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When Mrs. Chi was notified about it, three days had already gone past.

As she went to see Chi Rui’er for the final time, she could not withstand the blow and passed out instantly.

When she woke up, she found herself lying in the hospital with a nurse beside her.

Seeing that she was about to get up from the hospital bed, the nurse gently told her, “Please wait for a moment. Someone is coming to fetch you.”


“It’s people from the police force. They want to have a talk with you about something.”

Mrs. Chi knew, of course, that they wanted to talk to her about her daughter. Her face grew sullen and lifeless as she nodded.

Thereafter, she was sent to the police station by a police officer.

“Why was I only informed three days after she died?” This was the first question that burst out from Mrs. Chi’s mouth.

Team Leader Zhang of the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit served her a cup of tea and replied, “Auntie, let me explain. After we received the case, we did not find any identification on her body. Also, we were busy with investigations. For this, we apologize to you.”

“No matter how busy you are, it’s only right to inform the family members at the very first moment, right? Also, how is the investigation going?”

“This is what I want to tell you. From the coroner’s report, we’ve confirmed that her cause of death was due to a fall from a great height, which led to severe brain damage. It was suicide. Also, we’ve tracked her latest movements before her death and discovered she went to the hospital frequently. It seems that she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.”

Mrs. Chi was taken aback and instantly understood the truth behind her daughter’s death. She had actually committed suicide.

If she had not known that she was diagnosed with cancer, she would not have believed her daughter would commit suicide. But after hearing it, she believed it.

“I see. She never told me. It’s negligence on my part as her mother.”

Team Leader Zhang added on, “Also, even if your daughter did not commit suicide, she would have been arrested for murder by us very soon. Do you remember the case of Xu Jingwen?”

Mrs. Chi nodded. “I remember.”

“That’s a charge for murder, she’d have been sentenced to death.”

As Mrs. Chi knew it well and clear, she did not want to go on any further. “I’ll make arrangements for Rui’er’s funeral matters myself. Can I take her body back now?”

“Yes. I’ll get someone to help you send it back.”

“Alright, thanks.”

Team Leader Zhang did not expect this matter to be settled so quickly. He was feeling relieved inside as he remarked, “The weather’s getting hot these days. I suggest you send it to the crematorium to be burned immediately.”

Mrs. Chi felt that was a reasonable thing to do. “Alright, let’s do that then.”

Team Leader Zhang hurriedly ordered his team members, “Immediately help Auntie get Chi Rui’er’s body to the crematorium.”

He also instructed them to watch over the cremation process.

Ding Liang, who was at the door, hurriedly turned and rushed back to the Special Investigations Unit, conveying everything that he had heard to his teammates.

Ma Jianguo hesitated for a moment and replied, “Although this Chi Rui’er deserves to die, I still feel that something’s not right. No, this can’t do. I have to call Team Leader to tell her.”

“What’s the point of telling her? Our team leader doesn’t come to the station anymore and is focused on managing the company. She won’t come back for sure.”

“We still have to tell her to let her know,” Ma Jianguo replied as he called An Xiaoning and told her everything Ding Liang had said.

In actual fact, An Xiaoning already knew the news about Chi Rui’er’s death.

Furthermore, she had actually expected this day to come.

And did not find it surprising at all.

Most of all, she did not intend to interfere in Chi Rui’er’s matter. She had other matters on her hands that she could not cope with, how would she have the extra time to investigate if Chi Rui’er’s death was a suicide or not?

From her understanding of Chi Rui’er, she could actually guess who was behind her death.

But it was a pity, Xu Youran was about to lose her game.

An Xiaoning had already managed to prevent Chi Rui’er’s matter from getting onto the news first.

Chi Rui’er’s body was cremated just like that. It was good as well, since it did not allow Xu Youran to use this matter to stir up more trouble.

But Xu Youran did not give up easily. At the thought of her, An Xiaoning only felt a bad headache coming.

Knock, knock, knock.

An Xiaoning recovered herself. “Come in.”

Fan Shixin passed her a document to sign. “I’ve seen it, there’s no problem. Also, the search team just brought news. They still haven’t found a trace of him. They’re speculating that…”

At this point, Fan Shixin started stammering, unable to complete his sentence properly.


“They say that Young Sir may have been eaten by sea creatures.”

An Xiaoning could not take in the news and was in complete disbelief. “It’s impossible. He might also have been saved already. Send people to search the houses belonging to the residents nearby. Search each and every household properly.”

Fan Shixin nodded. “Okay.”

“Right,” An Xiaoning instructed, “put Qingyan’s photo on a large search poster and offer a reward. If anyone has leads or finds him, they’ll be rewarded with money. If anyone leads our people to find him, they’ll be offered a reward of five million yuan.”

“Yes, Young Madam.”

After much thought, An Xiaoning added, “I think I’ll still have to find a Master to read his fortune because I can’t read his. Maybe someone else can.”

“Indeed, Young Madam. There’s no harm in finding a skilled master to read his fortune.”

An Xiaoning nodded in agreement. “Do according to what I’ve said, then find a skilled master living in seclusion.”


From when An Xiaoning had mentioned at the gathering until today, six days had passed. Today was the seventh day, and a week would soon have passed.

Madam Lin’s heart started to relax as well.

“Look at Shishi, she’s completely fine having stayed at home for a week. Don’t listen to those superstitious people uttering rubbish,” the Chief-of-Staff said to his wife.

“Who says she was uttering rubbish? If she were, how could she have known so much about me and Madam Jin?”

“Think about An Xiaoning’s status. She’s heading the Jin Corporation now. How much money does she have, do you know that? She can definitely find a private investigator to check the background of both our families. It’s an easy feat.”

Madam Lin was still in doubt. “That’s not right. She knows about the birthmark I have under my bottom. Other than our family, who would know that?”

The Chief-of-Staff was dumbfounded. “Maybe… maybe someone let this out unknowingly.”

“Then, how do you explain that she knows many things from my childhood in deep detail? There are very few who know things from my childhood. No matter how rich she is, I don’t believe she can find out about these.”

“Alright. Isn’t a week almost over? What are you still worried about?”

“There’s still one more day left. My heart can’t relax completely.”

“You’re overthinking.” The Chief-of-Staff laughed. “To think you’re a university graduate. How can you believe in those superstitious beliefs?”

Madam Lin got up and instructed the butler, “Can you go up and see what Shishi is doing?”

“Yes, Madam.”

The butler went up and came back thereafter, “Missy is bathing.”

“Umm, noted.”

Ring!!! The sudden chime of the phone ringing made Madam Lin jump suddenly. Just as she was about to pick up the call, the Chief-of-Staff picked up the phone.


“Hello, I’m An Xiaoning. Please pass the phone to Madam Lin, I have something important to tell her.”

“It’s fine, thank you.” The Chief-of-Staff slammed the phone down.

“Who’s that?”

“Who else could it be? It was An Xiaoning, of course. She wanted to look for you, but I cut off the line. What else could she have to find you about at this time? She must have wanted to scare you again.”