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Bu Xianxian’s stomach twisted into a knot upon hearing his words. She had been dreading and avoiding that topic, though she wasn’t sure if she could escape it.

She hugged his arm tightly and said, “Once you’ve recovered, I’ll take you to look for your family. Do you know why I saved you?”

“Because you’re a kind person.”

She chuckled and said, “Of course not. It’s because I’ve never seen a man like you and thought you were really special. Although you were filthy and disheveled with blood all over your face, I had a feeling that you were the man of my dreams.”

“The man of your dreams? How superficial of you to be judging someone by the way they look,” Jin Qingyan criticized her although he knew what she meant.

“So, you ought to be thankful that you’re good-looking. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have brought you home with me if you were an old fogey. After all, we’re just as helpless too.”

“I should really be thankful that I’m young too…”

“Actually, I brought you to the doctor when I saved you back then. The doctor said that it was very likely that you would become a vegetable because not only was your leg injured, you sustained injuries in your head too. There was a possibility that you may never wake up again. Turns out you were really fortunate to have come to.”

Bu Xianxian’s words triggered a subconscious response from him. “I think there are people waiting for me at home. I can’t die,” he blurted.

Even Jin Qingyan was stunned by his own response.

“It must be your family, your parents,” said Bu Xianxian.

“I don’t know,” said Jin Qingyan, overwhelmed with a sudden confusion and frustration. He felt as if there was a void in his heart, which made him feel extremely upset and uneasy.

“Don’t worry, I’ll accompany you to look for them when you’re fully recovered.”

After missing lessons for a few days, Jin Bao’er finally returned to school today.

The teacher called the day before to inform that all parents would have attend a parent-teacher meeting, which was happening today.

“Mommy, Teacher said that both Daddy and Mommy would have to attend together. You can’t go alone, you have to bring Daddy with you,” Jin Bao’er pestered her continuously.

“You don’t have a Daddy. Mommy will go alone.”

Jin Bao’er refused to concede and retorted instead, “Mommy, I have a Daddy. You just won’t let me see him. Mommy, I want Daddy!”

“Why are you such an insensible child? I’ll accompany you to school by myself,” Jin Qingyue insisted as she grabbed her daughter’s hand and left.

Jin Bao’er shrugged her hand away and yelled, “Everyone else has a Daddy except me! Why!?!”

Carrying the schoolbag with her other hand, Jin Qingyue stood on the spot and looked at her daughter, who was throwing a tantrum. She could not help but feel on the verge of tears.

Jin Bao’er had never quite asked about her father before in the past, but ever since Shi Shaochuan showed up in front of her, she had been demanding to see him every other day, thus putting Jin Qingyue in a difficult position.

“What’s wrong?” asked a voice, which was coming from not too far away.

Jin Qingyue looked up to see Ling Ciye walking towards them from the entrance and was momentarily at a loss for explanation.

“Nothing, it’s just her school has organized a parent-teacher meeting and the teacher requested for both parents of each child to attend. I said I would be going alone, but Bao’er insists that her Daddy also comes along.”

Ling Ciye instantly understood the situation. “Oh, I see. Wait for me here, I’ll go in to talk to your sister-in-law about something. I’ll be back real soon.”

“Alright.” A question popped up in Jin Qingyue’s mind: Could he possibly be thinking of helping me?

She dared not jump to conclusions.

Just like her brother, Ling Ciye had always held a high status in her heart and was someone whom she admired and respected.

He would only be degrading himself by helping her in such a way.

A few minutes later, Ling Ciye came out of the door dressed in a casual outfit, which made him appear suave and dashing.

“Let’s go.”

“Go… go where?”

“Isn’t there a parent-teacher meeting today?” He patted Jin Bao’er on her head and continued, “I’ll be her Daddy for today.”

Jin Qingyue gazed at him in shock, feeling extremely flattered to receive such a favor from him. “Brother Ciye.”

“It’s nothing much. Hop in.”

They then got inside his car, after which Jin Bao’er asked curiously, “Mommy, is he really my Daddy?”

Jin Qingyue did not answer her question. Meanwhile, Ling Ciye said, “Little imp, are you upset to have me as your Daddy? Not everyone is as lucky as you to have such a handsome Daddy like me.”

After hearing his words, Jin Bao’er knew that he was not her biological father.

However, she did not say anything much. Although she was only at the tender age of five, there were many things she knew about.

Having arrived at the school, Ling Ciye parked his car near the entrance and entered the school together with Jin Qingyue and Jin Bao’er.

There were already many parents present in the classroom. Jin Qingyue and Ling Ciye found themselves a seat and sat down.

Soon, all of the children and parents arrived, one after another.

The teacher carried a pile of workbooks and stepped onto the rostrum. Staring at the audience in front smilingly, she said, “Seems like everyone is present. I shall now mark the attendance.”

“Zhang Xiaopang.”


“Liu Wenjun.”



After marking the attendance one by one, the teacher continued to speak, “Looks like all the Daddies and Mommies are present today. I’d like to thank all parents for taking the time out of your busy schedules to attend this meeting today. Now, I’d like to invite all students to give your parents a score each. Afterwards, you shall explain why you gave them that score in front of the class, alright?”

“Yes!” they chorused.

The teacher handed the cards down to the students, after which they wrote down their scores with a pencil. The teacher then allowed them to explain the reasons behind the scores they gave, one after another. When it was Jin Bao’er’s turn, she grabbed the card and gave her mother full marks.

Jin Qingyue was shocked to see her score.

“Bao’er, could you tell us why you gave this score?”

“Because Mommy deserves full marks today. Because both Daddy and Mommy are here with me today.” Jin Bao’er pointed at Jin Qingyue and Ling Ciye before saying, “Look, Teacher, that’s my Mommy and Daddy.”

All eyes were on Ling Ciye and Jin Qingyue, who broke into smiles. At this moment, she could not help but feel bittersweet.

She felt guilty for being unable to give her daughter a complete family and sufficient paternal love, which she yearned to have.

“Excellent. Let’s give Bao’er a round of applause.” Everyone in the classroom began to applaud loudly.

It was Ling Ciye’s first time attending such an event as a parent, firstly because he did not have a child and secondly because he would never casually agree to attend a parent-teacher meeting as just anyone’s father.

The meeting ended.

Jin Bao’er stayed behind in school to resume lessons while Ling Ciye and Jin Qingyue left. Upon getting into the car, Jin Qingyue fastened her safety belt and said, “Thank you so much, Brother Ciye.”

“Told you it was nothing much,” Ling Ciye answered nonchalantly.

Jin Qingyue smiled and said, “Yes, but I still ought to thank you.”

“I realized you’ve really changed a lot. You’re so different from your younger self. Ever since we were young, I’ve never heard a word of gratitude from you,” Ling Ciye remarked while revving up the engine.

“I was too insensible and willful in the past, so much that I would never apologize for my own mistakes. Brother Ciye, aren’t you going to reconcile with Song Yan?”

“Nah, I don’t plan to anymore.”

“That feels like a pity.”