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Just as he sat down, he heard a knock on the door of the office.

“Mr. CEO, your father would like to see you.”

An Xiaoning was not afraid to see Jin Qingyan’s father at all. However, she was just planning to romance Jin Qingyan at the moment.

Thus, she quickly dug underneath the desk.

Noticing her actions, Jin Qingyan instructed, “Let him in.”

Mr. Jin entered hurriedly and broke down in tears at the instant that he saw him.

“I really didn’t expect you to still be alive. I heard your sister mention that you’ve lost your memory. But what’s important is that you’re alive and well.” He sat down opposite Jin Qingyan and continued, “During the time that you were away, An Xiaoning encroached on your position and stripped me of my Chairman title. Now that you’re back, you definitely can’t let her take charge of the company anymore.”

“Why?” asked Jin Qingyan as he looked down at the petite woman below him.

“What other reason could there be? Obviously because you’re going to lose your position if you let her take charge!”

“Why would that happen?”

“Why wouldn’t it? It’s written on your will that all of your assets and shares are going to be bequeathed to her and your son in the event that you meet with a mishap.”

“Aren’t I alive now? She’s my wife and my son’s mother. I feel that I can trust her completely,” Jin Qingyan retorted.

An Xiaoning was deeply touched by his words.

“Why are you such a stubborn child? You can have plenty of other women. You only truly possess something when you own it all to yourself,” Mr. Jin admonished.

“Enough, I’m not in the mood to talk about this.”

He felt a hand unzipping his pants all of a sudden.

Jin Qingyan’s heart clenched in shock, and he placed both hands onto the desk. Looking at Mr. Jin in the eye, Jin Qingyan said, “If there’s nothing else, you may leave.”

Mr. Jin had no choice but to leave, boiling with anger.

Jin Qingyan heaved a sigh of relief at the instant that the door closed. “Are you really that deprived in that aspect?” he said to An Xiaoning, who was kneeling below the desk.

“Which aspect?” She got up slowly and sat on his lap. “Tell me.”

“In that aspect, you know what I mean.”

Shaking her head, she answered, “No, I don’t know which aspect you’re referring to.”


“I only have such strong sexual desires towards you. No other man can beat your charm, regardless of how muscular or handsome and outstanding they may be,” she said solemnly.

Her words had greatly enticed him.

He took the initiative and planted a kiss on her lips.

An Xiaoning reciprocated.

He then kissed her again.

And so did she.

They continued to kiss each other back and forth, again and again in utmost pleasure.

“Xianxian, where are you going?” asked Mrs. Bu, grabbing Bu Xianxian to stop her in her tracks.

“I’m going to look for Nick.”

“What for? He must be accompanying his wife and child right now. Are you still thinking of getting him to spend time with you all day every day?” Mrs. Bu admonished.

Bu Xianxian sat down on the chair and said, “Mother, just what does that woman take me for? They’re trying to brush me off with just five million dollars. I admit, five million dollars is a huge sum to us, but it’s only peanuts to them. I came all the way here solely because of him.”

“You’d better stop your nonsense and give up on Nick. Didn’t you see how many young and handsome lads there are here? I think it’d be a good idea to find one for yourself.”

“Mother, you don’t understand what I’m thinking at all.”

“I gave birth to you. How could I not know what you’re thinking? We did save his life, but we shouldn’t harbor any ill thoughts. You’ve already seen how beautiful his wife, Young Madam, is, and they even have a son together. Xianxian, heed my advice, don’t keep trying to come in between them. Otherwise, you’ll only bring trouble upon yourself. I heard from one of the female gardeners that Young Madam’s extremely skilled in martial arts. She calls the shots here. Don’t infuriate her and incur her wrath, lest she chases us away. Aren’t the living conditions here way better than back home? Although your father and I can’t quite communicate clearly with the people here due to the language barrier, we’ll pick the native language up in due time.”

“I want to see Nick,” Bu Xianxian lamented, hanging her head low forlornly.

“He’ll naturally come looking for you if he’d like to see you too.”

Bu Xianxian began to realize that things were not as she had expected at the start. After sitting on the chair and pondering for a while, she decided to leave the courtyard, only to be stopped by the guards at the entrance.

“I want to go out.”

“You’re not allowed,” the guard said in a foreign language, which took Bu Xianxian by surprise. Evidently, he was specially assigned to guard the courtyard.

“Why not?”

“This is Madam’s instruction. If you insist on leaving, you can’t enter again after you leave. What I meant is you can’t step foot inside the entire Wei Ni Estate.”

“I won’t leave the estate. But can’t I move about freely within the estate?”

“No, you’re only allowed to roam around this restricted area.”


Bu Xianxian was overwhelmed with frustration. How is this any different from prison?

“Could I have a mobile phone?” she asked.

“It’s not up to me to decide. You’ll have to ask our Chief,” the guard answered.

“Forget it, I’ll tell your Young Sir when I see him.” She then turned around to leave.

“As if our Young Sir would even come to see you,” the guard muttered under his breath.

In reality, Jin Qingyan did do so. An Xiaoning stayed behind at the office while he went home alone.

He headed straight to the courtyard in a bid to visit Bu Xianxian and her family.

Bu Xianxian rose from her seat agitatedly upon sight of him. She immediately complained, “We’re not allowed to leave this place at all. It’s as good as being imprisoned. Your wife was the one who instructed this. Seems like she really has her guard up against me.”

“She’s just worried about your safety. I’ll allow you to go out, but you can only remain within the estate. You’re not allowed to run elsewhere on your own, okay?”

Bu Xianxian nodded in agreement and asked, “Could you give me a mobile phone?”

“I’ll settle that. Where are your parents?” Jin Qingyan asked.

“They’re off to work with the gardeners. They mentioned that they would be getting paid to work.”

“What do you think about the living conditions here, apart from the freedom bit?”

“It’s fine. Are you busy now?” Bu Xianxian asked smilingly.


“Come chat with me for a while. Sit down,” she said, patting the empty chair beside her.

Jin Qingyan sat down and asked, “What do you want to chat about?”

“Did you sleep together with her last night?”

Jin Qingyan had become more alert and mindful of his words after discovering Bu Xianxian’s feelings towards him. “Is there a problem with that?”

“No… you two are a married couple anyway,” said Bu Xianxian, sounding extremely dejected.

“Continue to live here with peace of mind. Tell me if you need anything. I’ll agree to it as long as it’s within my means.”

“You’re not going to agree to this. You are my greatest need.”

“Xianxian, it’s impossible between us. I’m already married with a family of my own. Besides… placing the fact that you saved my life aside, you can’t hold a candle to her in every other aspect. There’s no reason I’d pick you over her. Not to mention, she and I share a son, and it’s only a matter of truth that we were very loving towards each other in the past,” Jin Qingyan said bluntly, in a bid to make Bu Xianxian give up.