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“Don’t say that, Miss,” said Mrs. Bu, who appeared rather uneasy as she felt a little guilty.

“Auntie, how many children do you have?”

“Xianxian is my only daughter.”

“Can you and Uncle really bear to let your only daughter follow us back to S Nation?”

“Wouldn’t that become a non-issue if we bring my parents along? It’s rather inconvenient to get around here, and we still have to live in worry and fear of another tsunami. We relocated to the mountains precisely because we were afraid of another tsunami attack,” Bu Xianxian interjected.

Jin Qingyan found her suggestion to be rather reasonable, thinking that he ought to render them help too since they were his life saviors.

“Leave together with us then. Don’t bother bringing the things here. We’ll arrange a place for you to live in when we return to my country. How does that sound?”

Mrs. Bu lit up with joy and asked An Xiaoning, “Can we do that?”

An Xiaoning was reluctant to agree. She would be more than willing to repay them in other ways instead of taking them back with her.

However, she knew that Jin Qingyan must have grown attached to them after living with them for a period of time.

Nonetheless, these were not much of an issue to An Xiaoning, who did not feel threatened by Bu Xianxian.

“Okay,” she agreed.

“Let’s bring these along,” said Mrs. Bu.

“What for, Mother? Let’s take nothing with us. We’ll be receiving a new set of things when we go there. What’s the point of bringing these with us? They’re not worth a cent anyway. Hurry and get Father to come home now,” Bu Xianxian said with a grin.

“Right. I’ll go now.” Mrs. Bu stood up and exited through the door.

The three of them were left alone in the house.

Jin Qingyan appeared to be extremely nervous as he hugged his knees while sitting on the ground, occasionally taking a glance at An Xiaoning.

An Xiaoning would check her mobile phone every now and then, hoping that time would pass quicker.

“Do you have… photos of them in your mobile phone?”

“Whose?” An Xiaoning asked.

“An… Xiaoning and the child,” he answered.

An Xiaoning opened the photo album on her mobile phone again and showed him some photos of her and Jin Yiheng. “This is your wife and son.”

Bu Xianxian took a look at the photos out of curiosity and could not help but feel inferior all of a sudden.

An Xiaoning looked pleasant and fair in the photos, unlike herself, whose skin was tan and coarse.

The child in the photos resembled Jin Qingyan greatly. She could tell right away that he was Jin Qingyan’s biological son.

A smile formed on Jin Qingyan’s face. He grabbed the mobile phone from An Xiaoning’s hand and stared at the screen intently.

“What was our relationship like?”

An Xiaoning simply answered, “You two were inseparable.”

Her words came off as yet another blow to Bu Xianxian. However, what Jin Qingyan said next filled her heart with joy.

“Is that so? But I don’t remember a single bit of her at all. What a shame,” said a dejected Jin Qingyan.

“Even if you don’t remember her at all or never regain your memory in the future, I believe you will fall in love with her again,” An Xiaoning said firmly.

“How are you so confident? Seems like you’re on very good terms with your sister-in-law,” Bu Xianxian protested.

“I’m just that confident, all right. Can’t help it,” An Xiaoning retorted. She would never allow any woman to vie with her and come in between her and her man.

“Aren’t you being a little overconfident?” Bu Xianxian sneered.

An Xiaoning put on a mirthless smile and remained silent.

After hearing everything An Xiaoning told him, Jin Qingyan began to feel rather curious about what his wife was like.

She should be coming to fetch me later too, right? he thought to himself.

He could not help but look forward to meeting her.

Three hours was not a long time, though it was not considered short either.

An Xiaoning sent her location to Fan Shixin, who ordered for the jet to land near the beach. An Xiaoning and the rest then came down from the mountains to meet up with them.

There were a lot of people who came to fetch them, including Ling Ciye, Fan Shixin, Mei Yangyang, Long Tianze, and Jin Qingyue.

Everyone began to tear up at the sight of Jin Qingyan, who was dressed in clothes that were tattered and torn.

An Xiaoning waved at them and said, “Hear me out first. Qingyan has lost his memory, he doesn’t remember any of us anymore.”

Everyone seemed to have a tacit understanding.

Long Tianze stepped forward to pat Jin Qingyan on his shoulder and said smilingly, “Hey, I haven’t seen you in more than a month and you’ve really become a fool. What are you wearing? Fortunately, I brought you a set of clothes when I came here. Change into them when you board the jet later.”

“You are…”

“He’s Tianze, your best buddy whom you grew up with. This is Tianze’s wife. This is Ciye, he’s also a good friend of yours since childhood. This is Fan Shixin, your able assistant whom I mentioned to you before,” An Xiaoning introduced them to him one by one.

When it was Jin Qingyue’s turn, An Xiaoning said to her, “Introduce yourself to him.”

“Brother, I’m Qingyue, your biological sister.”

Not only was Jin Qingyan shocked out of his senses, so were Bu Xianxian and her parents.

Pointing at An Xiaoning, Bu Xianxian questioned, “Didn’t you say that you were Qingyue, his sister? Why is she…”

Bewilderment was written all over their faces. Mei Yangyang snorted with laughter and said to An Xiaoning, “Sis, why did you say that?”

An Xiaoning began to peel her mask off slowly. Jin Qingyan, Bu Xianxian, and her parents were dumbfounded at the sight of her revealing her true identity.

The shock robbed Bu Xianxian of her speech. Staring at the mask in her hands, Bu Xianxian spluttered, “You… you lied to us? You’re An Xiaoning, not his sister!”

“That’s right, I’m his wife, An Xiaoning. Ms. Bu, let me tell you here in front of everyone else: in my world, no woman is fit to snatch my man away from me. Don’t think I’m giving you a chance by allowing you to come back with us.” An Xiaoning then instructed Fan Shixin, “Go to this inn and retrieve my luggage from the room on the fourth floor. Let’s rush back to S Nation immediately.”

“Yes, Young Madam!”

Bu Xianxian got the chills upon hearing Fan Shixin address An Xiaoning as “Young Madam.”

An Xiaoning stared at her husband and chuckled. “Why? Are you too shocked at the realization that you’ve got such a beautiful wife?”

Jin Qingyan began to blush slightly. Truth be told, An Xiaoning had rarely seen him being shy in all the years that she had known him.

She witnessed it with her own eyes this time.

She held onto his hand and said, “Get inside the jet and change into a fresh set of clothes.”

Jin Qingyan was dragged onto the jet by An Xiaoning, who then instructed Fan Shixin to bring him a set of clothes to change into inside the cubicle.

“You may change here.”

“Could you please… go outside first?”

Realizing that he was shy and embarrassed, An Xiaoning said, “We’ve already gotten intimate with each other countless times and even have a child together.”

Jin Qingyan’s ears turned red as he blushed uncontrollably.

An Xiaoning could not help but smile in joy at the adorable sight of him being shy.

Why is he acting like a child?

“Okay, I’ll go out now. You may dress yourself.” An Xiaoning exited the cubicle as requested and waited for him by the door.

Fan Shixin handed her her purse and asked, “Young Madam, what’s up with that family you’ve brought along?”

“They’re the ones who saved your Young Sir.”

“Why do I feel like that woman…” Fan Shixin paused in his speech, unsure if he should speak his mind.