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Mrs. Jin’s face overflowed with tears. “I think this is just how my life is. I kind of regret choosing this path back then.”

“You mean you regret marrying Father, or having an affair with the butler?”

“I don’t know,” Mrs. Jin simply replied, “I just regret it badly.”

Two days later, a video of Chi Rui’er and Mr. Jin emerged online again. It even revealed the conversation between them clearly and had multiple sexually explicit pictures of them.

This was a worse crisis than the previous one.

When she was notified of this, An Xiaoning was about to go mad.

The worst scenario she had not wanted to see eventually still happened.

When the board members were discussing a solution to this matter, even those who were completely on Mr. Jin’s side previously changed their stances and asked for him to be removed as the Chairman.

This motion went through with unanimous votes of agreement.

Without a moment of delay at all, a press conference was held.

This time, An Xiaoning did not attempt to explain or cover up the truth as she had already guessed Xu Youran’s next move.

As such, at the press conference, she answered the media reporters’ questions truthfully.

A reporter asked, “CEO An, may I ask, what explanation do you have towards the matter that emerged online?”

She answered, “I just received news about this and saw the video and pictures. I am deeply shocked and ashamed by this incident. Regarding the negative impacts of my father-in-law’s actions, I sincerely apologize here to everyone.”

Someone asked, “Then, your father-in-law is having an extramarital affair, right?”

She answered, “It’s nothing of that sort. My mother-in-law and father-in-law have previously divorced.”

Another asked, “I heard your father-in-law is still the Chairman of the company in name. May I know if there will be any manpower changes in the company?”

She answered, “Just before this, the board members of the company have held an emergency meeting, and the motion to remove my father-in-law as the Chairman has passed through unanimously. From now on, my father-in-law’s relationship matters are solely his personal issues.”

At past five in the evening, the sky was overcast, and not long after, thunder started roaring.

Chi Rui’er stood there, her legs shaking uncontrollably as she looked at a gloomy Xu Youran.

The room remained silent as Xu Youran stood before the window, staring at the sudden pouring of rain outside, her mood extremely unpleasant.

She tried to start a commotion, but An Xiaoning always managed to handle these problems unexpectedly.

This time round, regarding the scandalous video that emerged online, she had thought that An Xiaoning would justify that the video was not real and had been edited. However, she not only admitted the scandal but even apologized for it, which was completely out of her expectation.

She stood there silently like that while Chi Rui’er was drowning in anxiety.

She just had an ominous feeling.

“Does your mother know the pin number of your bank account?”

Chi Rui’er’s heart was in her mouth. “No, she doesn’t.”

In reality, she had long told her mother the pin number.

“That’s a pity then. Your savings will be donated to the bank.” Xu Youran had her hands folded in her pockets. “I give you a chance to call others for help again. Actually, I know that you have no one to turn to anyway. Even if you call An Xiaoning, she won’t come and save you either.”

Chi Rui’er stammered, “Please… please… I beg you to spare my life… anything that you need me to do, I’ll do them for you! Please spare me!”

Xu Youran responded coldly, “Aren’t you diagnosed with cancer? You should be prepared to die already. Why? You still can’t bear to leave the living world?”

Chi Rui’er dropped to her knees instantly. “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die. Ms. Xu, you honestly don’t have to handle an insignificant person like me. Please, will you be nice and spare me? My mother’s getting on in years already and she has heart disease, she can’t live without me.”

Xu Youran’s face remained emotionless, and she appeared to have already decided. “Stop nagging already. You should have long been dead. If I hadn’t saved you from prison, you would have been sentenced to death for murder already. If Jin Qingyan had not appeared to save you previously, do you think you could have lived ’til today? Allowing you to live until now has been a blessing for you already.”

Chi Rui’er had her hands supporting the floor and her body did not have an ounce of energy left. She was like a deflated ball. All that was left of her was an empty shell.

Tears streamed down her face as she knew clearly that she was bound to die this time.

She slowly used all her energy to get up, her hands still shaking profusely.

“Xu Youran, back then, I killed someone with that mentality of yours.” Chi Rui’er’s lips were trembling as she muttered, “I harmed many people like that with no consideration for anything at all. But, back then, I never thought that I would eventually end up in such a state and get killed by somebody else. I concede this. But…”

She paused for a moment, then flashed a contemplative smirk, “Do you think you will end up in a better state than me in the future? I’ve harmed and killed, but have you killed less people than me? Have you harmed less people than I have? Your family is powerful, but it doesn’t mean they will remain in power forever. Your family is powerful, but it doesn’t mean you are. You are but a parasite. A parasite who attempted to harm an entire family.”

“You shut up!” Xu Youran went forward and slapped her furiously. “What gives a cheap woman like you the right to insult me?!”

“I’m cheap? Then aren’t you using a man who’s been used by someone cheap?” Chi Rui’er went all out against her. “Gu Dongcheng is my ex-husband. You’re marrying my ex-husband. Hahhahahahah! That’s a man I’ve slept with before.”

“Get her out and throw her down a building near her house!” Xu Youran ordered her men. “Do it right now!”

“Xu Youran, I pray that you will meet a horrible end! You’ll die terribly!!!”

Xu Youran grabbed the edge of the table tightly. The sound near her ears eventually grew further and further away from her until she could no longer hear anything.

It was pouring heavily outside, and the overcast sky had a few layers of vibrant color.

Chi Rui’er was forced towards the end of her life step by step.

Her heart was full of terror and bitterness.

Looking at the streets that were jammed with cars, she hoped that this would go on forever.

She hoped that the roads would not ever be clear of cars. Even then, the additional time that she had was still extremely short for her.

It was so short that she felt that in the next second, she would meet her death.

Her hands were tied up and her mouth was taped as she reached the roof of a tall building.

Under the heavy rain, it was indeed rather cold.

She was completely drenched, and her phone had been taken away from her. Her mouth was untaped, and the rope on her hands were untied.

The rain was trickling down her face slowly.

Chi Rui’er’s legs were already growing unstable.

With a few men exerting strength to drag her, her body was forced to the edge of the top of the building.

Tears were streaming down her face in fear and desperation. Multiple images and scenes flashed up in her mind.

When she reached the furthest edge of the building where she could no longer go any further, her fear reached its peak.

With a loud, piercing scream let out from her, the men behind her pushed her forcefully, and Chi Rui’er’s body instantly descended into the darkness of the night.

Pedestrians who were walking past witnessed a large object falling onto a car and were horrified.

A courageous person went forward to check while being sheltered by an umbrella and was immediately panic-stricken as he screamed, “Someone’s dead! Someone’s dead! Quick, call the police!”