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She stuck a hand out to flag down a taxi. Unexpectedly, her stepfather got into the back seat.

When the car reached the entrance of Wei Ni Estate, Chi Rui’er intended to stop the security officer from allowing him in. But before they even went in, her stepfather remarked haughtily, “The man you’re with now is called Jin Qingyan right? When I see him later, I’ll tell him about us.”

“What exactly do you want?” Chi Rui’er scowled at him. “Why on earth are you being so shameless!”

“I’ve already told you, you better not provoke me. I have nothing but a mouth that has no qualms about saying anything at all.”

Chi Rui’er finally went back to her own home.

Her stepfather flashed a gloating smile, knowing he had gotten his way.

The moment the door closed, Chi Rui’er was forcefully held from behind by him. She kicked her legs while struggling to break free. “You bastard, let go of me!”

She turned her head and took a huge bite on his arm, then continued to bite it desperately. Immediately after, her body was thrown back and landed heavily on the floor. Chi Rui’er only felt her brain was being blown. Everything before her eyes went blurry, and then she lost consciousness.




When she woke up, she realized that she was lying naked on the bed. Her clothes were all over the floor, and her stepfather was nowhere in sight.

Thinking that it was Jin Qingyan’s birthday and that even Chi Rui’er had bought a present for him, she felt that as his wife, she had to have some form of expression.

An Xiaoning wrote Jin Qingyan a handwritten letter at the store, then went out to the streets when it was 6 o’clock.

She bought a watch that was rather costly, then brought it home.

When she saw his car at home, An Xiaoning placed the gift in her own bag and got off the car, carrying her bag.

He was sitting before the dining table getting ready to eat. Seeing her return, he called out, “Come and eat.”

An Xiaoning went forward and was not in a rush to present her gift. She sat down and started to eat.

“Auntie Chen, do you have some chilli sauce and fermented bean curd?”

“Yes, give me a moment, Young Mistress, I’ll get it for you this minute.”

A moment later, Jin Qingyan saw her scooping out a tablespoon of chilli sauce and a piece of fermented bean curd, mixing them together with her rice. Then she placed a big spoonful of it into her mouth. Her expression and the way she was devouring it showed she was enjoying it so much.

He simply could not understand it at all.

“Mixing them all together, I’ve lost my appetite just looking at it.”

An Xiaoning shrugged her shoulders. “Why is that? As long as it tastes good, isn’t that good enough? Whatever we eat comes out afterwards anyway.”

The rice he was about to swallow immediately stopped at his throat. He murmured, “We’re eating, can’t you say something nicer.”

An Xiaoning grinned. “I don’t have nice words but plenty of awful things to say.”

“Nothing good comes out from a filthy mouth.” He reached out for his handkerchief to wipe his mouth.

An Xiaoning lowered her head and ate heartily, saying after she was done, “Today’s your birthday, I’ve a surprise for you.”

“What surprise?” For some reason, he was vaguely expectant.

“Come up after 20 minutes, I need to prepare upstairs. Watch your watch okay, come up only after 20 minutes,” she instructed and went upstairs.

She turned on the air-conditioning and washed her hair and body briefly. By then, 10 minutes had already passed.

An Xiaoning blew her hair dry and took her time to retrieve a piece of bright red scarf made of genuine silk from the dressing room clothes rack. It was a piece of very long scarf which looked stunning.

She used the back of her hand to wind the scarf from her back to the front of her chest, until it had wound up around her thighs. Then she ended by tying a butterfly knot.

After the 20 minutes were up, he came up from downstairs. Actually, since she had gone up, Jin Qingyan continued to look at his watch regularly, feeling like 20 minutes were as long as two years.

When it was finally time for him to go up, he went up eagerly. As the door opened, his eyes almost popped out. What his wife was wearing aroused his attention completely.

He entered the room.

An Xiaoning turned on the sound system and relaxing music started to play.

She fluttered gracefully as she danced to the music. In front of him, her moves were elegant and she was especially charismatic.

With such beautiful moves, it was impossible for one to take their eyes off her.

He actually never knew that she was such a great dancer.

This An Xiaoning before him was bold and confident.

She was someone who dared to reveal her beauty in front of her husband.

At this point, the music stopped and so did her dance.

The red scarf wrapped around her fell off and landed on her feet.

Jin Qingyan swallowed the lump in his throat and spoke in a slightly husky voice, “Thank you for taking time to prepare this gift for me, I like it very much.”

He carried An Xiaoning in his arms and threw her onto the bed. Right after, he went down on her like a violent storm.

After it was over, she rubbed her aching back as she got off the bed to retrieve the box containing the watch and passed it to him. “Here.”

He received it and opened the box — it was a very decent watch which was branded.

“You chose it for me?”

“What do you think of it?”

“Not bad.” He wore it on his wrist to try. It looked good. “Since my wife chose it for me, I’ll keep wearing it in the future.”

An Xiaoning then passed her handwritten letter to him. It was written on red paper and folded into the shape of a heart.

He was suddenly in high spirits and opened it expectantly, while An Xiaoning crept into the covers and covered her face. For some reason, she felt a bit embarrassed. She had not felt that way when she wrote it, only now after she had given it to him.

“My dear husband, when I was in my worst state, we became a family. Ever since we got married, I treated you as my closest family. But now, I realize that some of the things you do are hard for me to understand and are even upsetting. I hope you can do something to change in the future. Also, please continue to look out for me for the rest of our lives. From your wife, An Xiaoning.” He read the whole letter out. At this point, An Xiaoning — who was under the covers — found it even more embarrassing to look at him.

“Tonight, you gave me a wonderful surprise indeed. Well, how should I reward you?” His voice was smooth and pleasant, and he had a wide grin on his face.

She pulled back the covers and replied, “Money would be great. I would be too ashamed to ask for anything else.”

“How are you able to utter such words so easily?”

“Well, using my mouth.” She did not think that she was being shameless at all.

Jin Qingyan reached out his fingers and smacked her head lightly. “You’re someone who’s already in your twenties, why do you still act like a young girl.”

“It’s your eyes that are bad, I am still a young girl.” An Xiaoning reached out her palm. “I thought you wanted to reward me? Five hundred thousand is enough.”

He was straightforward about it and immediately wrote a cheque of five hundred thousand for her. “Here.”

An Xiaoning received it with joy and placed it into her own bag, saying calmly as she lay down on the bed, “The atmosphere is great right now, I hope that the topic I want to discuss with you next won’t ruin it.”

“Let’s leave the topic for later and play a game now,” he suggested. “Do you dare to play truth or dare with me?”

“Shouldn’t I ask you this question instead?”

She had no secrets to hide, why would she be afraid of his questions? In reality, she had underestimated him too much.