. Bear in mind that my words are not to be taken lightly.”

Everyone was rather stunned to hear her words of warning.

They had never expected to hear such cold and stern words from the pretty and petite An Xiaoning.

After perusing the contents of the non-disclosure agreement, they signed accordingly on each of their own copies.

After making sure that all of them had signed the agreement, An Xiaoning handed it to Fan Shixin and instructed, “Put this away and keep it safe. From now on, you guys will move in here and all of your meals and accommodation will be taken care of. I will provide you with the best living conditions and salary. I hope none of you will disappoint me.”

One of the men raised his hand and asked, “Young Madam, are we still allowed to go out to meet our parents and friends?”

“Of course you are. This is not a prison. The only condition is that you have to be accompanied by two bodyguards at all times. You have to understand that there are certain risks involved when working for me. There are lots of people who are out to get me too. I suggest you guys refrain from going out and stick to contacting your family via phone calls for the time being, until everything has stabilized. Conversely, you may also ask them to meet here. My main concern is to protect the safety of everyone. What do you guys think?”

“Of course, that would be great.”
They would obviously be willing to take up such a brilliant and attractive offer. After all, it was difficult to find a job that pays well nowadays. Even undergraduates were paid almost as low as cleaners.

“You guys may have seen on the news before that I’ve undergone training at a martial arts academy. That academy belongs to me and the enrollment fee is 300 thousand dollars per boot camp. My sister and I paid to sign up for the boot camp back when we had yet to acquire the academy. I’d like to tell everyone here, I can’t emphasize enough just how important it is to possess strong combat skills. You’ll be able to protect and defend yourself if you’re well equipped with the necessary skills. So, I’ll be selecting a few of you who perform well to every year attend training at the boot camp. What do you guys think of my suggestion?” An Xiaoning added.

Everyone lit up in surprise and cheered enthusiastically in agreement.

Fan Shixin had never expected An Xiaoning to invest so much in her newly-hired assistants just to gain their loyalty.

“Next up, you guys will be facing the first challenge you have to undergo to prove your capabilities. The Jin Corporation is at odds with several other corporations in the business industry. In fact, there are no absolute friends or foes in the world of business. Ever since my husband went missing, the Ye Corporation has been continuously launching attacks against the Jin Corporation. I’ll leave it to Chief Fan to explain the details to you. Now, I want you to come up with a plan and strategy to overcome the struggles we are faced with currently as well as to counterattack the Ye Corporation.”


After listening to Fan Shixin explain the details of the situation, they engaged in a heated discussion. To An Xiaoning’s surprise, all of the young men turned out to be extremely outstanding and talented individuals.

Not only did the matter allow her to obtain a brilliant solution to tackle the current issues, it also made her realize that she had gotten her money’s worth by hiring them.

She instructed Fan Shixin to set up an office for them to work in, equipped with computers so as to allow them to keep in contact with her at all times, even when she’s away at the office.

At about five o’clock in the evening, An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang set off to attend the gathering after dolling themselves up meticulously.

It was going to be an extraordinary social gathering, since only female guests were invited.

Upon alighting from the car, they removed their coats and stepped inside the venue of the gathering.

It was held within an entertainment hub.

An Xiaoning scanned her surroundings to find that all the guests present were indeed the wives of business tycoons and the relatives of politicians.

“Hey, isn’t this Ms. An?”

“Greetings, Madam Li,” An Xiaoning greeted smilingly.

“Hello, you’re here too. This is…?”

“This is my sister who’s also Long Tianze’s wife,” An Xiaoning introduced.

“Oh, turns out it’s the Young Madam of the Long family.”


After greeting several people, An Xiaoning laid her eyes upon women sitting on the couch.

The women were in the midst of a joyous conversation. They were dressed elegantly and appeared beautiful and radiant.

An Xiaoning immediately recognized them to be Madam Li, the wife of the Chief of Staff, her daughter Lin Shishi, Madam Jin, the wife of the Commander-in-chief, and the wife of another military head, respectively.

She shot Mei Yangyang a glance, after which the two of them walked towards the women slowly.

Her purpose for attending the gathering was more than obvious.

Noticing that she was approaching them, the women shifted their gazes onto her. An Xiaoning picked up a glass of champagne from the waiter’s tray and stood in front of the coffee table.

“Isn’t this Ms. An? I’ve finally seen you in the flesh after hearing about you endlessly. I’ve seen photos of you online. You really look much prettier in person,” Madam Jin exclaimed in surprise.

“Thank you for flattering me, Madam Jin. But I’m nowhere as beautiful as you are. Your children are already all grown up, yet you still look barely older than me. Madam Jin, save the formalities, you may just address me by my name,” An Xiaoning said unhurriedly.

Madam Jin was extremely pleased by her compliment. “I won’t be too formal then. I heard you are exceptionally accurate in your readings, Xiaoning. Could you please help tell my fortune?”

“Of course I can.” An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang sat down one after another, after which An Xiaoning said, “Madam Jin, you just have to tell me your birth date, home address, and name. By the way, which aspect of your fortune would you like to hear about?”

“Love and marriage.”

“I would need your husband’s information as well then. You may write them down here,” said An Xiaoning, handing her a piece of paper and pen, which she had already prepared beforehand.

Madam Jin hurriedly wrote the information down on the piece of paper and handed it to An Xiaoning. After taking a look at the piece of paper, An Xiaoning said, “In order to protect your privacy, I’ll have to tell you secretly.”

She leaned closer towards Madam Jin and whispered into her ear. The expressions on Madam Jin’s face changed drastically within just two minutes.

Madam Jin stared at An Xiaoning with her hands trembling in agitation. “You’re spot on. Xiaoning, what’s your mobile number?”

An Xiaoning proceeded to give Madam Jin her mobile number. Madam Lin finally broke her silence and asked, “Is it really that accurate?”

“Sis Mei, it’s seriously so spot on. You may ask Xiaoning to tell your fortunes too,” said Madam Jin, nodding profusely.

An Xiaoning placed her glass of champagne onto the table and said, “The amount I usually charge per fortune-telling session is at least a million dollars. But I feel extremely honored and lucky to be able to meet Madam Lin and Madam Jin, thus I’m willing to read your fortunes for free.”

Madam Lin finally caved in to Madam Jin’s influence and reached her hand out. “I’d like to have a go too.”

Madam Jin hurriedly handed her the paper and pen. Madam Lin then wrote down the relevant information on the piece of paper conscientiously before handing it to An Xiaoning.

An Xiaoning took a look and again revealed the results by whispering into Madam Lin’s ear. Madam Lin then stared at An Xiaoning in complete amazement and disbelief upon hearing her words.