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“I would rather be by myself than have a hundred scumbags like you. Who was the one who made me gain that much weight? If you think you’re so high and mighty, forget about seeing Bao’er. You’re just a rotten piece of trash with a gilded exterior. What’s there to be proud of?”

Jin Qingyue carried her purse and stormed off in her sky-high heels, unable to tolerate another second of being in his presence.

Shi Shaochuan watched as her figure vanished from the entrance of the cafe, an icy cold stare in his eyes.

It was eight o’clock in the morning when An Xiaoning woke up.

She got out of bed and drew the curtains open to allow the bright rays of the sun to shine inside her room.

Brows furrowed, Jin Qingyan struggled to open his eyes. Staring at her bare body, he could not help but feel a strange sense of sentiment at the thought of the crazy night they just had.

An Xiaoning entered the dressing room to get dressed before going back inside the bedroom. Noticing that he was laying still in bed with his eyes wide open, she asked, “Aren’t you getting up?”

“I’m getting up right now.”

An Xiaoning leaned forward and whispered into his ear, “You were superb last night.”

Jin Qingyan gazed at her with a look of happiness in his eyes and began blushing red.

It was such a great feeling to receive such a compliment from a woman!

“I’ll go downstairs first. Get up quick and come down for breakfast,” said An Xiaoning.

As soon as she exited the bedroom, he lifted the duvet and got out of bed stark naked. To his astonishment, An Xiaoning opened the door again all of a sudden and caught an amusing sight of him standing with his hands placed in front of his crotch. He looked absolutely comical.

How innocent and pure!

“I’m going downstairs for real this time.”

After she closed the door, Jin Qingyan zoomed inside the dressing room quickly.

In high spirits, An Xiaoning sat down at the dining table and waited for him to come down for breakfast.

Two minutes later, he arrived downstairs dressed in summer clothing, giving him a fresh and youthful look.

He paired a short-sleeved light blue shirt with a pair of bleached denim shorts and slippers. He then sat down at the dining table.

Sensing that she was staring at him intently, he said, “Let’s eat.”

“Okay. We’ll go to the hospital after breakfast.”


An Xiaoning picked up her glass of milk and took a sip slowly while still staring at him.

She managed to make his heart race with just one glance, causing images of the night before to flash through his mind.

She tore a slice of bread into pieces and ate it bit by bit. “Are you thinking of last night’s events?”

Jin Qingyan was momentarily stunned. Was it that obvious? She saw right through me so easily, he thought to himself.

“No,” he denied. “Last night, Yiheng told me that I used to abuse you physically all the time. Was I really like that in the past?”

“How did he phrase it?”

Jin Qingyan repeated Jin Yiheng’s words to An Xiaoning, who then snorted and burst into laughter.

“Yiheng may be very sensible, but there are still some things he doesn’t quite understand. The things that he mentioned were just evidence of us getting intimate every night in the past.”

“How did we get to know each other?” Jin Qingyan asked.

“Our story goes way back in time. Let me recall. It was a night where a thunder storm was raging on. I showed up at your doorstep with my luggage, and you happened to have just arrived home in your car…”

An Xiaoning sunk into a trance as she recalled the past. The unforgettable memory of their relationship felt as if it had just happened yesterday.

He listened attentively without interrupting her.

“We got married so quickly even though we just met?” he asked in utter disbelief.

“Yes. Ever since then, we slept together every day.”


After breakfast, the married couple made their way to the hospital, where Jin Qingyan underwent a physical examination for his head injury.

After taking a look at the X-ray film, the doctor looked at them and said bluntly, “There are still some blood clots present in Mr. Jin’s head. According to the X-ray, the injury wasn’t treated properly. Don’t be so eager to regain your memory, recovery is a process that would require some time. Mrs. Jin, I suggest you take Mr. Jin to places where he used to be familiar with or were significant to him frequently. That would aid him greatly in regaining his memory.”

“Alright,” An Xiaoning acknowledged with a nod.

“I’ll prescribe him with some anticoagulants to dissipate the blood clots as well as other kinds of medicine. Do take the medicine together.”


After collecting the medicine, they drove towards the Jin Corporation Office Tower.

As soon as they alighted, the security officers at the entrance widened their eyes in shock while the manager at the lobby exclaimed, “Mr. CEO is here!”

The employees on the first floor immediately arranged themselves into two rows and stood uniformly with their backs as straight as a ruler.

Everyone broke into curious gossip and discussion at the sight of An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan showing up at the entrance together.

“What’s going on? Didn’t they say that Mr. CEO had gone missing?” Woman A muttered.

“Are you blind? He’s obviously back,” said Woman B.

“Exactly. Who’s in charge of the company now? Mr. or Mrs. CEO?” Woman C responded.

The manager immediately shot them a glance and chastised, “I’m going to dock a hundred dollars from each of your salaries. Blame it on yourselves for gossiping about. Hush!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the manager said to the head security officer, “Why are Mr. CEO and Madam still standing there instead of entering?”

Women A, B, and C fell silent.

When An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan entered slowly, the two rows of employees immediately bent forward to bow to them. “Greetings, Mr. CEO and Madam!” they chorused.

“Yes. As you can see, your CEO is alive and well, except he needs to recuperate for a while. Go ahead and proceed to work,” An Xiaoning instructed.

“Go back to work, everyone,” said the manager, gesturing for them to leave.

An Xiaoning entered the special elevator and pressed a button on the panel. “Regardless of who it may be, tell them that you’ve been ill recently when they ask about your condition. Leave it to me to handle the company for the time being. I’ll hand the duties back to you once you regain your memory.”

“Okay,” he agreed with a nod.

An Xiaoning held his hand and headed to the office.

The secretary was dumbstruck at the sight of him.

“Mr…. Mr…. M-M-Mr. CEO, is that really you?” the secretary spluttered in astonishment.

“Of course. Do you think you’re staring at a ghost otherwise?” Jin Qingyan answered without hesitation. He too was rather taken aback by how quickly those words rolled off his tongue, as if he had not been in control of his speech at all.

“That’s great. Mr. Jin, it’s awesome that you’re still alive, I missed you so much!” the secretary exclaimed, hugging him tightly.

“How absurd for two men to be hugging each other, go away!” Jin Qingyan admonished with a look of disdain as he pushed the secretary away.

“Madam has been handling the company matters when you weren’t around. It’s been really hard on her. There was a period of time where she practically lived in the office. She had lost so much weight,” said the delighted secretary.

Jin Qingyan turned to look at An Xiaoning and said, “It’s been hard on you.”

“It’s nothing much.”

They then entered the office together. After closing the door, An Xiaoning asked, “This is where you used to work. Does it seem familiar to you?”

Jin Qingyan scanned his surroundings carefully before answering with a nod, “Yes, it feels like I’ve seen this place before.”

An Xiaoning shoved him towards the office chair and said, “Have a seat and see if it feels familiar to you.”