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At night, inside the VIP ward, two people lay on two separate beds.

One was Lin Shishi, and the other was naturally An Xiaoning.

When An Xiaoning woke up, the sky was already completely dark outside the window.

“Sis, you’re awake?” Mei Yangyang asked gently.


Hearing that she was awake, the Lin family members crowded around her bed and watched her. Madam Lin held tightly onto her hand that was not hooked onto the IV drip. “Thank you so much! Really, I don’t know what else to say, and I know whatever I say will not be able to express the Lin family’s gratitude towards you.”

“Madam Lin, is she alright now?”

“Yes, she’s alright. She’s here.” Madam Lin turned around and pointed to the bed on her other side. “Shishi, your Sister Xiaoning has woken up.”

Tears were streaming down Lin Shishi’s face continuously as she exclaimed gratefully, “Sister Xiaoning, thank you for saving me. I’m really very grateful towards you.”

An Xiaoning flashed a smile at her. “Actually, I wasn’t completely confident at that time either. All that matters is that you’re fine now.”

The Chief-of-Staff sighed as he confessed, “If not for me, both of them would have gone over to your place previously. It was me who stopped them. I was too ignorant at that time. To think that something this magical really exists. Ms. An, just as what my wife had said, nothing we say now can express our gratitude towards you. So, my wife and I promise that we’ll take you in as our Goddaughter.”

Hearing this, An Xiaoning was instantly relieved. “Alright.”

“When Shishi has recovered, we’ll hold a formal ceremony for it. With such a capable goddaughter like you, it’s really a blessing to us.”

However, An Xiaoning replied instead, “No, to be able to become the Goddaughter of you two and a part of your family, it’s my honor.”

Mei Yangyang, on the other hand, said in a heartbroken manner, “Sis, you almost scared me to death. What if anything happened to you?”

An Xiaoning felt that she had already recovered some energy. “It’s alright. Yangyang, you should go back. Tell Yiheng that I will pick him up at school tomorrow.”

“Alright. When he knows that you’ll be fetching him, he would be so happy. He hasn’t seen you for a few days already and has been nagging to see you. Alright then, Sis, you rest well for the night. Chief Fan and I will go back first.”


“Yiheng… is your son, right?”

An Xiaoning nodded. “Yes, he’s turning five in a few months.”

“Wow, that’s great. Right, your parents came by and stayed here for a long time before they left.”

“Alright, I’ll call them now.” As An Xiaoning finished speaking, Madam Lin then passed her phone to her.

An Xiaoning gave Mrs. Gu a call. Thereafter, the nurse removed the needle from her left arm.

“You must be very hungry. I’ve gotten the people at home to make food and send them over.” Seeing that she had gotten up, Madam Lin beamed as she said gently, “You lie down first.”

“I need to use the toilet.”

When she came out of the toilet, An Xiaoning asked, “This matter didn’t get onto the news, I suppose?”

The Chief-of-Staff replied, “No, I got people to prevent the news from coming out.”

An Xiaoning nodded. “That’s good. Right, how did Shishi cut her wrist?”

Madam Lin still couldn’t help but shudder when she talked about it. “We only found out when we asked her. She came out from the bathroom after she bathed and was wearing her slippers when she tripped over a stool on the ground. In a moment of panic, her hands grabbed onto the fish tank and it smashed down on her. Think about it, the fish tank is huge. Could she have been unhurt? Back then when she placed a fish tank in her room, I didn’t agree to it, but she insisted on it as she likes to keep fish. I couldn’t do anything about it. Xiaoning, when you made the prediction, couldn’t you see what the reason is that’ll cause the disaster?”

An Xiaoning shook her head. “I can only see the outcome, because there can be many causes of disasters like car accidents. Some are different as well. There can be bloodshed, but the cause of death might not be due to that. For instance, jumping down from a building. There may be bloodshed, but the cause of death is mostly brain damage.”

Madam Lin nodded as if she had understood her. “Is your master still around?”

“No, she passed away some years ago.”

“The two of you must have had a close bond.”

An Xiaoning nodded. “Yes, I grew up with my master. Without her, I would probably have died.”

The door was pushed open as Madam Jin and the Commander-in-Chief entered, carrying gifts in their hands.

“Why are you here at this time?” Madam Lin asked.

“Sis Mei, we just came back from overseas and heard about this from our family. Otherwise, why would we come here so late to see your child? We haven’t heard the details yet. What exactly happened?”

Madam Lin repeated the whole matter from head to tail and, after listening, Madam Jin told her husband, “See? I was right. Mrs. Jin is extraordinary. You still didn’t believe me?”

“It’s not just him, my husband didn’t believe it either. If this hadn’t happened to Shishi, he probably would still not believe.”

The Chief-of-Staff nodded as he spoke in a rather guilty tone, “Yes, it’s really quite hard to believe something as magical as this exists in this world.”

“Mrs. Jin, do you still lack godparents? If you don’t, please take us as your godparents. We only have one son and no daughter. It would be great to have a capable goddaughter like you,” Madam Jin asked eagerly.

There was a cackling of laughter in the room instantly.

An Xiaoning touched her lip and replied, “If Madam Jin and the Commander-in-Chief don’t mind, I’m more than willing to.”

Madam Jin widened her eyes as if she had gained a precious jewel. She pointed her finger as she said in a serious manner, “This is what you said, no taking back of your words!”

Madam Lin patted Madam Jin’s hand. “Look at you. The child has agreed already. You look like you’re afraid she’ll go back on her word.”

“Of course. Sis Mei, it’s not like you didn’t know. I’ve always wanted a daughter, but I only have one son. You’re different. You’ve both a daughter and a son, that’s why I envied you in the past. But, now I have a daughter too. This is great.” Madam Jin was in high spirits and couldn’t restrain her excitement. “This is really great. I wonder if that fellow at home will suffer a shock when he learns he will be getting an older sister.”

Madam Jin took out her phone as she murmured, “I’ll send him a text right now.”

An Xiaoning did not expect that in such a short time, she would gain two new families.

This was something she had not imagined and was completely out of her expectations.

From now onwards, she would have more than the Gu family as her family.

There was an immense satisfaction of having gained something effortlessly.

It was a feeling akin to winning the top lottery prize.

From that moment forth, she would have a strong backing from her families, who else would dare to bully her!

She was a woman who lacked a lot of love and had not enjoyed love from her parents since she was young.

She never expected that when she grew up, she would have three sets of parents. Was this to make up for the parental love she had lacked since young?

This was not only to carve a path for herself, but for her son as well.

She was extremely keen to know what the Xu family’s reaction would be upon knowing that she’d gained two sets of godparents.

Would they be shocked?

Or would they feel terrorized?

That was right.

At this very moment, An Xiaoning felt, what could a small fry like Xu Youran amount to?

Wasn’t that right?

An Xiaoning looked out the window, and a bitter feeling overwhelmed her as she kept in her tears. Qingyan, you know that? Without you by my side, I will try my best to protect everything you have and wait for you to return.