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“Young Madam, I’ve managed to find out about the matter you instructed me to look into. It’s said that the Reverend lives deep inside the mountains and many wealthy people have tried to consult him to no avail.”

“Have you found out the exact location?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Let’s go right now.”

“Young Madam, you want to head there now?” Fan Shixin asked in astonishment.

“I still think this matter is more important. Arrange for the helicopter to take us there, it’d be more convenient that way.”

“Alright, I’ll do that right away.”

An Xiaoning shut down the computer and sorted the documents.

She then put on her coat and left together with Fan Shixin.

An Xiaoning drove back to Wei Ni Estate and changed into a sports attire. She also brought along two extra sets as well as all the necessary items.

After she was done preparing, she drove towards her private hangar.

An Xiaoning and Fan Shixin boarded the helicopter together with some bodyguards.

Soon, the helicopter began revolving above Wei Ni Estate and took off towards their destination.

The afternoon sky was brightly lit with fluffy white clouds swaying in the wind.

An Xiaoning’s spirits were lifted as she gazed at the vast, clear sky.

“Do you think the Reverend would be able to read your Young Sir’s fortune?” she asked Fan Shixin, who was sitting beside her.

“Not necessarily. Young Madam, if even a capable fortune-teller like you can’t read Young Sir’s fortune, I doubt this Reverend would be able to. But, that actually puzzles me. Young Madam, what types of people won’t be able to have their fortune told?”

“Extraordinary ones. Well, at least that’s one I’m very certain about, because I can’t read my own either,” An Xiaoning answered.

“Young Sir is indeed extraordinary. That’s why I think it’s very likely that he’s still alive now. Since he’s no ordinary person, how could he possibly die so easily?” Fan Shixin remarked.

“You have a point. I think so too. If this Reverend we’re looking for can really tell that Qingyan is still alive, then Shixin, we have to find him at all costs, even if it means we have to search through the entire N Nation.”

“That goes without saying,” said Fan Shixin, appearing extremely hopeful and optimistic.

The helicopter flew towards an area surrounded by mountains and woods. After about an hour, it arrived at a bare land.

Upon landing, An Xiaoning and Fan Shixin got down from the helicopter together with the bodyguards.

“It should be near here. I don’t know the exact details though.”

“We’ll just look around then.”An Xiaoning then turned to the bodyguards behind her and instructed, “Let’s look in opposite directions. A few of you will follow Chief Fan while the rest of you shall follow me.”

“Young Madam, there’s no mobile network reception here. I think it’s better to stay together. Although it may be slower that way, it’ll at least be safer.”

“That’ll do too,” An Xiaoning agreed.

They proceeded to search in a certain direction.

After covering a long distance and walking until their legs ached, they still did not manage to find a single trace of a human living in the area.

Thus, they decided to continue searching in another direction instead.

At last, they were greeted with a surprise.

They caught sight of a wooden house just a short distance away.

They lit up with joy and began walking towards the house.

Upon arriving, they discovered that there were two sheep leashed to the front of the house and some chickens in the courtyard. There were also vegetables being grown in the garden.

“Is anyone in?” An Xiaoning called.

No one responded.

An Xiaoning walked up the short flight of stairs and stopped in front of the wooden house. Instead of pushing the door open right away, she called out again gently, “Is there anyone home?”

Finally, an old-sounding voice answered, “Who’s there?”

Upon hearing that it was an elderly man who answered, An Xiaoning immediately said, “Hello, Uncle. I’m An Xiaoning from the city, I heard that you are revered by many and exceptionally skilled in fortune-telling. My husband went missing during a tsunami, and we don’t know if he’s dead or alive. I’d like to seek your help to deduce if he’s still alive. I’m a fortune-teller myself, but sadly, I can’t seem to read his fortune and fate.”

“Get your people to stay in the yard. You may enter alone.”

“Yes.” An Xiaoning gestured for Fan Shixin and the bodyguards to leave. “Wait for me down there.”

Fan Shixin immediately proceeded as instructed with his subordinates.

“Come in.”

An Xiaoning pushed the door open gently. It was not dark inside the house, and there were two windows at the sides which were left widely open.

She entered to see an elderly man sitting right in the middle of the room.

He was sitting on a quilt on the ground. The room was extremely plain and minimalistic, without even a bed in sight. Clearly, the elderly man was sitting on the spot where he would usually sleep.

An Xiaoning stepped forward and bowed to him respectfully before greeting, “Hello, Uncle. I’m An Xiaoning.”

The elderly man opened his eyes and said, “Please take a seat.”

Since there were no chairs, An Xiaoning sat directly onto the ground, just like he did.

“What are your husband’s birth characters?”

“He was born on the 16th of October, Year XXXX at 12 noon.”

“What’s his name?”

“Jin Qingyan.”

“Where is he from?”

An Xiaoning told him Jin Qingyan’s home address.

“You mentioned that you were a fortune-teller?” asked the elderly man.

“Yes, Nun Jingxin was my Master. She took me under her wing when I was young, and I grew up with her on the mountains.”

“Were you born in the middle of July?” he asked, though he sounded very certain.

“Yes, how did you know, Uncle?”

“You’re a rare one. You’re a gifted individual who’s naturally spiritual and psychic. You’re fated to stand out be extraordinary. Shall we strike a deal?” he asked with a smile.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m getting too lonely living here by myself. If you’re willing to move in here with me for a month and accompany me to chit-chat, cook, or feed the chickens and cattle, not only will I tell you whether or not your husband’s still alive, I’ll also tell you everything else about him.”

It was a house nestled deep within the mountains and woods, with no reception or connection to the outside world at all.

However, she knew that in today’s society, such problems could easily be solved with money.

Thus, she agreed right away without hesitation.

“What a straightforward little lass. The living conditions here are too minimalistic and simple, I’m afraid you’ll have a hard time adapting,” said the elderly man, grinning from ear to ear.

“Uncle, I can live in a luxury mansion, and I can similarly thrive in a dilapidated place with simple living conditions. If you’re able to manage, why won’t I be as well?”

“Great,” said the elderly, who admired her determination.

From that moment onwards, Fan Shixin became the tool of transport between the house and the city. In order to allow her laptops to function properly, Fan Shixin brought a special adapter which would allow for long-range connection and for mobile network signals to be received.

According to An Xiaoning’s instructions, he visited her at the house every day with the sole purpose of reporting to her about the company matters and did not bring along any food or quilts.

An Xiaoning moved into the elderly man’s house together with her bodyguards, Xiao Huang, Xiao Bai, and Xiao Zi. They had all their meals together and lived harmoniously in peace and joy. They would often gather in a circle to chit-chat merrily.

Day after day, the routine continued, regardless of rain or shine.

From that day onwards, An Xiaoning did not ask the elderly man a single question regarding Jin Qingyan.

However, she was constantly counting the days in her heart.

Time passed from April to May.

She lived there for one entire month. Due to the fact that she was away for a month, the acknowledgement ceremony with her Godparents had to be postponed.

Fortunately, both the Jin and the Lin families agreed to wait for her to return before holding the ceremony.