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Long Tianze’s hand was positioned right on Jin Yiheng’s chest.

Jin Yiheng widened his eyes in shock and pinched his nose again without letting go this time, causing Long Tianze to wake up due to his breathing being obstructed.

“Oh gosh, why is it you!?!” Long Tianze was jolted awake immediately and sprung up in shock.

“Godpa, you’re so timid. Why are you so frightened?”

“Little imp, how dare you say that Daddy is timid. Are you that brave yourself?” Long Tianze put on his clothes and asked, “Where’s your father?”

“He’s still in bed. You adults just love being lazy and sleeping all day,” said Jin Yiheng as he got down from the bed.

Amused by the look of seriousness on his face, Long Tianze jested, “What a mischievous child you are.”

Jin Yiheng gently pushed the door of Long Xiaoxi’s bedroom open. Staring at the little princess who was still sound asleep, he stepped forward and reached a hand under his duvet.

Long Xiaoxi opened her eyes slowly and sat up straight immediately at the sight of him, bumping her head against his.

Rubbing her head in pain, she exclaimed excitedly, “Brother Yiheng!”

“Get up quick, it’s time for school. I’ve already had my breakfast.”

“Alright.” Long Xiaoxi got out of bed in her pajamas and picked out two dresses which she then showed to Jin Yiheng. “Brother Yiheng, which one of these two is nicer?”

Pointing at one of the dresses, he answered, “I prefer this one.”

“Alright, I shall wear this then.”

Mrs. Jin headed to the park for some exercise early in the morning.

The older she got, the more she enjoyed hanging out with people around her age.

Just as she finished her morning workout, a handsome young lad began walking towards them while carrying a bag in his hands.

“Hello, Uncles and Aunties, here’s a set of elderly magazine for each and every one of you. This is an incentive under the ‘The Science Behind Living to a Hundred Years Old by Leading a Healthy Lifestyle’ campaign organized by the Elderly Care Association. It’s a national campaign targeted at the silver generation of the country 1 . You guys may take a look at the brochure. This campaign is extremely beneficial to your health. Many other Uncles and Aunties like yourselves have already signed up to participate. If you wish to sign up, feel free to drop us a call at this number to indicate your interest in participating. My name is Xiaotian. I wish you all to be in good health!” he explained.

After reading through the magazine, Mrs. Jin stopped him in his tracks, “Xiaotian, wait a minute.”

“Auntie, do you have any questions for me?”

“Does this cost any money?”

“It’s completely free of charge. You may sign up for it. If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you, Auntie?” Xiaotian said with a grin.

“I’m 58 years old,” said Mrs. Jin.

“Auntie, you look really young for your age. I thought you were in your forties. How’s your health condition? Do you have hypertension or high blood glucose issues?” asked Xiaotian, who was dressed in a presentable attire and sounded extremely mellow and gentle.

“My blood glucose is a little on the high side.”

“You ought to be mindful of your health then. It’s not good for senior citizens to be suffering from high blood glucose, which might lead to various heart diseases. Health is wealth. You have to take good care of your body. This is the time where you should be enjoying life,” Xiaotian cautioned.

His words had hit the nail on the head. “Where is this program held? Could you take me there?” asked Mrs. Jin.

“I happen to be going there now, let’s go together. It’s not that far away, just right ahead,” said Xiaotian, pointing in front.


“Auntie, do you take any health supplements regularly?” Xiaotian asked while walking.

Mrs. Jin shook her head and answered, “I do take some nucleic acid and fish oil supplements.”

“Auntie, our company offers some other health supplements too. The nucleic acid supplement you’re taking helps to boost your immune system while the products sold by our company are meant for treating conditions like anemia and anoxia, boost the repair and replacement of damaged cells, restoring the functions of vital organs, and revitalizing youth. The uses are all very different. The effects are the same as a facial session at the beauty salon. You have to maintain good health in order to slow down aging.”

Mrs. Jin was apprehensive towards his words and followed him to his office, only to find that there were many elderly citizens in the lobby.

“Auntie, have a seat. I’ll pour you some drink.”

“Oh, you don’t have to…”

“It’s alright.” Xiaotian proceeded to pour some tea into a disposable cup and sat down beside her. He then began explaining the different products to her patiently.

After hearing the boastful explanation given by the soft-spoken and persuasive handsome youth, Mrs. Jin ended up going home with a big bag of health supplements, though her initial intention was to sign up for the free health program.

She had racked up a bill of more than 20 thousand dollars on her credit card.

Along the journey home after sending Jin Bao’er to school, Jin Qingyue received a phone call from an unknown number.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me, let’s meet up,” said Shi Shaochuan.

“There’s no need for us to meet. I have nothing to say to you,” said Jin Qingyue, who did not wish to see him at all.

“Jin Qingyue, I hope we can come to a consensus regarding Bao’er. You don’t wish to see me showing up to snatch the child every other day, do you?” said Shi Shaochuan, who verbalized Jin Qingyue’s exact sentiments.

“Okay, where would you like to meet?”

After ending the call, Shi Shaochuan brought his bodyguards along to meet up with her.

They agreed to meet at an upscale cafe.

They sat down opposite each other, after which Jin Qingyue asked, “Just what do you want?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to have a proper discussion with you regarding this issue. You did raise the child, but isn’t it your duty to do so? You caused her father to be imprisoned for five years. I want to do my part in raising her too, but I didn’t get the chance to. The custody of the child was given to you, but that doesn’t mean that I’m no longer related to her,” said Shi Shaochuan, keeping his eyes fixed on her.

“Shi Shaochuan, I know you bear a strong grudge against me, but let me tell you, the misdeeds you’ve committed back then had made me resent you even more. You’ve ruined my life completely. The biggest compromise I can make is to allow you to see her once a week,” said Jin Qingyue.

“You’ll spend weekdays with her and I’ll take her with me on the weekend.” At the thought that Jin Bao’er was a descendant of his bloodline, he emphasized, “No matter what you think of me, I’m going to be a good father from now on.”

“I refuse to take you at your word. How many times have you taken a look at her when she was just born? Don’t you feel ashamed at all to be saying this now? I’m allowing you to see her once a week, only under the condition that I’m present.”

“I want to see her twice a week. Jin Qingyue, if you refuse to compromise, I’m really going to have to resort to forceful means. When that happens, I’m not going to let you see her at all, not even once a week,” Shi Shaochuan warned with a sullen expression on his face.

“I have the rightful custody of the child. What rights have you got to stop me?”

“Precisely because of that. So, you shall take care of her five days a week and leave the weekends to me.”

Jin Qingyue agreed reluctantly for the sake of peace and harmony.

Before leaving, Shi Shaochuan added, “I see you’ve been living a good life the past few years. But sadly, you haven’t had any man at all. Looks like no man would want you anymore.”

“You did a check on me? It’s none of your concern whether any man wants me or not. Mind your own business,” Jin Qingyue retorted.

Shi Shaochuan snorted with laughter and gibed, “You were really revolting back then when you were fat and chubby. The sight of you just made me want to throw up.”