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Being a woman herself, An Xiaoning knew exactly what Bu Xianxian was thinking. Thus, she obviously would not allow her to tag along.

“You’re very welcome to visit our country for a vacation. I’ll even get someone to bring you on a tour around the place. But, I won’t allow you to live with us in the long run.”

Bu Xianxian looked at Jin Qingyan and asked, “Nick, am I really not allowed to?”

Jin Qingyan turned to An Xiaoning and said, “Let her come with us. She was the one who saved me and looked after me when I was immobile.”

“There are tons of ways to repay our gratitude, we don’t necessarily have to thank her by bringing her home with us,” An Xiaoning refuted. She then said to Mrs. Bu, “Auntie, I mentioned before that I’ll be rewarding the person who finds my brother and hands him over to us with five million dollars. Even though you guys didn’t bring him to me out of your own accord, I’m still going to honor my promise nonetheless. I’ll be giving you the five million dollars to thank you for saving my brother and taking care of him for the past month or so.”

Mrs. Bu thanked her immediately, “Thank you.”

Realizing that there was nothing else she could do, Bu Xianxian began to get flustered and quickly said, “I’ve been treating Nick like my family ever since the day I saved him. Is this really something money can settle? The thought of not being able to see him again in the future just makes me upset. We’ve been eating and sleeping together during the past month, and we spend time with each other everyday… I…”

Tears began to well up in her eyes as she spoke and she eventually broke down.

“Let’s just allow her to come along,” said Jin Qingyan, who thought Bu Xianxian was a nice girl and could not quite bear to leave her behind.

He sounded firm and decisive.

However, An Xiaoning was incredibly upset to hear that they had been eating and sleeping together.

“Sleeping together? On the same bed?”

Bu Xianxian nodded and said, “Yes, Nick’s now much closer to me than he is to your sister-in-law. I’ve been through thick and thin with Nick, has your sister-in-law done the same?”

“How are you so sure she hasn’t? You’re not allowed to come with us,” An Xiaoning insisted, not wishing to argue with her any longer.

“I won’t go home if she doesn’t come along,” said Jin Qingyan.

An Xiaoning turned to face him abruptly and stared at him without uttering a word.

Mrs. Bu continuously shot her daughter a glance in a bid to get her to stop making things difficult. However, Bu Xianxian simply ignored it and pretended not to notice.

After remaining silent for two minutes, An Xiaoning asked Bu Xianxian sarcastically, “What do you want to come back with us for? Are you planning to become his woman? Is that the case?”

“I want to be together with him every day, just like how we had been for the past month,” Bu Xianxian said in admittance.

“He’s already married. Let me repeat myself, he has a wife and a son.”

“So what? I don’t care, it doesn’t matter,” Bu Xianxian insisted nonchalantly, unbothered by his marital status.

An Xiaoning stared at the man whom she loved most and asked, “Are you going to share the same mindset as her and ignore the fact that you’re married?”

Shaking his head, Jin Qingyan answered, “No, I’m not going to ignore it or allow myself to be unbothered. But, I would’ve been dead by now if it weren’t for her. Since she yearns to tag along so much, let’s just let her follow us home. I don’t think it’s much of a big deal.”

Does this woman think she can change anything by tagging along? An Xiaoning thought to herself.

If I don’t allow this woman to come with us, my husband will definitely be missing her and longing to see her. I might as well let her take a good look herself and watch my husband and me be lovey-dovey!

Does she seriously think she has what it takes to be the other woman?

Just watch how I’ll make your life a living hell everyday, Bu Xianxian!

“Okay, come along if you want to.”

“What’s your name?” Jin Qingyan asked.

“My name is… Qingyue.”

“What is… my wife’s name?”

“An Xiaoning.”

“What about my son?”

“Jin Yiheng. He’ll be turning five years old in another three months.”

Jin Qingyan noted it down in his head. “How did my wife and I get married?”

“You two were married twice. The first was a lightning marriage. The second time came about when you sneakily brought her passport to the Civil Administrative Office to register your marriage behind her back.”

“Why did we get married twice?” he asked, as curious as a cat.

“Because you two got a divorce once somewhere along your relationship, after which you married each other again.”

“Why did we get a divorce?”

An Xiaoning paused for a moment before answering, “Well, because of many reasons. But let me first tell you about what happened during your vacation here before the tsunami struck.”

The three of them opened their ears to listen attentively.

“At that time, you brought your wife and son here for a vacation, during which you planned to propose to her. Although you’ve already registered your marriage at the Civil Administration Office, you thought it’d be more appropriate to still go ahead with a proper marriage proposal. Thus, you planned to bring them onto a yacht and maneuver it to the middle of the ocean before proposing to her with the help of a helicopter. Yet, you received an unexpected call from Chief Fan just as you guys got onto the yacht. Chief Fan is your able assistant and your right-hand man. His name is Fan Shixin. He told you that there was a warning of a tsunami approaching in two minutes and you immediately called for the helicopter to come forth, which it did minutes later.”


Recalling the scenario back then, An Xiaoning continued, “Then, the helicopter arrived and cast two safety harnesses down to your aid. You latched your son onto your wife and helped them buckle up into the safety harness. However, the tsunami soon approached and you didn’t have enough time to get into the safety harness yourself. Thus, you were then lifted into the air by a rope attached to the helicopter. Not long after, you lost your grip on the rope and plunged into the sea directly. There were no news of you ever since. From the moment you went missing, we’ve sent many rescue teams to search for you continuously without break but to no avail. We refused to believe that you were dead, though. Do you know why I came to look for you myself?”


“Because I went to visit a Reverend and revealed your birth characters to him in a bid to find out if you were still alive. He told me that you were still alive, and thus, I decided to come and look for you, since things at the company have stabilized and are running smoothly. I came here alone, and it felt like I was looking for a needle in a haystack. I was actually planning to leave this place yesterday, but there was a thunderstorm in the afternoon, which made me change my mind. Everything is fated.”

Jin Qingyan looked at her and gave her a tight hug. “Thank you for finding me. I’m thankful that my family didn’t give up on looking for me.”

An Xiaoning hugged him back tightly. She had waited long and hard for this opportunity to hug him again.

Thinking that it would take Fan Shixin three hours to arrive, An Xiaoning decided to use the time to get to know how he had been spending the past month or so.

“Where did you find him?” she asked Bu Xianxian.

“I found him lying on top of a boulder. He was covered in blood, and his head was bleeding profusely.”

That explains his memory loss.

“Was his head injury very serious?”

“Yes, his leg was severely injured too. He was unconscious for several days and didn’t show any signs of coming to. We almost thought he wasn’t going to regain his consciousness again.” Bu Xianxian paused for a moment and exclaimed, “Thank Heavens for blessing him! He managed to come to in the end after being in a coma for days.”

“Did you bring him to the doctor to get him treated after rescuing him?”

Mrs. Bu shook her head and said, “We’re penniless, we couldn’t afford to bring him to a doctor. But we’ve been picking medicinal herbs for a long time, so we were familiar with the herbs and their medicinal properties. Thus, we applied some herbs on his injuries and brewed him some medicinal herbal soup. He’s more or less recovered now.”

An Xiaoning placed her hands together and said, “No matter what, I still ought to thank you guys for saving him, Auntie. We’ll always remember your help and forever be grateful to you.”