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It was exceptionally quiet at the dining table. No one dared to utter a single word and instead just tucked into their food silently.

Madam Xu looked at her daughter and husband before putting down her bowl and chopsticks.

Noticing that she was about to stand up, Xu Yang stopped her, “Mother, don’t go yet.”

“Why?” Madam Xu sat down again.

“After thinking about it, I decided to tell you and Father about this matter,” said Xu Yang as he shot Xu Youran a glance.

“Brother! Didn’t you promise me earlier?” Xu Youran exclaimed, seemingly having guessed what he was going to say.

Xu Yang looked away and ignored her. “Youran was the one behind Chi Rui’er’s suicide.”

Madam Xu turned to glare at Xu Youran and questioned her, “Is what your Brother said true?”

“Yes, but, Chi Rui’er killed someone before. She deserves to die.”

“She killed someone, but weren’t you the one who chose to save her back then? If you really wanted to punish her, you could’ve just allowed her to be sentenced to death for murdering someone. Why did you spare her life? What did you promise me previously? Youran, I really didn’t expect you to still be so unrepentant!” Madam Xu hollered.

Military Commander Xu was much calmer this time compared to Madam Xu, perhaps because he had already guessed that she would not turn over a new leaf so easily.

“Just our luck to have you as our daughter, Xu Youran.”

“I’ve got such a troublemaker for a sister. Not only did you implicate Father and Brother, you’re even trying to drag the entire family down with you. Father, if you keep conniving with her, I really can’t imagine what other trouble she’ll bring!” Xu Cai gibed sarcastically.

“Brother, are you trying to ask Father to get rid of me? Elder Brother, you’re such a traitor. You clearly promised me not to tell anyone about it. What’s the point of helping me settle everything if you’re still going to expose me in the end?” Xu Youran retorted.

“That’s because I heard a piece of news today that would be disadvantageous to our family,” Xu Yang said unhurriedly while holding his chopsticks.

Madam Xu turned towards him and asked, “What was it?”

“An Xiaoning has acknowledged both the Jin and the Lin families as her Godparents. I don’t know if it’s true, but it has reached my ears. If it’s true, An Xiaoning would definitely not let Youran off. But, regardless of whether it’s true or not, we can’t let Youran create any more disturbances, Father,” said Xu Yang.

Military Commander Xu raised his brows and answered, “I doubt it’s true. The Jin and the Lin families are extremely powerful and well-known families. How could they possibly take the same person to be their Goddaughter? I find it very unlikely. But Xu Yang is right. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, Youran can’t be spoiled any further. This has happened over and over again, and I’ve reached the limits of my tolerance. Youran, you’ve repeatedly gone against my instruction. It’s time you undergo strict training with the military.”

“Father, are you making me join the army?” Xu Youran asked in astonishment.

“Yes, surrender your bank card and car before you join the army. I believe you won’t have time to wreak havoc when you’re under the strict supervision of the military. No one is allowed to plead for mercy on her behalf. This time, she must be put through proper training,” Military Commander Xu warned sternly, extremely determined to teach her a lesson.

“Who would bother pleading for her? She’s already caused the family so much trouble. Father, it’s best if you keep her in the army for the rest of her life and never ever let her out again,” Xu Cai scorned.

“Brother! Why don’t you just say it’s best if I die in the army?” Xu Youran retorted angrily, upset at her brother’s gloating.

“Sounds like a good idea too.”


“There’s still some time to go before your wedding with Gu Dongcheng. Just stay with the army for the time being before your wedding. After you get married, I’ll be washing my hands off your affairs since you’ll become a member of the Gu family by then. We will no longer make decisions for you either,” said Military Commander Xu.

Xu Cai sighed in dismay and said, “I thought it’d be longer, turns out it’s only up ’til her wedding. That’s way too short.”

Xu Youran felt a slight sense of relief. At least she would no longer have to stay with the army after she’s married.

“Father, when are you going to send me in?”

“Today.” Military Commander Xu left the dining table as soon as he finished speaking.

Madam Xu heaved a huge sigh of relief. She was sick of and exhausted from worrying about her daughter all the time.

After packing the necessary items, Madam Xu embarked on her journey to the temple on the mountains to pray and burn some incense.

Madam Xu confided in the Reverend after burning the incense.

“My daughter, Youran, is always getting into trouble and making everyone in the family worry about her. We’re honestly all mentally and physically exhausted. Reverend, could you please help me take a look at her fortune?”

“Please tell me her birth characters, Madam.”

“She was born in the evening of the 15th of July, year XXXX. She’s 29 years old this year and her name is Xu Youran, she lives in…” Madam Xu revealed her daughter’s information.

The Reverend closed his eyes and opened them again. “Are you sure that’s her birth date?”

“Yes, I remember it very clearly.”

“You said that your daughter often wreaks havoc, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Shaking his head, the Reverend answered, “No. Based on her birth date, she’s not one to stir trouble. I only ever tell the truth. The birth characters of your child show that she’s going to live a promising life. Although there are flaws in her life, there’ll be other aspects which make up for it, allowing her to live a fulfilling life. Your child is very blessed and fortunate. She’s also very popular with the opposite gender, and her relationship is going to flourish. In fact, it could be said that her other half treats her like she meant the world to him.”

Madam Xu shook her head in bewilderment. “Reverend, what you mentioned is completely different from what I know about her. I can’t see how she’s fortunate at all.”

“I was just deducing based on the birth characters you gave me. That’s all I could decipher from the set of birth characters.”

“Maybe she’ll really change in the future.” Not only did Madam Xu not get the reassurance she needed, she in fact became even more worried.

Once she returned home, she told her husband about what the Reverend said.

After pondering over what Madam Xu said, Military Commander Xu asked, “Did the Reverend really say that?”

“Of course.”

“Why do I feel like his description doesn’t match Youran at all?”

“Exactly. I really wonder where Youran got her evil tendencies and manipulative behavior from. You and I aren’t such malicious people, neither are Xu Yang and Xu Cai like her at all. I just can’t wrap my head around why my daughter would turn out to be like that. Don’t they always say that genetics and personality traits are hereditary?” Madam Xu said in puzzlement.

“Father, I’ve packed my belongings,” said Xu Youran as she walked towards them while carrying her luggage.

Madam Xu gestured for her to approach and said, “Put down your luggage, I’d like to talk to you about something.”

“What’s the matter?” asked Xu Youran as she took a seat.

“How does Gu Dongcheng treat you?”

“Very well.”

“Is he willing to sacrifice his life for you?”

Xu Youran snorted with laughter and said, “Mother, how’s that possible? I wouldn’t be willing to give up my life for him either, why would he do that for me?”

“Then… Youran, do you have many male friends?” Madam Xu asked.

“Not really.”

“Do you have lots of suitors?”

“Mother, what’s wrong with you? I don’t have that many suitors, though they’re not completely non-existent.”

Madam Xu shot her husband a glance, feeling as if none of the conditions of her daughter’s life fit the Reverend’s description at all.

Could it be that the Reverend was inaccurate with his readings?

It can’t be.

Madam Xu was extremely perplexed and frustrated.

“Mother, why did you ask me such strange questions out of the blue?” asked Xu Youran.

“Nothing. Go join your father in the military for a period of time.”