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Old Mrs. Wen continued to weep in greater agony. “Old man, just help Ruya out. She’s really very, very pitiful. The earlier we resolve the problem, the lesser she would be affected. You have no idea how devastated Ruya is. She’s only fifteen years old. How can she take such a huge blow?”

Old Mr. Wen was greatly moved by her words. After some hesitation, he said, “How are we supposed to help Ruya if she doesn’t make things clear to us?”

Seeing that there was hope, Old Mrs. Wen recalled the things that Xia Ruya instigated her to say. She hurriedly said, “Those reporters are just making up stories. We can sue them to court and make sure that they don’t dare to make such frivolous reports again. Isn’t that how Xinya’s matter was solved previously? Besides, Ruya is much more innocent than Wen Xinya. If Wen Xinya could win the case, I’m sure Ruya can as well.”

Greatly infuriated by Old Mrs. Wen’s words, Old Mr. Wen barked with a sullen expression, “I bet you’re possessed by demons. How could you criticize your own granddaughter and put someone else’s daughter on a pedestal? Ruya may be innocent, but so was Xinya!”

Old Mrs. Wen was appalled and dumbfounded after hearing his words. Staring at him, she racked her brains to think of something to say to salvage the situation.

Old Mr. Wen warned sternly. “Since you’ve brought up Xinya’s scandal, I shall make things clear beforehand. Xinya was the one who resolved the issue with the scandal that she was involved in herself. Now that something similar has happened to Ruya, I won’t intervene either. If I do, what would others think of me? They’d think that I value someone else’s daughter more than my biological granddaughter. That’s only going to embarrass Xinya!”

Old Mrs. Wen’s mind was sent into a state of frenzy and turmoil. She did not realize that she had said something wrong. When she brought up the matter about Wen Xinya’s scandal a few days ago, Old Mr. Wen merely chided her, unlike his extreme reaction now. Glaring at Wen Xinya angrily, she rebuked. “You jinx! Did you tell tales to your grandfather and stopped him from saving Ruya?”

Wen Xinya frowned and said, “Grandma, just like you said, Miss Xia is the adoptive daughter of the Wen Family and we’d indeed come off as cold and heartless if we don’t step in to help her. As the heiress of the Wen Family, I won’t let our reputation be ruined.”

Old Mrs. Wen sneered. “Quit making yourself so high-sounding. Don’t think I have no idea that you’ve been at odds with Ruya ever since you returned and have been making life difficult for her and bullying her because you dislike her. You were the one who pushed her into the water and caused her to embarrass herself during Zhou Tianyu’s birthday party. You pick on her in school all the time too. You must be thrilled that she’s embroiled in a scandal now and gloating over her misfortune.”

Wen Xinya felt that it was impossible to explain herself to Old Mrs. Wen. Hence, she decided to stay silent.

Her silence made Old Mrs. Wen become more smug and self-righteous. She continued to holler at Wen Xinya. “The photo of Ruya that was published in the tabloids had been taken during Zhou Tianyu’s birthday party. You were there too. You must have plotted against her. You’d better come clean now and tell me if you were the one who caused this scandal. Ruya is such an obedient child. If she wasn’t framed by someone, why would the media make such malicious reports about her?”

Wen Xinya continued to stay silent.

This is probably Xia Ruya’s plan! If Grandpa refuses to help her clear her name, she’d make use of Grandma to convince Grandpa and expose what happened during Tianyu’s birthday party. The Wen Family is going to think of me badly. After all, I have a feud with Xia Ruya and everyone in the family is well aware of that. Hence, it would be reasonable for me to have a motive for harming her.

“You, shut up!” Old Mr. Wen walked towards Old Mrs. Wen and flung the magazine at her with all his might.

“Ah!” Old Mrs. Wen yelled in shock, staring at her husband with wide eyes. The magazine then brushed past her ears and landed on the ground with a loud thud.

Her heart pounded rapidly and she clutched her chest in relief, panting heavily with terror written all over her face.

An austere expression formed on Old Mr. Wen’s face and he said in a cold and stern tone, “Quit spouting nonsense. I repeat, Xinya is the biological daughter of the Wen Family. Bear that in mind and remember my words clearly from now on. I don’t care how chummy you are with Ruya. Just don’t blame Xinya for everything that happens to her.”

Old Mrs. Wen’s heart jumped out of her chest. She had been married to Old Mr. Wen for decades, but she had never seen such a menacing expression on his face before. It was as if each and every word of his was a hammer to her head, making her feel excruciating pain.

Still fuming with anger, Old Mr. Wen glared daggers at her and warned. “You’d better stay at home for the time being and stop wandering around. You’re not allowed to see Xia Ruya either. Otherwise, I’ll break your legs.”

Old Mrs. Wen did not dare to say a single word after that. After all, she had lived with him for decades and understood his temper very well. Although it had improved greatly, he was still as domineering and obstinate as ever.

Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of relief. When Old Mr. Wen asked about the incident that took place during Zhou Tianyu’s birthday party, she simply said that she had gotten her clothes wet and proceeded to get changed. The incident took place in the dressing room. Although Wen Xinya did not deny that the matter had something to do with her, she did say openly that she had changed in Zhou Tianyu’s room. Old Mr. Wen had always been sharp and cunning. If she were to explain, it would seem like she had a guilty conscience, but if she were to keep mum, she wouldn’t be able to express her stand and might even infuriate Old Mr. Wen. Hence, her vague and ambiguous answer was the best she answer could give, thus leaving it up to Old Mr. Wen to decipher.

Her simple sentence had intrigued Old Mr. Wen.

She had taken a gamble and felt fortunate to have won it. Hence, Old Mr. Wen chose to take her side without hesitation when Old Mrs. Wen mentioned about the incident.

Xia Ruya, it’s time you have a taste of what it feels like to be stuck in a hopeless situation, all lonely and helpless!

Everything you have done to me in our previous lifetime, I’ll pay it back in double. This is only the beginning…