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Jin Yiheng put his gaming console down and asked, “Can Daddy put me to bed then?”

Before An Xiaoning even responded, Jin Qingyan agreed, “Okay, let’s go.”

“Yay, awesome!” Jin Yiheng held his father’s hand and returned to the bedroom.

Jin Yiheng laid down in bed. “Shall I tell you a story?” Jin Qingyan suggested, in a bid to tuck him to sleep.

“No, no, no! I’ve had a traumatic experience with Daddy’s stories,” Jin Yiheng refuted vehemently.

Jin Qingyan expressed his disappointment, hurt and dejected by his son’s refusal before even giving him the chance to tell a bedtime story.

“Okay, I won’t then. Go to bed, quick.”

“Daddy, I can’t sleep. Daddy, shall we play a game for a while?” asked Jin Yiheng, who was tugging at Jin Qingyan’s sleeve.

“What game?”

“Up and down.”

Thus, Jin Qingyan laid on the bed and allowed his son to sit on top of his legs while he raised him up and down in the air.

After playing for a while, Jin Qingyan said, “It’s getting late. You should really go to bed.”

“But I just can’t sleep, Daddy. I’m too happy that you’re back.”

“Okay then, what else do you want to play?”

“I want to play ‘Horse riding.’”

Jin Qingyan proceeded to kneel on the bed while Jin Yiheng rode on his back and yelled continuously, “Go!”

Jin Qingyan went on to play with Jin Yiheng non-stop, game after game. The exhausted Jin Yiheng finally fell asleep at ten o’clock in the evening.

Jin Qingyan tucked him under the duvet and switched off the lights before tiptoeing out of the room.

He went back to his bedroom, thinking that An Xiaoning had already fallen asleep. To his surprise, she was leaning against the headboard with her eyes wide open and seemed to be in deep thoughts.

“Has he fallen asleep?” she asked.

“Yes, he has. He kept insisting that I play games with him.” He walked towards the bed slowly, only to realize that her shoulders were bare. His imagination began to run wild. Is she naked beneath the blanket 

The thought of it sent his blood gushing through his veins as his heart began to race.

“I’ll go take a shower.”

He turned around and walked towards the bathroom.

An Xiaoning stared at his figure from behind before shifting her gaze to the life-sized teddy bear.

She had once snuck inside the teddy bear to scare Jin Qingyan. This time, she decided to do it again.

An Xiaoning swiftly removed the stuffing of the life-sized teddy bear and stepped inside the casing before zipping it up.

She leaned against the wall quietly.

It was impossible to tell that something was different with the teddy bear as long as she remained still.

Jin Qingyan came out of the shower to find that An Xiaoning was missing.

Thinking that she had gone out, Jin Qingyan decided to lie on the bed in his bathrobe.

“Oh my god!” Jin Qingyan shrieked in horror as he sprung up immediately.

An Xiaoning unzipped the casing and popped her head out. “Hubby, how’s the surprise I gave you?” she teased with a sheepish grin.

“Surprise? More like a horrible shock.”

“You answered exactly the same as you did last time,” An Xiaoning said in surprise.

“You’ve done this before?”


Jin Qingyan was shocked speechless the moment he saw An Xiaoning coming out of the life-sized teddy bear, stark naked. She sat on the bed and put the stuffing back inside the teddy bear before lifting the duvet and laying back down beside him. She held his arm and put an arm around his waist.

Does she not know that his hormones were raging intensely!?!?!


Was she doing it on purpose!?!

“Hubby, take off your bathrobe.”


She sat up straight and reached a hand out to tug his bathrobe off.

He clenched his hands tightly around the bathrobe and refused to budge.

An Xiaoning continued to try and tug it off while he tightened his grip.

They stared at each other, both refusing to let go.

At last, An Xiaoning released her grip on his bathrobe and placed one leg over his lap to straddle him while he had his guard down.

Jin Qingyan winced in pain because of how rough and forceful An Xiaoning was.

“You’re crushing me!”

An Xiaoning looked down at him from above and said, “If you keep being so stubborn, I’m going to have to resort to extreme and forceful means. Do you know what that means?”


“It’s alright, you’ll find out very soon,” she said with an innocent and docile smile.

However, it sent a shiver down Jin Qingyan’s spine.

“Although we’re husband and wife, I’m still not quite used to it yet. Could you give us some time and wait ’til we get used to each other…?”

“Jin Qingyan, not only have you lost your IQ and your personality together with your memory, you’ve even lost your male instincts. As your wife, I think I have the responsibility to make you regain your memory as soon as possible. I’ll take you to the hospital tomorrow.”

“Could you get off of me first?”

An Xiaoning did as instructed.

She got down from the bed to grab her laptop.

She opened the laptop and leaned against the headboard. After scrolling through the video library, she picked an erotic film and began playing it.

She began watching it casually while he looked on, dumbfounded.

He could barely suppress his hormones just by hearing the audio from the film.

He was aroused beyond control.

Jin Qingyan froze in panic and remained still as a statue the moment he felt her delicate hand against his skin.

She untied his bathrobe and straddled him again.

Jin Qingyan had lost all control of his rationality.

He abruptly reached out to switch the lights off.

The bedroom turned pitch dark immediately while both of them panted heavily as their breaths quickened.

He lifted her gently by her waist, desperately trying to find the opening.

An Xiaoning sat down on him and began caressing his skin, causing him to feel as if he had gotten an electric shock.

The night belonging to the two of them had only just begun.

It was a long and endless night…

From the bed to the balcony, then to the window, followed by the bathroom, and finally on the ground.

Traces and markings of their love were left in every corner.

An Xiaoning went to every length to please him.

She even serviced and pleasured him with her mouth.

Jin Qingyan was completely subdued.

At two o’clock in the morning, it finally ended.

The exhausted pair of lovebirds snuggled up in each other’s arms.

Jin Qingyan was still wide awake when An Xiaoning had already fallen asleep.

She had finally managed to tantalize him to the point that he allowed his hormones to get the better of him.

This was his wife, indeed.

How willful and capricious.

Just the way I like it.

Goodnight, Honey.

Jin Yiheng had a peaceful sleep throughout the night and woke up only in the morning. After breakfast, he carried his school bag on his shoulders and headed opposite out of habit. He only remembered that he no longer had to tag along in Long Tianze’s car to go to school when he reached the door.

“Uncle Shixin, I’ll be going opposite for a while. Be right back.”

“Okay, sure,” Fan Shixin agreed and watched him enter the gate of the house opposite before looking away.

“Godma, where’s Xiaoxi and Wenlun?”

“They haven’t woken up yet. Bunch of lazy bums.”

Noticing the sumptuous breakfast spread Mei Yangyang had prepared, Jin Yiheng praised, “Godma, you’re such a virtuous wife. I’ll go wake Xiaoxi and Wenlun up.”

He skipped upstairs merrily. While passing by Long Tianze’s bedroom, he chanced upon the sight of Long Tianze, who was still asleep, through the crack of the door, which was left ajar.

An idea crossed Jin Yiheng’s mind as he proceeded to tiptoe inside the room.

Staring at his Godfather’s thick and muscular arm, he reached out to pinch his nose.

Long Tianze felt his breathing being obstructed and turned to the side before continuing to sleep.

Jin Yiheng suppressed his laughter and cast his bag aside before removing his shoes. He then climbed onto the bed to lay down beside Long Tianze beneath the duvet.

Still sleepy and in a daze, Long Tianze mistook him for Mei Yangyang and reached out to fondle him.