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She looked down and bent forward to pick her son up in her arms. “Look who’s back.”

Jin Yiheng looked in the direction An Xiaoning was looking at and instantly beamed with euphoria. “Daddy!” he exclaimed in excitement.

Jin Qingyan looked at him and extended his arms for a hug. “Let me hug you.”

Jin Yiheng pounced on him and threw his arms around his neck. Rubbing his face against Jin Qingyan’s face affectionately, Jin Yiheng said, “Daddy, you’re really still alive. That’s awesome. Mommy and I missed you so much.”

Jin Qingyan smiled warmly and caressed Jin Yiheng’s head dotingly. “Are you going to school?” he asked.

“Yes, I am.”

“Would you like Daddy to send you?”

“That’d be great, of course.”

Jin Qingyan carried him and walked towards the car while Fan Shixin followed closely behind.

“Shixin, bring Wenlun and Xiaoxi along with you,” Mei Yangyang called.

“Okay!” Fan Shixin responded without turning behind to look at her.

Bu Xianxian and her parents marvelled in awe at the magnificent and luxurious mansion before them. They were overwhelmed with shock and green with envy.

Bu Xianxian was awestruck the moment she laid her eyes upon the spacious living room.

The decor of the house was lavish and extravagant.

She had never seen such a luxurious mansion in her life before.

Upon sight of their return, Auntie Chen craned her neck to take a look and asked, “Young Madam, I heard Chief Fan say that Young Sir has been found. Where is he, though?”

“He’s off to send Little Sir to school. Auntie Chen, we’ve all yet to have lunch. Please prepare a sumptuous spread, there are many of us today,” An Xiaoning said smilingly.

“Okay, sure. I’ll go right away,” said an extremely agitated Auntie Chen, who then put on her apron and headed towards the kitchen.

“I’m going upstairs to take a shower and change into a fresh set of clothes. Please make yourselves at home,” said An Xiaoning as she put on her home slippers and made her way upstairs.

Bu Xianxian was rather curious and wanted to take a look upstairs. However, she knew that it would be rude to do so out of the blue and thus remained still and sat on the couch quietly while her eyes darted around her surroundings.

Long Tianze finally felt a huge sense of relief. He plonked himself down onto the couch and placed his legs on top of the coffee table before turning to face Ling Ciye. “What’s the matter between you and Song Yan? It’s all over the news,” he asked.

“Yeah, we made up again.”

“I knew it” was written all over Long Tianze’s face. He chuckled and said, “That’s always the case between you two. I’ve already gotten used to it. Who initiated it this time?”

“She’s pregnant.”

“Is the child yours?”

“Duh. Is it yours, otherwise?”

“If it is, I’ll be in serious trouble,” said Long Tianze.

Upon seeing their light-hearted banter, Mei Yangyang said, “I guess you two are finally at ease now that Mr. Jin is back. It’s been a tough and draining time lately. But great, everything’s well now. Ms. Jin, have you informed your mother yet?”

Shaking her head, Jin Qingyue answered, “I haven’t told her yet. I’m planning to take my brother to see her later after lunch and give her a huge surprise. She’s going to be over the moon.”

“Great idea. That’s better than breaking the news to her over the phone. You’ll be able to give her a bigger surprise.”


By the time Jin Qingyan and Fan Shixin returned, Auntie Chen had already prepared all the dishes and laid them down onto the table.

Everyone sat down at the dining table. Jin Qingyan would usually sit in between An Xiaoning and Jin Yiheng, sometimes Jin Qingyue if Jin Yiheng was not around.

However, Bu Xianxian rushed to sit down beside Jin Qingyan, thus leaving Jin Qingyue with no choice but to sit next to Mei Yangyang.

An Xiaoning was the only one missing.

“Let me go upstairs to get my Sis,” said Mei Yangyang. Just as she stood up, she heard footsteps approaching from the staircase.

Mei Yangyang sat down again. All eyes were on An Xiaoning when she made her way down the stairs.

Jin Qingyan was stunned and kept his eyes peeled on An Xiaoning while she walked towards the dining table slowly.

She was dressed in a Qipao, her face full of immaculate makeup. She exuded a charming elegance from head to toe.

Jin Qingyan swallowed his saliva and stared at her petite figure, up until she sat down beside him.

“Let’s eat. You must all be starving.”

Everyone then picked up their chopsticks and began to tuck in.

Sensing that Bu Xianxian was staring at her intensely, An Xiaoning put on a smile and asked sarcastically, “Ms. Bu, is there something on my face? Why do you keep looking at me?”

The situation was extremely awkward…

“You’re too gorgeous,” Bu Xianxian said smilingly.

“Thank you. Help yourself to the food. Don’t stand on ceremony.”

An Xiaoning glared at Bu Xianxian and recalled the audio-enabled footage from the surveillance camera in the cabin of the jet, which she had just watched upstairs. This woman is not a simple one … she thought to herself.

An Xiaoning put on a pair of disposable gloves out of habit and began peeling some prawns, after which she placed the peeled prawns into Jin Qingyan’s bowl.

“Nick doesn’t like having prawns,” Bu Xianxian reminded.

“You don’t like eating prawns?” An Xiaoning asked.

Jin Qingyan nodded and answered, “Yeah, I don’t.”

Without another word, An Xiaoning reached out to pick up the peeled prawns and placed them into Ling Ciye’s bowl instead. “I know you like prawns.”

Ling Ciye shoved the prawn into his mouth and exclaimed in delight, “Delicious.”

An Xiaoning continued to peel more prawns for Ling Ciye. Jin Qingyan felt a strange and sudden rush of jealousy upon noticing that An Xiaoning had stopped peeling prawns for him.

“I want some too,” said Jin Qingyan.

Everyone turned to stare at him while Ling Ciye burst into laughter.

He knew Jin Qingyan inside out.

“But you don’t like having prawns.”

“I’d like to give it a try.”

“Okay, sure,” said An Xiaoning.

She peeled another prawn and fed it to Jin Qingyan, who began chewing slowly.

It was such a simple yet heartwarming act of affection.

Bu Xianxian’s spirits were dampened at the sight before her.

However, An Xiaoning was not in the least bit concerned about how she felt.

After lunch ended, Fan Shixin brought Bu Xianxian and her parents to their place of accomodation.

An Xiaoning took a look at the time on her wristwatch and decided that it was an appropriate timing to give the Jin and Lin families a call. The weather was perfect for the acknowledgment ceremony to be held in the afternoon.

They had already made all the necessary preparations.

All that was missing was her presence.

An Xiaoning did not bring Jin Qingyan along for the ceremony, since he was suffering from amnesia at the moment.

After she left, Ling Ciye, Long Tianze, and Mei Yangyang proceeded to take their leave while Jin Qingyue brought Jin Qingyan to see Mrs. Jin.

Jin Qingyue parked the car at the entrance of Mrs. Jin’s place and alighted. “This was the bridal chamber you and Sis-in-law lived in the first time you two got married. You allowed Mother to move in here afterwards,” Jin Qingyue said smilingly.

“Mother is living here alone? How about Father?”

“Father’s living in the old mansion. They’re divorced.” Jin Qingyue then entered through the gate.

Jin Qingyan followed suit. Upon sight of him, the bodyguards and servants inside the mansion quickly greeted him, “Young Sir.”


Jin Qingyue scurried into the house, after which Mrs. Jin soon came rushing out. She froze in shock at the instant that she saw Jin Qingyan.

She stood rooted to the ground and asked in disbelief, “I’m dreaming, aren’t I? Is this a dream?”

“Mother, you’re not dreaming. This is all real. This really is Brother. Brother is still alive.”

Mrs. Jin burst into tears of joy and sprinted towards Jin Qingyan to hug him tightly. “Qingyan, my dear son. It’s great that you’re still alive! Have you got any idea that I was worried sick about you!?!” she cried.

“Mother, I’m sorry.”

Mrs. Jin stopped bawling and stared at him, teary-eyed. “What did you say?”

“Sorry, Mother.”

Mrs. Jin was greatly taken aback by her son’s unusual behavior.